Grayl Geopress Review

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Grayl Geopress

If you need a simple, portable, and quick way to purify water then make sure you check out the Grayl Geopress.

Though they are not cheap they are high quality and very effective solutions to safe portable drinking water and come highly recommended by the Off Grid crew.

Grayl Geopress Overview

The Geopress acts in much the same way as a drink bottle in terms of the size of the product and the way you use it, but you get the added ability to filter the water.

This means you are not limited by the need to find purified/clean water to drink, so you can be off the beaten track for longer and go places others can’t.

While many similar products are effective at filtering out bacteria and parasites, the Grayl products stand out in their ability to also catch viruses and heavy metals, opening up many more potential water sources to you.

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About Grayl

The Grayl got their start from a very successful Kickstart campaign. Sponsored by backpackers and adventurers from all over the world, their vision for empowering adventure and creating the world’s faster portable purifier was one that resonated with many people.

Growth has been rapid since this initial campaign, and they haven’t looked back. 

How does the Grayl Geopress work?

The Grayl Geopress consists of two main components that work in partnership with both stores and purify the water.

The Outer Refill is used to scoop and hold the water that you want to purify. You then insert the Inner Press into the Outer Refill to purify the water, seal the container, and provide you with the spout to drink from. 

The Inner Press has a replaceable filtration cartridge attached to the bottom, so as you insert the Inner Press and push down, the water is filtered instantaneously and is ready to drink. 

What does the Grayl Geopress filter from the water?

The Geopress filter is made from an Electroadsorptive Media that captures unwanted pathogens and inorganic material, removing them from the water before you drink it.

Pathogens like Viruses, Bacteria, and Protozoa all get picked up, as well as inorganic materials including microplastics, silt, chlorine, chloroform, lead, arsenic, and chromium. 

How long does a Grayl filter last?

The longevity of a purification cartridge will depend on a variety of factors, mostly related to the frequency of use, the dirtiness of the water you are filtering, and other general care practices. 

If you are using relatively clean water the cartridges should provide up to 350 purification cycles. But if you are using dirtier water, then the filter will be doing more work, and subsequently will come to the end of its effective capacity sooner.

You can gauge the health of your Grayl filter by how long it is taking to filter the water. A new filter can process a full bottle in about 8 seconds.

But as the cartridge is used and stores more and more filtered waste it will take longer to process a full bottle. Once the filtration time is up to 25 seconds, it is time to replace the cartridge.

Other things that will influence how long your cartridge lasts are proper care of the cartridge. There are clear guides on what you should not do and includes not putting the cartridge in hot water and not freezing it.

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Grayl Geopress – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy Grayl Water Purifiers in Australia? 

Yes! Grayl has just launched an Australian website and now sells products directly to the Australian market. Check out the Grayl Australia website here

Does the Grayl Geopress have a warranty?

Yes. Every Grayl product is covered by a 10-year warranty that covers materials and workmanship. 

Do Grayl purifiers need to have their cartridges replaced? 

Yes. Like all good filtration systems, the cartridges need to be replaced after a certain amount of use.

When using reasonably clean water, Grayl recommends replacing your filtration cartridge after 350 cycles, or as the press time increases to 25 seconds.

How much water can the Grayl Geopress hold?

The Geopress can hold up to 710ml of purified water. There is an indicator line on the outer refill showing you where this limit is. 

Does Geopress filter Salt/Seawater?

No, the Grayl Geopress is to be used with freshwater only. It is not designed and will not be effective on salt and seawater, or other water types.