Can You Use Normal Toilet Paper In A Camping Toilet?

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Can You Use Normal Toilet Paper In A Camping Toilet?

In portable camp toilets, it is much better to use dissolvable camping toilet paper than the standard toilet paper you might get from a supermarket. Whether you’ll be flushing it along with a chemical toilet liner, or depositing your waste into a toilet bag, you should aim to use biodegradable toilet paper in all camping toilet siuations.

What is the difference between normal and biodegradable toilet paper?

Dissolvable toilet paper, otherwise known as soft toilet paper, or biodegradable toilet paper, looks and feels like normal toilet paper for the most part, but it breaks down and decomposes quicker than standard toilet paper.

It is important to use biodegradable toilet paper in all camping situations, whether you are digging a hole, using a pop-up/folding camping chair with a bag, or a portable toilet.

Though all toilet paper is biodegradable and will break down eventually, soft toilet paper is designed to break down much quicker. 

Even when burying toilet paper in a hole, biodegradable toilet paper is much better for the environment, as it breaks down so much quicker.

Can I use normal toilet paper in a portable toilet?

It is critical to use the right toilet paper in portable toilets as if you use standard toilet paper.

You risk it not breaking down quick enough, creating a blockage, and stopping your toilet from working properly (and a portable toilet is not something you want to break down!).

I have read some comments that you can get away with standard toilet paper in a portable toilet if you counteract it with some additional chemicals, but I would rather minimize the use of chemicals by buying dissolvable toilet paper. 

Can I use wet wipes in a camping toilet?

Wet wipes (also known as baby wipes) are not biodegradable and take a very long time to break down. Because of this, they need to be avoided in camping situations.

They can be of great use when things are very messy, especially with young kids, so if you do use them, store used ones in a zip lock bag, or some other sort of bag for proper disposal in a standard bin.

If you would benefit from seeing the difference in breakdown time with your own eyes, this video gives a great visual of how long the different types of toilet paper take to break down. 

Camping Toilet Paper Options

Soft toilet paper is more expensive than normal toilet paper but still affordable. Some of the varieties available in Australia include:

OzTrail Biodegradable Toilet Tissue 2 Pack

This OzTrail pack is a great handy size pack to have in your backpack or camping gear. This soft 2 ply paper comes in a clamshell package to protect it from moisture.

It’s quite a small package, but the postage can cost even more than the item, so not very economical to buy it on its own. But if you are placing a larger order, then it’s definitely worth including a few rolls of this. 

Coleman Campers Toilet Paper

Coleman also offers a small pack of 2 ply paper that is easy to fit in your backpack or gear. The pack includes three rolls, each containing 65 squats of soft biodegradable paper.

Again, the postage is nearly the same as the unit price, so it would be a good add-on to another purchase you make online. 

Fiamma Toilet Tissue 6 Pack

A more conventional pack than the above two backpacks sizes, this Fiamma 6 pack would be great for your caravan or established campsite. Like the other products, it breaks down super quickly to ensure no blockage of your portable toilet.

Very cost-effective in comparison to the above products, but again postage is significant if you buy it online. 

Thetford Aquasoft Toilet Paper Rolls – 6 Pack

Can You Use Normal Toilet Paper In A Camping Toilet?

The Thetford Aquasoft rolls from Tentworld or Snowys, are another Biodegradable six-pack option. It breaks down quickly as required for portable toilets and is more cost-effective than the small backpack sizes listed above.

>> Check the latest price and user reviews here.


Though standard toilet paper may work in camping situations, it is much better to get soft biodegradable paper as it is better for the environment and less likely to block up your portable toilet paper.

Dissolvable toilet paper is a bit more expensive than standard paper, and postage costs can make it prohibitive to purchase online, so best to grab it next time you go to your local camping store.