Do Sleeping Bags Come With Pillows

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Do Sleeping Bags Come With Pillows

Do sleeping bags come with pillows

It is essential to have a good night’s sleep while camping to make the most out of your time outdoors. A quality sleeping bag is probably one of a camper’s best investments. To level this up, you can add pillows to your sleeping bag to make it more comfortable.  Some sleeping bags come with built-in pillows, but this is not yet universally adopted, so you might need to bring your own.

Why do you need a pillow when camping?

There are many reasons why bringing pillows during your camping trip is a great idea. The most important concern while packing for a camping trip should be your comfort. After all, you’ll need a good night’s sleep to enjoy your trip.

Suppose you’ve ever suffered from neck pain while sleeping, or you want to avoid it before it happens. In that case, you should understand how important it is to bring a pillow, regardless of where you sleep. Although some may argue otherwise, the “good pillow equals good sleep” concept also applies to camping. 

It allows you to sleep comfortably

Sleeping with a pillow undoubtedly improves your comfort while avoiding neck pain. After a full day of exploring the outdoors and participating in camping activities, you would want to be able to sleep snuggly in your warm sleeping bag. The better way to do this is to add pillows to your sleeping system. 

It improves body alignment and prevents pain

Aside from the fact that they make sleeping more comfortable, pillows are beneficial in supporting the complex structures of the head, neck, and spine.

They can help alleviate or avoid many common types of back and neck discomfort, as well as other types of joint pain, keeping your upper body aligned while sleeping. Neck and back pain are the last things you would worry about when you sleep with a pillow.

What kind of pillow do I need for camping?

You can choose whatever type of pillow you wish to carry on your camping journey, just like you can choose whether or not to bring pillows with you.  There are two main options to choose from, and they serve the same purposes. 

Camping pillow

The size between at-home and camping pillows is its most significant difference. Camping pillows are generally always much smaller than regular pillows and tend to be much lighter and more portable.

There are 3 types of camping pillows:

  1. Air Pillows

These are tiny pillows having a baffled air chamber in the center. They may be inflated to the chosen firmness level and deflate to the size of a deck of cards. Its packed size is so compact, and you wouldn’t notice an increase in load if you carry these types of pillows.

They are extremely lightweight and ideal for campers who view size and weight as a concern. The only downside of inflatable pillows is that they can be punctured by sharp objects, causing them to deflate. However, high-quality fabrics are not easy to puncture, so make sure to invest in a good one.

  1. Foam/Filled Pillows

These are small pillows with foam or down filling. Suitable for car camping, but depending on the nature of the trip, it can be hefty for hiking. Most people prefer the more classic-filled camping pillows, and it’s easy to see why.

These pillows are similar to the pillows you’d find on your bed at home. However, they’re a little smaller and easier to compress into a packable size. They’re also the bulkiest and heaviest of the three options.

  1. Stuff Sack Pillows

These are specially constructed stuff sacks that can be used as pillows. For added comfort, most versions have a soft outer layer. They’re small, light, and may be used in a variety of ways.

Home pillow

If your sleeping bags don’t come with their own pillows, you can bring your own. You don’t need a lightweight and compact camping pillow if you’re only going car camping because you won’t be carrying it on your back.

You might bring a pillow from your own bed or a little pillow from your couch. The only disadvantage is that while camping, these pillows can become damp, dirty, or malodorous. You can, of course, wash it if necessary.