Thetford Toilet Chemicals

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Thetford Toilet Chemicals

Thetford produces a range of chemicals products to assist with every aspect of your camp toilet operation and maintenance.

In this article, I will explore the different Thetford toilet chemicals available, the purpose they serve, and indicative pricing.

Flushwater Tank Products (Top Tank)

Aqua Rinse Plus

Though you don’t HAVE to use a chemical in your flush (top) tank, there are benefits of using Thetford Aqua Rinse Plus.

Aqua Rinse Plus is a pink colored chemical that keeps the flush water clean, scented and makes the portable toilet easier to flush.

It aids the flushing process by leaving a thin protective layer on your toilet bowl, so less water is required to flush your waste into the storage tank. Even if you use camp toilet liners, we still advocate for an additive in your top tank for ease of flushing and bowl lubrication.

It is specifically designed to be safe for use on plastic and rubber products, so it will not damage your unit.

It is also biodegradable, so it can be deposited into septic tanks without worry. 

Aqua Rinse Plus comes in 1 liter or 2-liter bottles, and you can also buy a 750ml concentrated version.

For those in caravans who work with a central water tank, Thetford also offers Aqua Rinse Spray, which can spray directly into the toilet bowl, when it is not suitable to add the chemical directly to the storage tank. 

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Waste Storage Tank Products (Bottom Tank)

Aqua Kem

Though chemicals are optional in your flush tank, they are a must in your waste storage tank.

These chemicals have the important job of breaking down your waste so it can be emptied, as well as controlling odors and smells. Thetford’s two Aqua Kem offerings assist with this job.

Aqua Kem Blue

Aqua Kem Blue is Thetfords standard storage tank chemical and is popular worldwide. It liquefies waste, eliminates odors, and reduces gas build-up.

One dose lasts for five days in your storage tank. Aqua Kem Blue has a pine scent, but if you would prefer a lavender smell, that also produces Aqua Kem Blue Lavender. 

You can buy Aqua Kem Blue in 1 liter or 2-liter bottles. You can also buy a 750ml bottle of concentrate liquid. However, if you do not like to measure and pour chemicals,

Thetford has also manufactured a tablet version of Aqua-Chem Blue, meaning you can just place a single tablet into the tank each time, and be assured of the correct quantity. 

A 1-liter bottle of Aqua Kem Blue should give you six doses for your storage tank.

Aqua Kem Blue is not biodegradable and less environmentally friendly than Aqua Kem Green.  

Aqua Kem Green

Aqua Kem Green performs the same function as Aqua Kem Blue but is designed to be more environmentally friendly. 

It still liquefies the waste, and decreases odor and gas build-up but has been certified as ‘septic tank safe’.

This means you have other disposal options available to you, compared to the Blue version. 

These environmental benefits do have an impact on how long the chemical lasts in your tank, though. Though Aqua Kem Blue can last five days in your storage tank, Aqua Kem Green has a shorter tank life, and only lasts up to four days. 

Like the blue, it is available in 1 liter, 2 liters, concentrate, and tablet versions. 

Toilet Bowl Products

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Thetford Toilet Cleaner is similar in nature to most other toilet cleaners but is designed to be safe and effective for portable and cassette toilets.

The danger of using off the shelf toilet cleaners is that they may contain some petroleum-based cleaning agents that could damage the plastic and seals of your portable toilet.

The Thetford product is designed specifically to be safe for the plastic and seals, while still removing limescale build-up and leaving your toilet with a fresh smell. 

Thetford Toilet Cleaner comes in a 750ml bottle of thick concentrate liquid. 

Plastic Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner

Thetford Bathroom Cleaner is a safe cleaning product for all surfaces of your portable toilet. It has a powerful active foam that loosens dirt and waste deposits and leaves your toilet hygienic and shiny once used.

The product is safe for use on plastic surfaces and will not have a negative impact on your toilet or its seals. It can be used daily without worry. 

Thetford Bathroom Cleaner comes in a 500ml spray bottle. 

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