Thumper Redback Extreme Batteries

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Thumper Redback Extreme Batteries

Thumper Redback Extreme Heavy Duty Batteries are built by Blue Apple, an Australian company based in Mount Barker, South Australia.

Blue Apple makes a range of 12v equipment that they sell directly, as well as through a range of suppliers.  The Thumper Redback Extreme Batteries are perfect for caravans, dual battery systems, camper trailers, and motor homes.

They are not designed to be used as a cranking battery. They are designed to be used for steady, and deep discharge on a regular basis and will recharge rapidly afterward. 

If you are looking for a battery that can be used to start a combustion engine, then the Thumper Redback Hybrid battery is a better choice for you.

The ultimate dual battery setup would be having a Thumper Redback Hybrid as your main starter battery, with a Thumper Redback Extreme Heavy Duty battery as your auxiliary battery. 

What is the difference between Thumper Redback Hybrid and Thumper Redback Extreme?

The difference between the Thumper Redback Hybrid and Thumper Redback Extreme is in the way the battery components are designed.

To start an engine, you need the capacity for a quick and strong discharge of energy, and the battery needs to be manufactured for this purpose.

Whereas for a standard heavy-duty battery, you prefer a longer, slower discharge that maintains over time.

The hybrid is manufactured to try and cover both purposes but needs to make some compromises on how responsive it can be to regular deep discharge, whereas the Thumper Redback Extreme is designed solely for that purpose. 

Everything about the Thumper Redback Extreme is set up and placed to maximize its ability to regularly discharge to a low level, and then recharge quickly, and do the whole cycle over and over again. 

Thumper Redback Batteries use AGM (absorbent glass matting) technology to power the batteries.

AGM batteries are a significant improvement from traditional wet cell lead-acid batteries.

The chemicals are stored within glass matting, as opposed to the liquid, meaning they are much safer, low maintenance, more robust, and much more versatile.

The AGM technology is also more efficient in providing a constant level of power, over a longer period of time.

Whereas lead-acid batteries tend to give you a lot of power at the start, but then struggle to maintain the same voltage discharge over a longer period of time. 

The Thumper Redback’s superior design and heavy-duty construction make then very quick to charge (almost 5x quicker than a wet cell battery), and will allow for a longer life than a standard AGM battery.

Thumper Redback Extremes come in 100Ah or 120Ah models.

They are covered by a two-year warranty, so if you experience any technical difficulties within the first 24 months, just take it back to the store for follow-up. 

If you are looking for a new battery for your caravan or motorhome or setting up a dual battery system, then the Thumper Redback is definitely a battery you should put on your shortlist.