Dometic Inflatable Tent Review

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Dometic Inflatable Tent Review

The Dometic inflatable tent range is flipping camping on its head as we knew it.

A tent without poles? Sounds crazy I know, but that is exactly what the Dometic Inflatable Tent range provides.

Though I was pretty skeptical at first, after learning more, I have become a major fan of these tents.

Dometic Inflatable Tent Sizes

There are a range of different domestic Inflatable sizes. The smallest model (Dometic Tailgate Air) is designed as a portable inflatable awning that you connect to the rear of your vehicle.

They also produce multiple four, and six-person tents with slightly different designs and configurations.

How does an inflatable tent work?

Inflatable tents use air pressure instead of poles to hold the tent up. The manufacture air pockets into the design of the tent that fills with air and holds the walls and roof up.

There are multiple different air pockets that need to be pumped up individually and then ropes, straps, and pegs hold the tent in place, like with a normal tent.

Here’s a video of the Dometic Inflatable tent being set up and packed down again.

The Dometic Inflatable tents make setting up your camp a breeze. No more set up stress and you try and hold poles together while lifting other poles to connect, while also trying to stop the whole lot falling over on top of you. You just peg it out and pump up each of the air pillars.

The multiple pillars also help with stability, as any pressure or impact on one of the air pillars has no impact on the others.

Dometic gear is made from the best quality materials, so if you want a well-designed, high-quality product, these inflatable tents are a must as you consider the available options.

Dometic Hayman 4 Air

  • 4 Bed Inflatable Tent
  • Weathershielf 68D Material
  • Huge Windows For Ventilation and Moisture Reduction
  • Standing Room Inside

Dometic Stradbroke 4 Air

  • 4 Bed Inflatable Tent
  • Adult Standing Room
  • Weathershield 150D Material
  • Seperate Entrance, Storage and Sleeping Sections
  • Fully Breatheable Weathershield Material
Dometic Inflatable Tent Review

Dometic Stradbroke 6 Air

  • 6 Bed Inflatable Tent
  • Adult Standing Room
  • Fully Breathable Weathershield Material
  • Weathershield 150D Material
  • Increased Living Space
Dometic Inflatable Tent Review

Dometic Daydream 6 Air

  • 6 Bed Inflatable Tent
  • Fitted Fleece Carpet For comfort and Strength
  • High Quality Fly Screens
  • Designed to Exceed in Australian Conditions
  • Weathershield 68D Material

The Dometic Daydream 6 Air gets the coveted ‘Off-Grid Recommendation due to its next-level comfort features, on top of the existing air-inflated convenience. The Daydream 6 Air comes with a fitted fleece carpet flooring covering.

Typical of Dometic’s dedication to quality and convenience, this carpet takes your tenting experience to the next level. 

But it will get dirty! I hear you say… A fair enough thought, but thanks to the undercover entrance area incorporated into the Daydream design there is a sheltered place to take off your dirty shoes and clothes, so you can keep the carpet clean.

The carpet not only adds an extra sense of comfort but also acts as a protective layer on top of the tent floor enhancing the longevity of the tent as well.