Adventure Kings Camp Fire BBQ Plate Review

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Jay Elliott

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Adventure Kings Camp Fire BBQ Plate Review

All off grid camping setups need a way to cook with fire, and a BBQ Plate is a must have addition for this purpose.

Why did we chose Adventure Kings Camp Fire BBQ Plate?

We were attracted to this Adventure Kings Campe Fire BBQ Plate primarily due to the folding legs, and combo grill/hotplate.

The folding legs make it super easy to pack away and transport in the car or trailer. It folds down very flat and can be tucked into any narrow space you have as you pack your car.

And the grill/hot plate halves give you a variety of cooking options for each meal of the day.

The hot plate is around 3mm thick, meaning it heats up nice and quickly and transfers the fire heat effectively but is still relatively sturdy. You could sit your billy on top to boil water, but that may not be the most effective or effective way to boil water.

Unexpectedly, we also found that our youngest boy thought it was a pretty handy play table for his toy cars, and also great height as an eating table to sit his chair at for meals (just make it not hot before you do this!).

There are two different sizes available from Adventure Kings, so we grabbed the smaller one for now.

The larger one is identical in design, just with larger proportions, but also comes with a carry pouch which would be great for keeping it clean, and prevent it from getting your other gear dirty/greasy that it might be packed with.

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Product Specifications

Product: Adventure Kings Camp Fire BBQ Plate


Weight: 4.3kg

Price: $35 – $45 depending on size

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