How To Look After A Tent

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How To Look After A Tent

How To Take Care Of Tents

A tent is one of the basic needs when you go camping with your friends or your family. They give you a comfortable and warm shelter. Your tent also needs to be cared for if you want to make them last longer. This article will teach you how you can clean your tent effectively and other tips you need to know to increase their lifespan.


Cleaning your tent is not hard if you do it the right way. 

Use Eco-Friendly Soap

Eco-friendly or mild soap is not only good for your hands but also the fabric of your tent. A string detergent may cause damage to your tent and might remove the coating and the seams. Also, an eco-friendly soap is nice to the environment because they don’t have different harmful chemicals that might harm the surroundings.

Read Tent Washing Directions

Most of the manufacturers give instructions on how to best clean the tent, but if it happens that there is no instruction you can follow these steps and still wash your tent effectively.

Don’t Use The Washing Machine

Just like using harmful soap or detergent in your tent – a washing machine is a big no when it comes to cleaning your tent. It can damage the coating of the tent, seams, and mesh.

Use A Bathtub Or Large Container

To start the cleaning process you need a wide tub to put your tent in. A wide tub or your bathtub can help you move freely so you can clean your tent thoroughly. it also holds the water without spilling most of it, unlike small or narrow tubs or containers.

Fill The Bathtub With Warm Water And Soap

Once you found where you will clean the tent it is now time to put a warm water and mix it with eco-friendly soap. Warm water can help and remove the remove stain fast.

Knead Your Tent Until You Think It Is Clean

Put your tent in the tub with water and soap. Knead it carefully until you think it is clean. 

Once you are done, use another tub with clean water to remove the excess soap or if you don’t have another tub you can just remove the water on your current tub.

Dry Properly

Hang it under the sun but don’t stay it too long because it can damage the tent.


It is not enough to just clean it. You also need to take care of it.

Seam Sealing

If your tent has a leaky seam it is good to put on, or reapply, some seam sealer. Seam sealer prevents further damage and leaking during rain.

Always Inspect Before Use

It is good practice to inspect your tent before using it on your camping trip. Try to set it up in your garage and see if it hasholes or other damage.

Use Groundsheet

When you use a groundsheet, it does not only keep the floor of your tent clean and easy to wash but also a groundsheet can prevent condensation from the ground.

Always Clean Inside

To stop the stains or dirt from building up inside your tent is recommended to clean it while using it. Sweep the tent floor and if possible do not eat inside your tent.

Store It Dry

Prevent future damage to your tent by storing it dry and clean.  Find a cool and dry place for your tent to be stored to erduce risk of mould.

Take Care Of The Zippers

In taking care of the tent, sometimes zippers are neglected. Carefully zip in and out of your tent, You don’t want your tent to be zipless while you are at camping.