Best Battery Box Under $100

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Best Battery Box Under $100

While completing a previous article where we uncovered the best battery box available in Australia, we found multiple different battery boxes for less than $100. In this article, we put more attention on the best battery box under $100.

If you are looking for a battery box with dc to dc charger included, then you are not going to find one of those for less than $100 unfortunately. But the models included here provided the fundamental features needed in many off-grid situations.

We compare the Kings Battery Box, KT Portable Battery Box, and Projecta Battery Box across a range of different metrics and characteristics.

Though there are more than three battery boxes in Australia costing less than $100, we have picked three of the most popular, readily available models, for the most effective and valuable comparison.

The Best Battery Box under $100 Table

Battery Box
KT Portable
Battery Box
Battery Box
440 x 280
x 265 mm
420 x 230
x 290mm
400 x 300
x 250mm
ABS Plastic
Charging PortsAnderson Plug
+/- Terminals
High speed
+/- Terminals
+/- Terminals
Outputs1 x Cigarette
2 x USB
2 x Cigarette
2 x USB
1 x Cigarette
1 x Merit
DisplayVoltmeterVoltmeterLED Indicators
Warranty12 months12 months12 months
What is the best battery box under $100?


There is little separating the different models in terms of design.

They are all black, weigh between 1kg-2kg, are made out of heavy-duty plastic, are similar in size, are designed for similar-sized (N70) batteries, and include carry handles for easy handling.

Though they have a slightly different ‘look’ based on their brand, but overall, there is little to separate the three units in terms of design.


All three units include positive and negative power terminals that you can hook up to all sorts of different chargers including solar panels (with regulator), 12v car adaptor, and 240v chargers.

As long as your charger has the appropriate attachments (usually alligator clips), and sends the power at the right voltage, you could use it on all three models.

The KT Battery Box states that its terminals are ‘high voltage’ battery terminals and they can charge the battery at a faster rate. If this is the case that would be an advantage, but I have not been able to personally verify them myself.

An advantage of the Kings Battery Box is that it also includes Anderson plugs you can connect your chargers too, especially handy for solar panels, adding a second option.


The Kings Battery Box and KT Portable Battery box are equipped with a digital voltmeter which gives you an instantaneous reading of the battery’s voltage at the press of a button.

They use a button activation, rather than being on 24/7 to avoid the screens burning out.

The Projecta Battery Box differs in that it uses LED lights to give broader overall indications of where the battery is at (like full/half/flat) but you will never get an instant reading of the battery’s current voltage level.

Though these LED indicators are helpful, I think this is a downside of the Projecta product.


All units include two different types of output, but which outputs they have, and how many of each, varies between each model. The Kings Battery Box and the KT Portable Battery Box are both equipped with Cigarette and USB outlets.

While they both have two USB outputs each, the Kings Box only has one cigarette output, whereas the KT Box has two.

Though you can always use a cigarette adapter to increase the number of outputs, it is handy to have the additional plug. So in this sense, the KT Portable Battery Box comes out ahead.

In comparison, the Projecta Battery Box comes with one Cigarette output and one Merit outlet.

Though the inclusion of the Merit outlet sets them apart, they have not included any USB connections, which is a significant downside given how many people are wanting to charge their phones and tablets from their battery box.

However, if you are in need of a Merit plug connection, then Projecta is the box you need.


All units are covered by the standard manufacturer’s 12-month warranty. There is no difference separating them on this topic.

If you have any issues within the first 12 months after purchase simply take the unit back to the place of purchase.


In my opinion, the Kings Battery Box comes out as the best battery box in Australia for under $100.

Though the KT Portable battery box has an additional cigarette plug output, that was the only category it came out ahead and the significant jump in price between the two does not justify that cigarette output in my opinion.

The inclusion of an Anderson charging port as well as the great price helps highlight the Kings Battery Box as the preferred option.

When comparing the Kings Battery Box to the Projecta model, the Projecta’s lack of voltmeter, USB ports, and Anderson plug, helps the Kings product come out on top, firming my opinion that for under $100, the Kings Battery Box is the best box on the market.

Would love to hear your thoughts if you’ve found something else!