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Best Tent Under $100
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Maybe you’ve always wanted to try camping but have been afraid of the cost of gear? You don’t need an uber-expensive tent to have fun camping in the great outdoors!

We’ve reviewed 11 different types of tents under $100 and narrowed down our list to the best four. When you choose one of these affordable tents, you’ll not only be saving money on camping gear; you’ll also be acquiring a great tool to enjoy the outdoors.

Warm nights by the fire, stargazing and the peaceful sounds of nature all await you with one of these tents under $100.

Best Tent Under $100 Options

Read on for a detailed look at each of the 4 tents we looked at as well as a useful buyer’s guide that details some things you should consider when buying a sub-$100 tent prior to making your final choice.

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Bestway 2 Person Dome Tent (Best 2 Person Tent Under $100)

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Now you can have a great camping experience and enjoy nature at its best by keeping yourself dry with the help of a Dome tent.

This tent is suitable for two people, and it is made of waterproof material, which ensures there is no problem placing the tent on a damp surface.

You can now keep your essentials and sleeping bag safe in this tent due to its PE water-resistant material. 

You can comfortably spend your nights with your friend or loved one in this tent. It is the most lightweight and compact best tent under $100.

This Dome tent is designed for all weather conditions. The sterling highlight of this product is the windows that offer plenty of ventilation.

The built-in screen door allows you to have a more comfortable camping experience. The 2 Man Dome tent manufacturer is Bestway, a renowned brand that focuses on high quality and excellent performance. 


  • It is made of polyester fabric that is comfortable and water-resistant. 
  • It is easy to fold the tent, making it more convenient for you to store or transport it. 
  • You will get a nylon bag along with the tent for easy storage. 
  • It is easy to set up this tent.


  • More than two people can not stay in the tent. 


This Oztrail Dome tent is a popular and affordable product of the Evolution series produced by Oztrail. The tent is designed with the needs of seasoned campers in mind.

It is a weather-resistant tent, suitable for an overnight stay or backyard night-outs. The tent is ideal for two people and is convenient due to its unique features.

It comes with basic convenience options like large hooks and organizers. Due to its easy cross pole construction, the tent is easy to set up, and it offers maximum stability due to its incredible strength and water-shedding properties.

Also, large meshes on the interior allow perfect ventilation and keep the tent cooler during hot weather. It is one of the best tents due to its lightweight, compact, and easy-to-carry nature.

The manufacturer also provides a carry bag that makes it easy for you to transport and store the tent. 


  • It is a perfect option for weekend nights out, backyard parties, and for kids to have their own tent. 
  • It comes with a T-shaped door that allows easy access to the tent. 
  • It is an ideal tent for all weather conditions. 
  • The tent is well-built and constructed from waterproof material. 
  • There will be no biting insects getting inside because of the mesh liners. 


  • The mesh in the interior is not durable. 
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Oztrail Hiker 3 Dome Tent
(Biggest Tent)

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The Oztrail Hiker 3 Dome tent is one of the biggest and best tents among the lightweight series of Oztrail. It is a light and durable tent under $100, suitable for backpackers and hikers. The tent is comfortable and easy to carry; it weighs very little and comes in a compact size. 

The tent is ideal for three adults and is easy to set up. It is constructed of 100% polyester waterproof fly that is further designed with UVTex treatment, preventing seam leakage. It also features a polyester bucket floor, making the tent more convenient for uneven or wet terrain. 

It is constructed with a triple system, allowing great strength alongside an easy-to-store design. The main highlights of the 3 Dome tent are the front and rear doors, along with the large windows that offer maximum ventilation and keep you cool even in hot weather.

The doors also come with additional storage, and you can conveniently keep your items in them. 


  • Up to 3 adults can easily stay in this tent. 
  • The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on Hiker 3 Dome tents. 
  • The tripole construction makes it a durable and high-quality tent. 
  • It is suitable for any weather conditions.


  • The mesh has a leakage problem. 
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Oztrail Skygazer Tent

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Now you can enjoy insect-free sleeping under the sky with the help of the Oztrail Skygazer tent. The tent comes with unique features that provide a great camping experience.

The dry seam and dry floor technology give you the benefit of keeping your tent dry always; it is ideal for all weather conditions. It is made of PE lamination that offers protection against the elements and adds durability.

The sterling highlight of the Oztrail Skygazer tent is its meshed sky gazer window that keeps you cool during hot weather and provides a beautiful view of the outside.

Also, an extended vestibule allows you to keep your belongings stored away without taking extra space from the tent. The easy-step D door makes it convenient and easy to access the tent, even at night. 


  • It is an ideal camping tent suitable for three adults. 
  • The tent is made of silver-coated fly fabric that makes it more solid and durable. 
  • The manufacturer offers two colours for this tent, dark green and light green. 
  • You will get the benefit of a 1-year warranty on this tent from its manufacturer. 
  • The set-up of this tent is easy, and storing it away is just as easy. 


  • The Velcro fittings are not strong. 
  • It is not a lightweight tent.

Buyer’s Guide 

You must keep in mind some essential considerations while choosing the best tent under $100. 

Capacity of the Tent 

The primary consideration you must look at while buying a tent for your camping trip is the sleeping capacity. As there are many tents available with capacity ranges between 2 to 14, you must choose the one that meets your needs.

The first thing you need to know when you get a tent is how many people will stay inside that tent. If you are going camping with one or two other people, then a tent with a capacity of 2 to 4 is a perfect pick.

If a group is going, I would recommend buying multiple tents or getting one with a large capacity. 


When you buy the best tent for under $100, you must check whether it is suitable for all weather conditions or not. We advise you to get a tent suitable for all weather conditions and every season.

Tents designed for all seasons come with mesh that offers proper ventilation. Such tents keep you cooler during warmer nights and keep you dry in case you sweat a lot. Also, you can easily cover the mesh during winter to protect you from cold winds. 


It is essential to buy a water-resistant tent. Waterproofing is a crucial factor that you must consider when choosing the best tent for your night out.

Usually, many manufacturers construct waterproof tents with a polyester rainfly, which makes the tent water-resistant. All the best tents under $100 included on our list are waterproof tents, and you can rely on them during the rainy season.

Also, canvas-type tents are the best option if you are looking for a great waterproof tent. They tend to sluice water away from the tent if the tent is soaked with rain. 


Many of us tend to bring lots of gear with us while camping. If you like to have a lot of camping gear too, you must check out the storage options in the tent you are looking to buy.

Go for a tent that has excellent storage capacity and provides you with enough room to sleep comfortably. 


When you choose the best tent under $100, you must know how many doors you want. Usually, tents have one entry, but if you’re going to have two doors for easy entry and exit from your tent, you must ensure the tent you are looking at meets your requirements.

Best Tent Under $100 – Conclusion

We took a detailed look at four of the best tents under $100 in Australia, and in our opinion, the 2 Man Dome Tent is the best tent currently available.

If you need something a bit cheaper, then the Oztrail 2P Dome Tent was the cheapest tent we reviewed, and we felt the Oztrail Hiker 3 Dome Tent presented the best overall value-for-money because of its large size.

Happy camping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a cheap tent and an expensive tent?

There is not much difference between a cheap tent and an expensive tent. All expensive tents come with better warmth and extra protection for winters, and they are long-lasting. At the same time, cheap tents are waterproof but tend to be less reliable than expensive options. 

What is the biggest tent you can get for less than $100?

Oztrail Hiker 3 Dome tent is one of the biggest tents you can get at an affordable price of less than $100. The tent comes with unique features and is a water-resistant tent. It is designed with UVTex treatment and a tripole system. These features make the tent easy to set up while providing the biggest interior. 

Are cheap tents still waterproof?

Many manufacturers constructing cheap tents tend to use waterproof fabric and design the tent for all weather conditions. All the tents mentioned in our list are affordable and water-resistant. 

Are cheap tents good quality?

Many cheap tents are still good quality. All best tents under $100 on our list are made of excellent quality and robust material. 

Will cheap tents blow away in the wind? 

No, the most common factors that cause a tent to blow away are broken poles or ripped material. Otherwise, tents are usually strong, and they don’t move from their place until the user moves it themselves.