Blue Mountains Tours

Which tour is right for me?

From our one-day experiences, two-day mini escapes all the way through to an epic grade 8-day experience, there’s something for everyone!

It comes down to you, and what you’d like to get out of your experience.


Ultimate Waterfall Park

Think you’ve ‘done’ the Blue Mountains? Well, think again. This epic one-day hike will get your heart racing as you head off the beaten track through the most majestic waterfall-chasing trail!

Mt Koziusco Summit

Reach the highest point in Australia on this full package tour that combines expedition hiking with a premium chalet experience. It is the perfect combination of adventure, scenic beauty and a little bit of luxury. 

Royal National Park

For Locs! Have you got the ‘iso-itch’ to get outdoors and explore? Well, then it’s time to take your new favourite hobby (walking, that is) on a real adventure in the Royal National Park!

Megalong Valley Overnight Escape

The Six-foot track, with only the good bits! Think lush gorges, wild river swims, and a cozy stay at an eco-lodge on this epic overnight adventure in the Blue Mountains. 

What fitness do I need?

The Blue Mountains really should be called the Blue Valleys, because you always start up high and go down! This is a decent day walk, and a reasonable level of fitness is required to complete the track. Guests can expect to be walking for approximately 6-7 hours, broken up with regular breaks. 

For anyone that suffers from knee pain, we recommend using a pair of walking poles for support. Gone are the days when poles were deemed to be ‘dorky’, using poles is actually really beneficial for your knees as they take a significant amount of pressure off your joints.