How To Camp In Winter

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How To Camp In Winter

Is it okay to camp in winter?

Camping during the winter can be a memorable experience. This season offers new exciting outdoor activities you won’t be able to experience in other seasons. Staying comfortable during camping in the winter is easier than you might imagine.

What kind of camping clothes should you bring during winter?

One crucial factor you should always consider whenever you go winter camping is the clothes you must pack on your journey. 

This is an important measure in staying as warm as possible. One way to achieve this goal is through wearing layers of clothing. It is highly advisable to look for clothing with thick fabrics such as fleece, wool, flannel, denim, and corduroy. 

Inner, middle, and outer layer clothing

For the inner layer, use base layer clothes

Clothes that are made from moisture-wicking fabrics serve as the best inner layer. These fabrics include Merino wool and athletic fabrics (Polypropylene). Avoid wearing fabrics that retain moisture, such as cotton, which would only make you feel colder.

For the middle layer, use hoodies, jackets or fleece, and sweaters

It is recommended to wear an additional layer of clothing that is easy to remove for the middle layer. These clothing may be zippered or buttoned-down hoodies, jackets, and sweaters made from wool, flannel, and fleece. These are some of the best materials to use in retaining body heat.

For the outer layer, use water repellant thick jackets

For the outer layer, use thick, water-repellent jackets which you will be wearing everywhere you go to ensure that your body stays completely warm. On the other hand, for a stylish and aesthetic look, you may choose to wear a fur coat to stay warm and cozy, whether it may be real or faux fur.

Bottom clothes

For the base layer of your lower body, It is ideal for wearing fabrics made from silk or a combination of fleece and polyester. If you have no lengthy underwear, an excellent alternative to add as a base layer is leggings. 

The ideal middle layer for the lower body is pants and jeans that are made from fabrics that include wool, denim, and corduroy. For your feet to stay warm, it is advisable to wear thick and lengthy woolen socks that can be pulled up onto your leg to ensure that no cold air can reach your skin. 

If ever you still feel cold on your feet, you may consider wearing two socks overlapping each other. The ideal middle layer for the lower body is pants and jeans that are made from fabrics that include wool, denim, and corduroy. 

Tips to stay warm while camping in the cold

One of the worst experiences you can encounter when camping is the freezing cold weather. It is preferable to always have your gear prepared to stay warm and cozy when temperatures hit the subzero range during the winter. 

Here are some of the techniques that can help your body stay warm despite the freezing temperatures during winter.

Warm foods

During cold weather conditions, the consumption of warm food helps increase our body’s temperature. Foods such as soup, stew, broth, and noodles can help your body stay warm and cozy during the winter season.

Warm drinks

Like warm foods, drinking warm beverages also helps increase your body’s temperature, especially during the winter. These may include coffee, milk, and tea. 

Staying dry

It is crucial to stay dry during cold climates because even just a little bit of moisture build-up could lead to a decreased body temperature, making it highly advisable to change immediately if your clothes are wet and soaked. 

Moisture build-up can also be prevented by wearing clothing made of moisture-wicking fabrics compared to cotton fabrics that retain moisture and take time to dry out. 

Gloves, hats, and socks

It is essential to wear additional outerwear accessories such as gloves, hats, and socks to ensure that every part of your body is as warm as the rest. Wearing the right amount of clothing layers with additional outerwear accessories guarantees comfort and warmth, especially during winter camping.

Warm sleeping bag and mattress

Sleeping bags contribute to increasing our body temperature during the freezing cold nights of the winter season. The best outer shell fabric for sleeping bags during cold climates are Dry loft, Gore-Tex, Dry Clime, Microfiber, and Gossamer Micro.

Portable heater

A portable heater is a very helpful piece of equipment during freezing cold weather conditions. It keeps you warm especially during the night when the temperatures hit low levels.