Best Shower Awning (Review & Buyers Guide)

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A good shower tent awning lets you easily take a shower or change your clothes outdoors with all the privacy you would expect in your own bathroom.

There can be so many different shower awning tents to choose from, however, it can be difficult to make the right choice. 

I looked at 15 of the most popular shower awnings in Australia and narrowed down the list to my top five. In this article, I explore each of these options in detail.

best Value
Kings Instant Ensuite
Lightweight & Portable
Large Access Door
Most rugged
Tuff Terrain
Shower Awning
Great Ventilation
Shoe Bag
Best design
Nomad Shower Tent Awning
Attachable Roof
Rapid Set Up

The following shower awnings have been reviewed in detail throughout this article, followed by a Buyers Guide about what to keep in mind when trying to find the best shower tent awning for you.

  1. Kings Instant Ensuite (Best Value Shower Awning)
  2. KickAss Shower Awning (Quick Set Up)
  3. Tuff Terrain Shower Awning (Strongest Shower Awning)
  4. Ironman Shower Tent Ensuite (Aluminium Frame Shower Awning)
  5. Nomad Shower Tent Awning (Shower Awning With Roof)

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Best Shower Awning Tent – In Depth Reviews

Kings Instant Ensuite (Best Value Shower Awning)

If you are thinking of buying something just right for your tight budget, then the Kings Instant Ensuite is perfect for you. If you have trouble changing clothes or showering during your outing, this shower awning can be a game-changer. 

Highly Rated
Kings Instant Ensuite Shower Awning
  • Two mesh pockets for keeping personal products
  • Extra-large zipper door for easy access
  • Storage bag for holding the toiletries
  • Light in weight for easy portability
  • N/A

It features an open dimension of 1000 L x 1000 W x 1800 H (dimensions in mm), and its closed dimension is 1110 L x 130 W x 130 H mm.

The outer material includes 210D Ripstop Oxford on the outside and 145 gsm PU2000 silver on the inside, creating a waterproof coating.

There is no need to carry extra elements for setting up your shower awning, as an integrated frame of 6063-grade aluminum, which includes retaining arms, is present inside the package itself.

It also features ratchet straps that make it easy to adjust for different vehicle lengths. The mounting kit consists of a twin L bracket and sandwich plate style, including bolts.

Why is it better than the others?

Kings Instant Ensuite Shower Tent offers features that very few products can offer while also being reasonably priced.

Multiple pouches for keeping your accessories with clever pivoting of the frame make the design a top-notch quality product and minimise size when packed away.

This shower awning is made with a vision to satisfy consumers by providing a rain cover with an insect-resistant net.

KickAss Shower Awning (Quick Set Up)

If you want a better quality product and are willing to spend extra money, this product is perfect. Just set up your private spot within seven seconds! All you need to do is fold out the all-in-one camp ensuite tent and mount it to the vehicle.

Highly Rated
KickAss Shower Tent Awning
  • Easy to set up and can be folded quickly.
  • Adjustable bottom straps.
  • Shower hanger with multiple accessories pockets. 
  • Weak Tent Pegs

It features an open dimension of 105 x 105 x 160 – 210 cm and closed size of 112 x 16.5 x 12 cm. The fabric is made of 300D Ripstop polyester with no silhouettes, and this means your privacy is its priority along with UV protection.

The product contains a water column of 1500-2000 mm, so no need to worry about the awning withstanding your showers while camping.

KICKASS Shower Tent includes 2 L brackets, four nuts, and bolts, with 4 tent pegs and a shower awning bag.

With a heavy-duty YKK10 zipper, you can set the product in the dustiest and sandiest places, as KICKASS guarantees the zipper is rust-resistant. Overall, this tent has a great structure and the materials are used efficiently.

Tuff Terrain Shower Awning (Strongest Shower Awning)

If you’re thinking about camping in the forest, this awning has your back. Just set up the tent next to a tree with a shower or flashlight, and you’re set!

The design of the frame is such that it allows the tent to be open and closed within seconds without hassle, and the thick pegs provide excellent grip. It is made with high-quality 300D ripstop nylon, which makes the product a water-resistant tent. It blocks 98% of UV rays, minimizing the possibility of sunburn. 

Highly Rated
Tuff Terrain Shower Tent
  • Velcro straps to secure shower head
  • Better drainage and ventilation outlet
  • Shoe storage bags
  • Fragile Wire Frame

One of my favorite and standard-quality shower awnings is the Tuff Terrain Shower Tent.

The basic dimensions of this product are 105 x 105 x 160 – 210 cm (expanded size) and 112 x 16.5 x 12 cm (folded size). The shower tent carries a weight of 7.20 kg, which is quite light, so you can take it whenever or wherever you want.

The product contains a water column of 1500-2000 mm and alloy framing, which has a high degree of resistance to corrosion. It contains structural poles to help the tent keep it steady- 1000 mm (L) x 1000 mm (W) with adjustable straps.

Ironman Shower Tent Ensuite (Aluminium Frame Shower Awning)

Suppose you are searching for a shower awning where you can find both privacy and durability. Then you have come to the right place! Ironman Shower Tent Ensuite fills this exact need.

Aluminium Frame
Ironman Shower Tent Ensuite
  • Rust-free Aluminium Frame
  • Double-layer mesh window at the top
  • Ideal for any season.
  • Curtain hem weights with poles.

The item’s weight is 7.20 kg, and the pole’s material is thick and measures 1000 mm (L) x 1000 mm (W) for a sturdy design with straps to adjust according to your vehicle’s height. 

The dimension is 105 x 105 x 160-210 cm when opened and 112 x 16.5 x 12 cm when closed, which means maximum space for the user. The frame is grade-6063 aluminum alloy, and is corrosion-resistant, and includes a water column that is 1500-2000 mm. 

The fabric used to make the tent is 100% polyester, with a waterproof coating that offers outstanding water resistance and is durable. So, don’t let it stop you from letting your kids play outdoors.

Nomad Shower Tent Awning (Shower Awning With Roof)

This NOMAD Shower Tent is one of the latest fold-out tents you can purchase and can change the way you experience camping with your loved ones. Its dimensions are 105 x 107 cm, and the curtain is 1670 cm high.

Rapid Set Up
Nomad Shower Tent Awning
  • Unique waterproof upper cover.
  • Shower opening to hang the shower when needed.
  • You can set it up in seconds without any trouble.
  • Folding the awning can be challenging.

It comes with height-adjustable straps to go from 1800 mm to 2400 mm high, which is amazing!

If you are worried that it will be a tight fit for your caravan or your truck, then be at ease because it can adjust while folded as well.

This shower awning has a bonus feature: a roll-top roof with a 50 mm overhand. A tough 1000D UV-resistant cover with a large tooth zip and two zippers for better dual entrance.

The package contains L brackets, a mounting kit, and 4 x 7 mm pegs, so your tent gets the best grip without hassle. It comes in a compact 100D transit bag, which you can keep at the side of your vehicle.

All you need to do is unzip the product, adjust the height and peg it down to the ground; that’s it!

Shower Awning Buyers Guide

Quality of the awning material

There are various factors to consider before buying your perfect shower awning, and one of them is the quality of the material.

Ensure that it is waterproof and breathable so that it does not cause any problems for people with space issues. You also want to make sure it is UV-resistant. 

Getting the right size with good quality is essential because if a shower awning is not made of the proper material, it can negatively impact a beautiful outing with your loved ones. 

Durability is another point to keep in mind when choosing a shower awning; it needs to be fade-resistant, easy to clean and it needs to offer protection from extreme temperatures. It is vital to make every penny count! 

setup process

This is another crucial thing to consider before you decide to buy a shower awning. Different shower awnings come with different setups.

Some can be small, some can be big, and you need to check the material of the frames. Depending on your need and ability, you need to consider the products’ setup times. 

For example, if you’re thinking of going for a trip to the desert, you need to buy a shower awning that has extreme temperature resistance with better studs to grip the soil.

On the other hand, if you are on a trip to a mountain, the requirements of the shower awning will be different. Users need to review the contents of the package before settling on a purchase!

Shower Awning – Frequently Asked Questions

Can a shower awning be attached to my car?

Yes, you can attach it to your car with the help of the bolts and L brackets included in the transit bag. Follow the instructions in the manual, and you can set it up easily.

Can a shower awning be attached to my caravan?

Yes, you can attach the shower awning to your caravan very easily with the help of the instructions provided in the manual, or you can visit Youtube if you need a demonstration.

How do they attach a shower awning to your vehicle?

This is not rocket science! It’s pretty easy and accessible. The studs, nails, and screws help to keep the awning attached to the vehicle. All you need to do is take out the fitting kit from the package and carry it with you during the trip.
While setting it up, the fitting kit is attached to the vehicle’s frame, and then you are good to go to proceed with the rest of the installation.

How to set up a shower awning?

The steps are simple:

1. Take out the transit bag from the shower awning package. (It includes the nuts and bolts, L brackets, and a spanner )
2. Take the shower awning and determine where you want to install it.
3. Then place the L brackets and put them in the post with the help of a spanner.
4. Place the bolds in the shower awning and attach them with the L brackets.
5. Then unzip the shower awning and pull the setup.
6. After that, with the help of the studs and the pegs, connect it to the ground.
7. Adjust the straps to your need to avoid the fabric wall becoming saggy.
8. And you’re done! You’re ready to use it whenever and wherever you want.