4WD Awnings

If you regularly get off-grid, then an awning for your vehicle is a must-have accessory. Awnings provide you with the ability to get shade and shelter, directly from your vehicle, anytime, anywhere.

Awnings typically consist of a canvas material that is supported by an aluminium frame, that you can fold up into a very small zip-up bag affixed to the side of your vehicle. There are multiple different awnings designs that provide different types of shelter, depending on what is best for you. The main types of awnings currently available side awnings, 270 awnings, and rear awnings.

  • A side awning is typically a simple rectangular shape, around two meters long, that extends directly out the side of your vehicle.
  • The 270 awning covers the side of the car, as well as the rear of the car. When it unfolds, there is a section that unfolds, to the area, creating a wrap-around 270-degree shape around the vehicle.
  • The rear awning is a simple square or rectangular shape that extends directly from the back of the car, providing shelter to the boot/rear of the vehicle.

4WD awnings are made with lightweight materials so they do not add too much extra weight to the vehicle. As a result, awnings are not designed to protect you from significant weather. They are ideal for protection from sun and light rain, but if there is significant wind then it is not recommended to set up your awning.

Awnings can be used as is, but you can also buy many accessories for awnings. The most common awning accessories are walls you can attach to create further shelter from the wind or sun. You can also get tents designed to be fitted underneath awnings to awning frames.

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