Adventure Kings Canvas Clear Top Bags

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Jay Elliott

Chief Camping Officer

Adventure Kings Canvas Clear Top Bags

The Adventure Kings Canvas Clear Top Bags are designed to store food and fit inside the sliding storage drawers that you fit into the back of your 4wd.

Though we don’t currently have any storage draws like that in our vehicle, I still thought the canvas clear top bag was a good concept and could be used for kids’ clothes (especially in summer), and medicines, as well as the intended storage of food.

What To Expect on Adventure Kings Canvas Clear Top Bags?

When I first opened up the box, they were a little bit smaller than I had expected from the photos and didn’t have a ‘heavy duty’ feel. They seem to be a good fit for our setup at this stage.

I really like how well they stack into the car, and make for neat stable piles that you can pack other things in and around, and as the name would suggest, the clear tops make it super easy to see what is where, and find you are looking for quickly.

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Thus far, we tend to use 2-3 of them for food and the other for things like throw rugs or blankets you might want at certain times but would like stored away during the day.

They are even great in the few days leading up to a trip as you can have them inside and slowly get things organized and pack them away easily to clear space when required.

In the warmer months, when the clothes you need for a trip are less bulky, they will be great for kids’ clothes, or swimwear storage as well.

When we stop for a few nights, we usually set up our portable kitchen, and the bags tend to sit neatly inside the shelves of the kitchen.

So we unload from the car straight into the kitchen, then just have the lids unzipped for as long as we are in that place. Once we are packing up, we just zip the lids and pile them up back inside the car for the next trip.

I can really see the utility of the canvas clear top bags when using the permanent storage drawers that inspired their design, but we have found a heap of other uses for them outside of those drawers as well.

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