What Hiking Gear Do I Need For Camping

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What Hiking Gear Do I Need For Camping

What hiking gear do I need for camping

Hiking is just exciting just like camping. You’ll get a chance to explore and experience mountains, forests and other places you cant usually get to. 

It is also one enjoyable outdoor activity that you should try with your family, friends or just by yourself while you are also camping. But, to keep you secure when you start your journey, in this article, we listed different essential hiking gear you will need.


If you try hiking while camping you should have a good backpack. To determine what kind of backpack you should bring the first thing you should do is to know how many hours or days will you do hiking.

 Once you know the details you should know what size of backpack you need. You don’t need a bigger size when you go hiking when camping if its just for a day trip, but if you are using your backpack as your main tr to get you to your campsite, you might require a large size pack.


Water is essential when hiking or in any outdoor activities. It keeps you hydrated while walking and once you reach your destination.

Water is not only for hydration, it has a lot of other benefits like regulating your body temperature and carrying the nutrients and oxygen into your cells to give full energy to consume while hiking. Water is the best choice compared to any other beverages like juices, energy drinks, and any other sugary drinks.

Emergency kit

We don’t know what will happen when you go hiking so it is much better to bring a small emergency kit just to be sure. It should have the following inside:

  • First aid kit
  • Whistle
  • Lights
  • Batteries
  • Tool kit
  • Fire starter

An emergency kit helps you to stay safe and survive in case something unexpected happens. It has the basic things you are going to need in the case of an unforeseen situation..

Map and Compass

Even if you know where are you going it is still better to have your compass and map ready and available. They help you to create the best routing plan and helps you save time. They can assist you in organizing and simplifying the information about your destination making it easy for you to identify the time and the route you’ll be hiking through.


You don’t want your skin to be damaged by the sun when hiking or even camping so it is good tl bring sunscreen. It helps you to minimize sun spots and reduce the sunburn you might get during your hiking trip.

Appropriate shoes and clothing

Wear proper hiking shoes and clothes. We recommend buying a hiking jacket that has a reinforced shoulder feature so it helps you to support your shoulder for your backpack and prevents having a painful shoulder. Make sure it is breathable and lightweight.

When it comes to your pants, wear a fabric where you can freely move. You can use your yoga pants or any stretchy pant you think you have and are comfortable.

You need to make sure your boots completely protect your feet from injury. Another thing to consider is weight and comfortability. Your feet might get sore after hiking if you don’t choose the right hiking shoes.

Insect repellent

Mountains and forests are the home for insects and mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are attracted by the breath and blood of people. If you are going to enter their territory you need to bring a repellent.

Hiking sticks

Hiking sticks are also called trekking poles or hiking poles. When you have a long hiking journey and need to cross or hike into hills you definitely try buying a hiking stick, it helps your stability.

They support you with your weight and the weight you are carrying. It also aids and protects your knees when you are walking downhill.

How much hiking gear do I need for camping?

When hiking, pack only what you need. Avoid the stress of looking for something and not finding it because you have a lot of things inside your backpack. Ensure your bag is light and easy to lift.

Tips for packing hiking gear for camping

Now you know what essentials gear you should bring when hiking while you are camping we will now guide you on how you can pack effectively.

Pack what is essential

Aside from what we mentioned above bring only what is essential and what you can carry on your back. This can include food, a sleeping bag if you are planning to sleep there, extra clothes, and a hygiene kit.


Learn how to organize your gear to make your stuff easier to find. Put what you usually use at the top and your lesser needs at the bottom.


If you don’t want to forget other important things to bring when hiking you should make a checklist. Do this before hiking to think about what you really need and plan how to pack it and check it again before you start hiking.

Lesser needed items go at the bottom

As we have said earlier, pack what you usually need at the top and less needed items at the bottom. This will save you time looking for some things you need and make your backpack more manageable.