What Camping Pillow To Use?

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What camping pillow to use?

A camping pillow is one of the important things you should not forget to add to your camping checklist. It is a must to have together with your other sleeping gear. 

If you are a person who can’t sleep without a pillow and can easily get neck pain there are various camping pillows you can choose from. There are different types of camping pillow you can choose from:

Compressible Foam

People say that this is one of the most comfortable types of pillows you can get. It is a type of pillow you can resize when you don’t use it. 

It can be folded and expand when you need to use it. It is lumpy once unfolded so you need to give some air by fluffing it and after a minute or so it will be a the required size.

Compressible Foam pillows are typically made of foam, duck down, or a combination of down and foam. There are different sizes you can choose from.

Air pillow

If you looking for a pillow that you can fold into a small pack then you must consider an air pillow. It is a type of pillow that is filled with air and tightly sealed. You can easily inflate and deflate an air pillow as required.

Some manufactures design air pillows into something that will fully support the neck when you are sleeping and giving you a good and comfortable sleep. They are very well suited to hiking and camping.

Filled pillow

A filled pillow is another type of pillow you can bring when you go camping, it is usually filled with cotton, foam, or down feathers. This kind of pillow is suitable for caravanning or camping. 

The weight depends on the size of the pillow but all in all it is one of the best and nice types of pillow you can try.

Why do I need a camping Pillow?


A camping pillow is not only for your head, it is also for your back and your feet. When you are sitting on your camping chair and you find a table where you can rest your feet, putting the pillow first will make it more comfortable for your feet..

Another way you can use a pillow is when you are reading a book while doing Indian sit. You want to rest your elbows but when you do you might end up having trouble reading what’s in the book because it became a little far and can get you neck pain. 

The best solution is to put a pillow above your legs and rest your elbows. In that way, you can continue enjoying your book.


When you slept in your tent without using a pillow you might wake up with neck pain or possibly also back pain. A camping pillow can provide you comfort and will help you wake up without feeling any pain. 

Good sleep

Sure some people can sleep without a pillow but not everyone can do it. Pillows support your neck and your head giving you a good night’s sleep and a feeling of freshness morning to start your camping activities.

Body posture

Pillows can help you get a good posture. Bringing an extra pillow and puiting it at the back of your knee can relax your spine and assist the natural curve in your back.

Can I use a regular pillow for camping?

 You can use your regular pillow for camping – just make sure that is still comfortable, light to carry, and it won’t take up so much space when packing.

Can I make my own camping pillow?

You can make your own camping pillow if you want. It will save money and you can customize it. You can do it in just an hour, and you now have a perfect camping pillow for your family or friends.

  • You need your sewing machine, scissors, tape measure, marker, stuff pillow, and good fabric. 
  • You can also use your old big regular pillow to make sure it is still comfortable to sleep with.
  • Start by folding the fabric, making it look like a square, and sew the two side.
  • Once you are done, put the stuffed pillow inside and seal it by sewing the top. 
  • Cut it to a size of a camping pillow and sew it.
  • There you have it, you now have your DIY camping pillow. 

Camping Pillow Alternatives

We recommend you make a checklist of all the things you need but if it happens that you have a checklist but still forgot to include pillows, we have a solution for you.

Thick jacket, shirt, or pants

You can use your jackets, shirts, or pants as your pillow. Just roll them until you think you can comfortably lay your head on it. Just make sure they are clean and dry.


Another alternative you can try is your bag, since it is big and bulky, it is perfect to be a pillow. Although it is not smooth and comfortable like the real camping pillow it is still a good substitute.

Dry towel

Just like what you did on your jackets, shirts, or pants, just fold the towel or roll it until you think it is a perfect headrest. 

In choosing a good camping pillow you need to consider various things like the weight, size, fabric, or materials used, and most especially how comfortable you can sleep on it just like how comfortable you can sleep on your sleeping bag.