Camping Tips – 15 Ideas To Improve Your Next Camping Trip

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Camping Tips - 15 Ideas To Improve Your Next Camping Trip

Is camping really fun?

Camping is a team effort. Putting up tents, cooking meals, and playing ball games are all more enjoyable when done as a team.

It’s a fun experience that brings people of all ages together while also encouraging problem-solving abilities.  Without a doubt, many people go camping because of the enjoyment, experience, and thrill it provides.

Most people find that just thinking about going camping relaxes them and enhances their mood. It slows time down and allows individuals to appreciate the small things in life, particularly nature. 

Interesting facts about camping

  • Tents have been used as shelters since the start of time. Archaeological evidence suggests that tents have existed since the Iron Age.
  • Although 34% of campers have their smartphone with them, statistics revealed that they do not use it.
  • Camping outings are usually planned 25 days in advance.
  • 54% of campers travel fewer than 100 miles away from their home to their camping destination
  • S’mores are the ultimate camping treat.
  • In general, the five most influential factors that motivate people to go camping for the first time are a love of the outdoors (34%), enjoyment and fun (32%), their partners or significant others (30%), and spending time with the family (30%), and escaping the norms (26%).

What are the best camping hacks?

Bring glow sticks

Glow sticks are not only for aesthetic purposes, but they have an important function during camping. They can be used to serve as markers on the trail, night lights inside the tent, outdoor lighting and atmosphere, and in lighting your way towards the latrine.

Fun ball games can also be enjoyed at night using glow sticks such as ring toss, glow bowling, and glow-in-the-dark kickball. These all make any camping experience worthwhile.

Place fire wood under your car

In case of unexpected weather circumstances such as rain, it is best to store firewood under the car to keep it dry.

Campers will most certainly want to stay warm beneath the campfire once the storm has passed, but this may be impossible to do if the firewood is also damp from the rain, which is why this hack should be considered. 

DIY camp shower

Camping should not be done at the expense of hygiene. It may be difficult to take a shower when you’re outdoors, but it’s not impossible. A camp shower may be tough to build, but with the right materials, it might be one of the best investments any camper has made. 

Freeze the water in litres

The bigger the container, the longer the water will remain frozen. For longer camping trips, this is the best solution to have ice any time you want. It is important to know that freezing water in litres will last longer than a bag of ice, so this may be an option worth considering.

15 ideas to improve your next camping trip

Practice how to set up the tent

Even though this looks easy, not everyone is a pro at setting up a tent, especially when they’re out in the woods with only a few minutes of sunshine remaining. It is important to practice setting up the tent at home a few times to speed up the process when the actual camping trip takes place.

Know the campsite’s amenities ahead of time

It is essential to know the available amenities in the chosen campsite since this will significantly help plan the things to bring ahead of time, whether these items are already provided for at the campsite or if there is a need to carry them personally.

One of the most unpleasant aspects of camping is having insufficient equipment, which has a significant impact on comfort.

Pick your campsite in advance

A suitable campsite is essential for a good night’s sleep, so it is advisable to deliberately plan where to camp ahead of time.

Campers will most likely be able to secure their favorite location for themselves if they plan ahead of time for their next camping season, especially during busier weekends and holidays.

Plan your meals early

Just because there isn’t access to a large kitchen during camping doesn’t mean that eating good food should be compromised. Planning meals ahead of time make a massive difference to any camping trip.

This is beneficial as it saves people their time and money by not having to run to the grocery store to pick up last-minute supplies. Planning ahead also allows every camper to prepare foods in bulk amounts. This way, there won’t be much work needed in cooking at the campsite.

Waterproof your tent

Spending a few days in the vast outdoors means anticipating unexpected events. Nature is beautiful, but it can also bring about the most unexpected happenings. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Hence, waterproofing the tent before bringing it on the trip is an essential process. A waterproof tent keeps the people and gears inside it dry and comfortable. No one wants to sleep in a damp tent, so it is important to keep the rain out by maintaining the tent’s waterproof feature.

Bring extra blankets

Bringing in a few extra blankets will help you stay warm. When it’s chilly outside, these help with comfort if paired with a sleeping bag. Blankets are available in a variety of materials, including down, cotton, wool, and fleece.

Only bring what is essential

It’s always better to pack light. This entails bringing only the bare necessities. Hence, making a camping checklist of the things that must be brought will help avoid leaving and forgetting the essential items that must be carried. 

Bring a hot water bottle

When the temperature in the tent drops below freezing, a hot water bottle placed in the sleeping bag can keep you warm for hours and help you sleep soundly. In addition to being great bed warmers, hot water bottles are beneficial to improve blood circulation in the body.

Use a good sleeping bags

Choosing a suitable sleeping bag is one of the best investments to make for campers. Its importance cannot be overstated. The primary purpose of sleeping bags is to provide warmth and thermal insulation, particularly on cold nights, using synthetic or down insulation. Sleeping bags affect comfort, so it is crucial to invest in a decent one.

Invest in a good tent

Without a doubt, a tent should be given the most priority when it comes to camping. Investing in good quality tents is always a good idea. It will undoubtedly last far longer than a low-cost tent and will provide superior weather protection.

Also, it is critical to consider the weather conditions in which you’ll be camping. In the event of bad weather, a good tent will provide better protection.

Bring first aid and hygiene kit

Camping is always a thrilling adventure. It’s best to prepare for unavoidable events by keeping a first aid kit in an easily accessible and secure location on every camping trip.

A first aid kit with the right items is widely beneficial, especially in cleaning cuts, reducing the risk of infection, and speeding the healing of an injury. In a situation where you’ll most likely be by yourselves without easy access to clinics, a first aid kit is your savior.

Furthermore, hygiene kits, as the name implies, help in maintaining proper personal hygiene during camping. Even when camping, health and hygiene should never be compromised. Thus it’s best to have these items on hand.

Pack lots of food

A meal plan for every camping vacation will do more than keep you on track. Healthy meals will provide more nourishment and fuel for the body. Bringing light snacks like trail mix bars will offer you more energy to explore the great outdoors. 

Choose the best camping gear

Packing the correct gear to help brave the weather is the first step to a successful camping trip. A few amenities will make every camper’s experience even more enjoyable, and many of them are inexpensive.

With this, it is crucial to select the ideal camping gear for every camping trip. Whether people may be first-time campers or seasoned outdoor veterans, this can mean the difference between a memorable experience or a nightmare.

Wear quick-drying fabric

Camping necessitates clothing that has a dual or triple purpose. It is very common that the weather will not always be ideal for you to enjoy a dry, warm day in the woods during camping.

Hypothermia can be caused by moist clothing combined with a low body temperature. This is why it is important to stay dry. This can be accomplished by wearing fast-drying fabrics to ensure comfort and prevent colds or any other illnesses.

Bring Ziploc bags for the food

Ziploc bags, unlike containers, seal around your food, taking up less space in the fridge. Foods that are stored in Ziploc bags have a shelf life that is longer than the original packaging.