Using Baking Paper In A Camp Oven – Five Reasons You Should Try This

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Jay Elliott

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Using Baking Paper In A Camp Oven - Five Reasons You Should Try This

Baking paper is the ultimate camp oven cooking hack. If you haven’t tried it before, here are five reasons you should try it out on your next cook-up.

Benefits of Using Baking Paper In A Camp Oven

Reduce Camp Oven Cleaning

If you have a very saucy dish with marinate or other liquid, there is always a risk of burning some of that to the surface of the camp oven if your heat gets a bit out of control (very easy to do…).

So using the baking paper as a protective layer between your food and your camp oven surface means you are using your camp oven for its heat transfer properties only.

You are not relying on it as your food ‘container’, meaning one less thing you will need to clean at the end.

Getting Food In And Out Of Your Camp Oven

There are some types of food that can be difficult to lower into, and lift out of your camp oven, given the high sides they have (pizzas, etc).

However, if you place the pizza (or other food) onto a piece of baking paper, you can use the edges of the baking paper as handles to get the food in and out of your camp oven easily and without ruining your food.  

Less Burning

Even though the paper is very thin, the thin layer of air that is trapped between the paper and the camp can be sufficient to reduce some of the burnings that can occur if bottom oven temperatures are too hot.

Camp Oven Heat Transfer

Depending on the type of heat source you are using, and where your heat is placed, your camp oven can develop hot spots.

If you utilize baking paper, then these hotspots are smoothed out to create a more even heat distribution.

Can Eat Off It After – Saves Dishes!

If you are really lazy (or efficient), you could even use baking paper as your serving tool, as long as you have a flat surface to place it on. Then you just dispose of your baking paper and there are no dishes to do. 


Can you use baking paper in a camp oven?

Yes, baking paper can safely be used in a camp oven. It can help cook a broader style of food and also help lift things in and out of the oven.

Is it dangerous to use baking paper in a camp oven?

No, it is no more dangerous using baking paper in a camp oven than it is to use it in a house oven or other oven use case.

The main concern people usually have is that the paper could burn and potentially ignite, but this is extremely difficult to achieve.

If you have baking paper exposed outside of the oven with the lid on, then that could burn (especially if you are exposing your oven to direct heat and or flame.

But even if it does catch on fire, the fire will extinguish once it has burnt the externally exposed paper, and the fire will not spread under your camp oven lid into the inside of the camp oven.