How To Store Camping Chairs – 5 Storage Ideas For Camping Chairs

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How To Store Camping Chairs - 5 Storage Ideas For Camping Chairs

Five storage ideas for camping chairs

Camping chairs are an essential component of having a good time when camping. They allow you to relax in the shade with a book, or sit comfortably around the campfire.

Camping may be a cost-effective vacation option, but you certainly have to protect your gear. With proper storage, your camping chairs will help you obtain many seasons of reliable usage.

Before you pack your camping chairs away, think of a suitable place to store them – somewhere that they can be kept dry and cool to avoid moulds.

Here are some ideas on where to store your camping chairs: 


The majority of camping chairs are collapsible, making them convenient to transport and store. You can keep your camping chairs in a drum. Cut the top of the drum to make it wider so that your camping chairs may easily fit through it. Then you can organize your chairs inside the drum in any way you want. 


Hanging your camping chairs on the wall is another option for storing them. Put the camping chairs in their designated bag storage and use a hook to hang them on the wall.

Make sure the material you’re using to hang your chairs is strong enough to sustain their weight and that the hook is properly embedded in the wall. You can use a special adhesive or a screw to hold it in place.


If you have many camping chairs, you can opt to store them by using a rack. This saves more space and allows you to store as many camping chairs as possible.

The design of camping racks is made in a way that allows easy access to your chairs anytime you need them. Depending on your preference, you can buy or make a wall rack for your camping chairs.


If you have a garage or a shed, you can store your camping chairs here. Garages are multi-purpose, which means that they are not only for your vehicle. There are a lot of things you can store in your garage if you maximize its space.

Your camping chairs can be stored in containers, wall racks, shelves, or cabinets and kept in your garage. Storage bins will not only ensure that your camping chairs are properly stored, but they will also make packing for your next vacation much easier.


One of the benefits of keeping your camping chairs in your car is that they are easily accessible when you need them. You might forget to add your chairs to your camping checklist, but if they’re stored in the car in the first place, you won’t have to worry about it. Of course, you don’t just store them in your vehicle as it is. You’ll also have them handy for other non camping purposes, if you end up at a weekend picnic etc and need something to sit on.

How to keep your camping chairs clean?

Your camping chairs hget exposed to all sorts of environments when camping. So, naturally, they will get dusty and dirty over time. Maintenance care is very important because this will prevent your camping chairs from degrading.

You don’t necessarily have to deep clean your camping chairs if it is not needed. You can use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt, crumbs, and dust.

You could also use a vacuum cleaner to make the process easier.

If grime is still not removed by the brushing method, you can use warm water with dishwashing soap. Scrub the material with a sponge and rinse well. Allow it to dry to avoid molds, mildew, and malodours completely. 

To prevent your camping chairs from getting dirty:

  1. Avoid placing them in an area where they might get wet.
  2. Place them high enough in your storage place to ensure that they stay dry.
  3. Avoid using your chairs in the mud as this will require more thorough cleaning. 

How do you clean your mouldy camping chairs?

If your camping chairs get mouldy, this may require deep cleaning. One of the essential things to remember is that molds thrive in areas with moisture.

Hence, if you clean or wash your camping chairs, make sure that they are left to completely dry before storing them away. Also, ensure that your storage space is well-ventilated. 

To clean mouldy camping chairs, follow these instructions:

  • Brush away dirt and dust using a soft bristle brush while the chairs are still dry. 
  • Method 1: Steam clean the entire chair without removing the fabrics. This is difficult to do but is one of the most effective methodS. Another thing to remember when cleaning moulds is that they can be killed through direct sunlight. You may expose your camping chairs to direct sunlight for 10 minutes to prevent moulds from spreading further into the fabric.
  • Method 2: Use soap and warm water to scrub the moldy part. If this works, allow your chair to dry under the sun.
  • Method 3: If the above methods don’t seem to work, try mixing ⅓ water with ⅔ white vinegar into a spray bottle. Work on the areas that are covered with moulds by using a sponge or a brush. Another option is to use equal parts of water and alcohol. Use warm water to rinse the solution off and dry the chairs completely under the sun.

How long can a camping chair last?

Camping chairs are a good investment, and they certainly make your trip more relaxing and enjoyable. Depending on how you maintain and clean your camping chairs regularly, they can last a long time. Make a point of purchasing high-quality camping chairs. Even though they may be more expensive, they are far more durable and comfortable and you get better value for money in the long run.

The key to long-lasting camping chairs not only lies in the materials used but also in how you take care of them. If you leave your camping chairs to mold in your storage area, this will deteriorate the fabric to the point that they can no longer be used anymore. Proper storage and maintenance go a long way toward ensuring that your camping chairs will last for years to come.