Best Way To Store A Sleeping Bag

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Best Way To Store A Sleeping Bag

Best Way To Store A Sleeping Bag

In this article, we will discuss the different ways to store your sleeping bag and some of the ways on how to take care of it.

Hang It

If you have no place to store your sleeping bag then hanging it is one of the best ways. You can use a hanger to hang it properly. Some of the sleeping bags have a built-in hanger and you can use it.

Large Sack

A sack will also work to store your sleeping bag but you need to make that your sleeping is really dry and well cleaned and your sack is breathable. If you store your sleeping bag with some moisture it can create mold or may develop a bad smell.


Put it on your shelves but just like storing it on a large sack, ensure that it is dry and clean. 

Containers Or Boxes

Using containers or boxes to store your sleeping bag is okay as long as you do not put it in direct sunlight.

Why Do You Need To Store Your Sleeping Bags Properly?

Storing it in a cool and dry place prolongs the life of your sleeping bag and maintains its quality and the loft. Make sure to store in or put it in a bag that is breathable, not plastic garbage bags.

How To Take Care Of Your Sleeping Bags?

Take Care Of The Zippers

Be careful when you use your zippers. Make sure you always use a gentle steady motion and avoid getting the bag fabric tied up in the zipper if possible.

Wash It

To keep your sleeping bags clean, ensure to clean them when needed. Clean it when you think it has a stinky smell and has a lot of stains.

Stay Away From Wet Ground

You don’t want to use a wet sleeping bag or wake up wet. To prevent this from happening use the groundsheet under the tent floor, this prevents the moisture or the condensation and the rain from coming inside the tent.

Use A Sleeping Bag Liner

Sleep liner does not only give you additional warmth but also makes your sleeping bag easier to clean.

Dry Under The Sun After Using

Be mindful of the moisture your body produces when sleeping so try to dry it during your lunchtime or when you are not using it under the sun to remove the moisture and make your sleeping better and warmer.

Can I Store My Sleeping Bag Right Away After Using It?

After using it for a long week of camping, it is advisable to wash it before storing it to remove the dirt from the camping.