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Oztent is an Australian outdoor gear company known for its quick-setup tents. Depending on your need, you can choose from its different series of tents. 

In fact, they have come up with the first 30-second tent. This useful and versatile product is built with high-quality material that can withstand harsh environments and different weather conditions. 

All products that we have seen from Oztent have passed our stringent testing standards. While they sell many other outdoor products, Oztent’s specialty is tents.

Oztent Range 

In this write-up, I will be giving you an overview of all Oztent products. 

In this review, we will take you through: 

  • Review of tents from the Oztent RV series 
  • Review of tents from the Oztent RX series 
  • Malamoo Teepee 
  • Oztent accessories 

Oztent RV series 

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RV Series of oztent comprises the following tents: 

  • RV3 
  • RV3 PLUS 
  • RV3 LITE 
  • RV4
  • RV5 
  • RV5 PLUS 

Here is a complete review of RV series tents. 

RV3 Tent


The Oztent RV3 tent is among the best tents you can consider when planning your next camping trip with a small group of people.

It is designed with an innovative frame that is easy to fold; due to this feature, the tent’s setup is easy, and once done, it hardly takes 30 seconds to pack it up.

This quick setup gives you enough time to enjoy your adventure and the beauty of the outdoors. 

The tent is well made up of waterproof canvas that provides fast and effective protection during the rainy season or any other weather conditions. 

This tent also features an extra-large awning attached to the extension part of the tent that gives you enough living space. Also, there are rear and side windows that offer plenty of ventilation.

The tent is also constructed in a unique shape that gives you enough space for sleeping and maximum storage.

Up to 3 people can easily have a great sleeping experience in RV3 Tent. The manufacturer has designed this tent with high-quality zippers that ensure durability. 


  • Tent Size: 240cm (W) X 200 cm (D) X 190 cm (H) 
  • Folding Size: 202 cm (L) X 27 cm (W) X 21 cm (H) 
  • Awning Size: 200 cm (L) X 240 cm (W) 
  • Weight : 22kg 


  • It comes with a handy power inlet for better convenience. 
  • Internal side open windows ensure proper ventilation. 
  • There is no need to install an awning, and it comes with easy straps that you can anytime roll up or down for use. 
  • The manufacturer also offers a two years warranty on RV3 tents. 


  • Not more than three people can stay in the tent. 

RV3 Plus 


RV3 plus tent is the same as RV3, but it is constructed with advanced technology and many upgrades. The plus range is all about upgrades.

The fast and straightforward setup in 30 seconds makes it an ideal choice for your camping trip. Like RV3, it comprises premium quality canvas material that ensures its sturdiness and long-lasting durability.

The tent features an attached awning that comes with poles, pegs, and ropes for easy shelter setup.

The main highlight of RV3 plus is the sky mesh skylight built on the roof, giving you the benefit of watching stars during your stay. 

There are added loops that help in holding LED lights inside the light. The fly added with a tent allows proper ventilation. The beauty of RV3 plus is the zippers are located inside the tent for easy opening and closing the entire sky mesh or tent.

The upgrade of this tent is that their side panels are water-resistant, and the tarp extension comes with a zipper to provide you with great undercover space. 


  • Tent Size: 240cm (W) X 200 cm (D) X 190 cm (H) 
  • Folding Size: 202 cm (L) X 27 cm (W) X 21 cm (H) 
  • Awning + Tent Size: 240 cm (W) X 400 cm (D) X 220 cm (H) 
  • Weight : 22kg 


  • The 30 seconds setup gives you enough time to enjoy your outdoor adventure. 
  • The skirmish gives you proper and plenty of ventilation. 
  • The manufacturer also provides you with a new rain cover for your carry bag. 
  • The included fly helps in reducing condensation. 


  • It is an expensive tent for three people. 

RV3 Lite 


With the help of RV3 Lite, you can bring your whole family camping. It is a lightweight and convenient tent that comes at an affordable price.

So there is no need to carry more pounds or hit your pocket for your next camping trip.

The RV3 Lite features a folding frame that allows easy setup and packs up the tent in 30 seconds.

The best part of RV3 lite is it is made up of waterproof material, fire-resistant and UPSC certifies fabric; this feature offers more protection of the tent from various harmful elements. 

The extra-large awning of the tent gives you enough living space and comes with connection points to attach your accessories.

When we talk about the tent’s ventilation, you don’t have to worry about that; the large window, which is internally operated, provides enough ventilation.

The included fly helps in insulating the tent from hot or cold weather conditions. When we compare it to other RV series tents, the main difference is it is lighter than other tents. It also offers you a luxurious camping experience. 


  • Tent Size: 240cm (W) X 200 cm (D) X 190 cm (H) 
  • Folding Size: 205 cm (L) X 28 cm (W) X 28 cm (H) 
  • Weight : 19.5 kg 


  • Up to 4 people can easily stay in the tent. 
  • The tent comes at an affordable price. 
  • The attached awning comes with straps that allow easy rolling up. 
  • There is an internal power inlet that provides more convenience. 


  • There are hooks inside for hanging belongings. 



If you are camping with a group, then RV4 is an ideal option. It comes with an innovative folding frame that allows you to set up and pack the tent easily and quickly in 30 seconds.

The manufacturer provides you plenty of time to enjoy nature’s beauty and your outdoor adventure activities with easy installation. It is constructed with a waterproof ripstop canvas that offers extra protection from different elements.

The attached awning that comes in an extra-large size gives you ample living space. 

There are also rear and side windows that provide a good amount of ventilation. In addition, it comes in a unique shape that offers good storage space.

The main highlight of RV4 is YKK Zip on the main entry, which is well known for high-quality zippers all over the globe. 

The tent also features an awning that comes with straps and only allows one person to pack the tent quickly.

Also, there is no need to open your tent for complete nights, and you only have to open and close windows at your convenience. 


  • Tent Size: 240cm (W) X 240 cm (D) X 190 cm (H) 
  • Folding Size: 213 cm (L) X 38 cm (W) X 26 cm (H) 
  • Awning Size: 200 cm (L) X 240 cm (W) 
  • Weight : 23 kg 


  • It is a fully modular tent that allows you to set up the tent as per your need. 
  • There is also a power inlet that is located on the A-side of the tent. 
  • It is easy to set up and pack up the tent. 
  • With easy straps for awning, it makes it easy to roll it. 


  • It is an expensive tent. 



It is one of the most popular tents of the RV series of Oztent. The tent gives you a unique and hassle-free camping experience with an easy installation process.

You will take hardly 30 seconds to set up and pack up the tent. Its 30 seconds of installation gives you enough time to enjoy your outdoor adventure activities.

It is designed with high-quality ripstop canvas material, which makes the tent water-resistant and fire-resistant.

In addition, the fabric protects the tent from different elements. Like other tents of the RV series, RV5 also comes with an attached awning that increases your living space.

Another beauty of RV5 is the rear and side windows that give instant ventilation. Also, the patent shape of the tent provides you with ample storage space and a sleeping area. 

RV5 is among the best tents for families; up to 5 people can have an overnight stay in this tent. The attached awning comes with straps that offer more convenience.

With the help of straps, you can easily roll up the tent and store it as per your need. 


  • Tent Size: 260cm (W) X 260 cm (D) X 190 cm (H) 
  • Folding Size: 202 cm (L) X 38 cm (W) X 27 (cm (H) 
  • Awning Size: 200 cm (L) X 260 cm (W) 
  • Weight : 24 kg 


  • You will get internal side windows that offer you good ventilation. 
  • There is a power inlet inside the tent. 
  • The straps make it easy for you to fold the awning and tent. 
  • The zips are made up of high material quality. 


  • It is not a lightweight tent. 

RV5 Plus 


Here is a plus range of RV5; the tent is not different; the only difference is it comes with some upgrades. Just like normal RV5, this tent is also designed with the same features. Within 30 seconds, you can set up and pack the tent. 

The tent is well made up of premium polyester canvas and is a modular tent. It features an attached awning with straps, poles, pegs, and ropes for an easy awning setup.

The added feature of RV5 PLus is the sky mesh skylight, which allows you to see stars; it is built on the tent’s roof.

The extra poles and included fly also helps in setting the peak awning. There is also a configured Zips on the canopy that makes the tent more waterproof. The fly offers more ventilation and more convenience. 


  • Tent Size: 260cm (W) X 260 cm (D) X 190 cm (H) 
  • Folding Size: 202 cm (L) X 38 cm (W) X 27 cm (H) 
  • Awning + Tent Size: 260 cm (W) X 460 cm (D) X 220 cm (H) 
  • Weight : 24 kg 


  • Up to five people can stay in the tent. 
  • The poles and ropes allow easy and convenient set up of the awning. 
  • The side windows and fly offer plenty of ventilation. 
  • The manufacturer provides a rain cover with a carry bag. 


  • The price of the tent is on the higher side. 

Oztent RX series 

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The brand comes with another popular series of tents, the RX series. The series comprises various models, stated below: 

  • RX4 
  • RX5 

Here we will explain all features, pros, and cons of the models of the RX series. 



Now you can go camping with your group to have another level of adventure. It is a fantastic two-room tent that is an ideal pick for medium to large families.

The main feature of RX5 is its 30 seconds setup. In addition, the modular features allow its easy installation and pack up. With its quick structure, it gives you enough time to explore the beauty of nature.

The tent is constructed with High-quality Modcan material that helps keep you dry during the rainy season and saves you from harsh sunlight.

Also, you can enjoy sunbathing with the help of an RX4 tent; it features a sky mesh window that allows you to see stars without any interference from insects. 

The beauty of the tent is the Zip on the entry floor that encloses the entry of the tent to save the floor from water or other elements ultimately. Also, the complete panel system has your full front awning.

Also, the sky mesh comes with inner zips that provide easy access to the opening and closing of the window. The ventilation part is also taken care of by the sky mesh.

The manufacturer now added fly with the tent that reduces condensation during the winter season and keeps you cooler in warmer months. 


  • Tent Size: 240cm (W) X 240 cm (D) X 190 cm (H) 
  • Folding Size: 207 cm (L) X 30 cm (W) X 26 cm (H) 
  • Awning + Tent Size: 240 cm (W) X 440 cm (D) X 230 cm (H) 
  • Weight : 28 kg 


  • 4 to 8 people can easily and comfortably sleep in RX4. 
  • The material used to make this tent is certified fire rating. 
  • It is a waterproof tent. 
  • It allows you to have insect-free gazing at night. 


  • The entry floor zip is not durable. 

RX 5 


RX5 is a two-room tent that allows large families to have a great camping experience. It offers excellent additional space for a superior camping experience. With its modular and folding frame, you have the benefit of folding a tent in 30 seconds.

The 30 seconds concept allows you to set up and pack the tent within 30 seconds; such a short time will enable you not to waste time installing the tent and enjoy the campsite.

The Modcan material is used to design RX 5 tents, and the construction ensures the tent saves you from heat, water and makes it a strong tent.

In addition, the material helps you to keep yourself dry during rain and keeps you cooler in warmer months.

The main feature of RX5 is its zip in the entry floor, and it encloses the entry floor with a complete panel system that gives you a private and weatherproof sleeping area.

The entire panel system closes your awning and gives you a completely waterproof room.

Another unique feature is its roof is built with sky mesh with inner zips for more convenience. The skirmish also gives you proper ventilation. 


  • Tent Size: 260cm (W) X 260 cm (D) X 190 cm (H) 
  • Folding Size: 209 cm (L) X 37 cm (W) X 29 cm (H) 
  • Awning + Tent Size: 460 cm (W) X 260 cm (D) X 230 cm (H) 
  • Weight : 25 kg 


  • Up to 10 people can sleep in a tent. 
  • It is an ideal tent for large families. 
  • It allows indoor sunbathing. 
  • You can choose between a single-room tent or a two-room tent due to the presence of an awning. 


  • It is an expensive tent. 

Malamoo Teepee 

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There are two models of Malamoo Teepee, and they are the following: 

Malamoo Teepee 6 


The Malamoo Teepee tent comes in a unique design and a fabulous spacious interior that makes it an excellent tent for a large family. It is made up of waterproof and UPF50 certified material that ensures protection from various elements.

It is well equipped with a large door and window that provides plenty of ventilation. The tent also features a central pole that supports the tent to allow a maximum breeze inside it. 

This is a lightweight and compact tent that you can easily pack and store. It is specially designed to give you enough living space and storage capacity. You can quickly go camping with up to 6 people now by carrying a single Malamoo Teepee 6. 


  • Tent Size: 350 cm (W) X 350 cm (D) X 210 cm (H) 
  • Folding Size: 70 cm (L) X 22 cm (W) X 22 cm (H) 
  • Weight : 6.75 kg 


  • It is a suitable tent for up to 6 people. 
  • It gives enough living and storage space. 
  • The tent comes with the benefit of maximum ventilation. 
  • The waterproof and heat-resistant material makes it more convenient to use in all weather conditions. 


  • It is not as durable as other series of Oztent. 

Malamoo Teepee 9


The Malamoo Teepee 9 is constructed with a unique and spacious design, and it allows two families to be accommodated in one tent. With unique construction, waterproof and UPF certified material protects the tent from different elements.

It is well constructed with a large door and a window that offers a good amount of ventilation. It comes with a triangular pole system that gives maximum and durable support to the tent.

The tent is easy to store, as it is lightweight and compact. Due to its small pack, you can easily fit it in a car. 


  • Tent Size: 440 cm (W) X 440 cm (D) X 280 cm (H) 
  • Folding Size: 75 cm (L) X 25 cm (W) X 25 cm (H) 
  • Weight : 7.5 kg 


  • Up to 9 people can easily stay in a tent. 
  • The water-resistant and sun rays resistant features make it suitable for all weather conditions. 
  • It comes with huge floor space. 
  • It is an affordable tent for your next camping trip. 


  • It takes up enough floor space. 

Oztent Accessories 

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Here are some tent accessories that Oztent offers to help you in enjoying your luxurious camping trip. 

Foxwing Tagalong Tent 


If you are looking for extra space in your tent, then Foxwing Tagalong Tent is the best accessory for your camping necessities.

The significant part about this Tagalong Tent is that it quickly gets connected with any awning with Velcro, Sail Track, or a Compatible Zip.

It also comes with a rear window for ventilation, zippered power inlet, LED mounting points. It also features PVC material flooring, which is made of fire-resistant material.

The best part is that you can stand the Foxwing Tagalong tent with the two guy ropes separately. 


  • It comes with a patent-pending multi-connect system that connects with most awnings. 
  • It has the feature of stand-alone capability. 
  • It comes with an internal LED mounting. 
  • The windows of the tagalong tent can be operated inside the awning. 

Tagalong Tent Fly 


If you want to protect your tent from bird droppings and tree sap, then a tagalong tent fly is the best accessory to have in your kit. The tent fly also helps you to keep the tent cooler and removes the humidity.

This tent fly is designed in such a way that it reduces condensation in cold weather. The USP of this tent fly is that in wet or rainy weather, it helps to keep the tent dry. 


  •  The tent fly has the auto-lock zippers
  • It has heavy-duty steel pegs. 
  • The tent fly keeps the tent dry in the rainy season. 
  • This accessory protects your tent from bird droppings as well. 


  • The addition is not necessary for waterproofing the tent. 

Oztent Awning Connector 

Oztent Awning Connector


The awning connector is an innovative accessory from Oztent. The best part about this connector is that you can connect two awnings with zips.

This awning connector is suitable for those if you are camping or travelling with the family to have two separate rooms.

It comes with the feature of the gutter system to collect all the water and protects your tent from getting wet in rainy weather. 


  • The awning connector allows you to connect two tents. 
  • It provides you with extra space. 
  • It comes with a gutter system to funnel all the water out from the tent. 
  • Easy to install with zips. 


  • It works well with the deluxe peaked side panels.

Oztent Buying Guide 

Before you buy any models of Oztent, it is important to know a few points stated below. 

Why is Oztent so popular overall? 

Oztent is one of the strongest and reliable tents in Australia. It has become popular due to its sturdiness and features the manufacturer offers in every model of Oztent.

Every product of Oztent is designed to give you the benefit of having a luxurious camping experience with your loved ones. Oztent models are made up of durable and long-lasting materials.

All the above-stated models are popular because they are easy to set up within 30 seconds, constructed with waterproof and heat resistant material that protects the tent from different elements. 

Oztent VS Coleman Tents 

When we talk about the difference between Oztent and Coleman tents, the main difference is Coleman tents are stylish, whereas Oztents have basic looks.

In addition, Oztents are long-lasting as they are specially designed, keeping in mind different elements.

Another difference is Oztents hardly take 30 seconds to set up; on the other hand, Coleman tents take more minutes to set up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Oztent tagalong tents?

The Oztent tagalong tents help in attaching the awning of one tent to another tent. 

Are Oztents made in Australia?

Yes, all Oztent tents and accessories are made in Australia. 

Are Oztents waterproof?

The manufacturer ensures that every tent they design is made up of water-resistant material. 

How do you fold up an Oztent?

Most of the Oztent tents are modular, which are easy to fold within 30 seconds. 

How long does it take to set up an Oztent?

The installation of the Oztent series is easy and quick, and it takes less than 30 seconds. 

Are Oztents durable?

Oztent series are well made up of high-quality material for extra durability and sturdiness.