Dometic Acquires Waeco

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Jay Elliott

Chief Camping Officer

Dometic Acquires Waeco

When recently reviewing some camping products, I saw one product that used to be the Waeco brand, now referred to as a Dometic product, and in other cases a Dometic Waeco product.

What happened to Waeco Brand?

Guessing something was up I went searching and found this article:,c262522

So that clearly explains that the Waeco company was purchased by Dometic.

Then this article on the Dometic website describing how they are rebranding all Waeco products as Dometic products from now on.

So in Australia, particularly with camping fridges, you will no longer see newer Waeco products but will see similar versions, but with the Dometic brand.

I couldn’t find a date for that article so don’t know exactly how long that has been underway.

Let’s hope the quality is not affected by the change in ownership and brand.