Adventure Kings LED Awning Strip Light Review

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Jay Elliott

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Adventure Kings LED Awning Strip Light Review

We got tired of charging batteries and buying batteries for torches and lights and wanted a reliable source of lighting for our ‘off grid’ setup, and had heard a lot of good things about Adventure Kings LED Strip Lights.

As part of a promotion with some other products we were looking to buy (Swags and battery box), there was a deal where you could get a free LED awning strip light with each purchase, so we received a couple that way.

Adventure Kings LED Awning Strip Light

The lights come in a handy black carry bag, and a couple of fittings inside you can attach to the LED strip.

There is a 12v connector so you can attach the light to a 12v terminal, and also an on/off dimmer switch you can insert in between the strip light and the 12v adapter to have some control over the light without having to plug and unplug it from your 12v power source.

They screw together using plastic threaded joints and seem pretty stable so far.

Each strip has a number of velcro tabs you can use to attach them to a variety of locations, whether that be on a Gazebo, or your car awning, or inside a tent, and many more.

I’ve run a few experiments leaving them on for multiple days at a time, and they are working just fine, and use hardly any battery power (as advertised!).

We currently have three on the go and like to have one in the food area as well as at least one around the sleeping areas.

That illuminates most of the critical areas, and the light they gave off is ample for that purpose. It really takes away of lot of the challenge we found with the lack of lighting when being on grid previously.

You might still want a spotlight or other torch for other more targeted ‘shining’, but these LED strip lights are a great way to provide really efficient lighting around your more settled areas. I highly recommended you check one out!

You might want to wait for a sale or promotion to try and get one added to some other purchase.

Otherwise, they retail for around $30, and I might not have bought three at that price, but I think it’s still worth grabbing a couple if you can.

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Product: Adventure Kings LED Awning Strip Light


Weight: 0.45kg

Price: $30 (approx)