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A caravan cover is perfect for preventing damage to your caravan as well as keeping it free of dirt, tree sap, and rain. Good caravan covers even offer UV protection. There are so many caravan covers on the market that it can be hard to choose the best one.

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In my search for a good caravan cover, I looked at 18 different covers. I’ve narrowed down my research to the best 6 and detailed their features, pros, and cons in this article.

I’ve also included a buyer’s guide that will inform you about some things you should consider when buying a caravan cover before you make your final choice.

Best Caravan Cover – In-Depth Reviews


If you are looking for a high-quality caravan cover and money is not a concern, then the ADCO caravan cover is the best choice. This cover gives a tight fit to your caravan.

These high-quality caravan covers protect the caravan from any damage, mold, tree sap, or UV wear. It is a unique design that fits perfectly on your caravan. These covers can be used in any climate and withstand rain, snow, and hot and humid weather.

ADCO CRVCAC Caravan Cover
  • 100% Polypropylene
  • Mould and Mildew Resistant
  • Zipped Panel Access
  • Expensive

You can even keep your caravan covered for an extended period with the ADCO CRVCAC cover.

This caravan cover by ADCO consists of DuPont Tyvek fabric, which is highly durable and long-lasting. It is known to provide ultimate protection from any harsh weather conditions.

The material is waterproof and can protect the caravan from excess moisture.

The surface of the caravan has four-layer protection of 100% waterproof polypropylene that has a lining on its side panels.

It has an added cinching that keeps the caravan cover in place and prevents the corners from scratching, ripping, and tearing.

It comes with a three-year warranty, so you can get it replaced in case of any defect or issue. This caravan cover is an excellent cover for camper trailers, caravans, pop tops, and motorhomes.

It is one of the best caravan covers available in the market. The cover’s fabric is UV stabilized and breathable, and it blocks most of the sun’s UV rays, protecting the caravan. The panels of the covers have zippers, so it is easy to access your caravan or pop-top. 

It is perfect for 20 to 22 ft caravans or pop tops. It is a must-have caravan cover if you keep your caravan parked for extended periods of time. It has proper air ventilation around the caravan and is extremely easy to use.

It comes with adjustable straps and buckles that you can fit on your caravan or motorhome. This cover by ADCO is 2642 mm wide and 2363 mm high. So to know if this fits your caravan, you will have to measure the caravan.

Camec Caravan Cover

If you are looking for premium quality caravan covers at a reasonable price, you should purchase a Camec caravan cover. It protects your caravan or RV from harsh weather conditions.

The Camec caravan focuses on quality and protects your caravan from industrial pollutants, tree sap, bird dropping, acid rain, and dust. This caravan cover is lightweight and is easy to fit on your caravan.

Camec Caravan Cover
  • Breathable Vents
  • Side Zips
  • Double Stitched Side Corners
  • Mould and Mildew Resistant
  • N/A

These covers use two different fabrics that provide excellent protection to your RV. The top panel material is 300D waterproof, durable, and protects from 50+ UV rays of the sun.

It provides maximum protection. The lightweight side panels are breathable and water-resistant. It fits easily into any caravan or RV. It also has good air ventilation that helps evaporate any moisture and prevents mold or mildew from forming.

The corners of the caravan covered by Camec are all double-stitched. It comes with heavy-duty nylon straps and clips at the front and rear that fit perfectly on your caravan without any trouble.

It also has a reinforced tab with eyelets at the front and rear. This tab makes sure the caravan cover is fastened tightly and can withstand any weather condition. It provides a strong guard and secures your caravan from any damage from sharp objects.

This cover is perfect for 22 to 24-ft caravans. It comes with a three-year warranty, so in case of any issue, you can contact the manufacturer and get it replaced.

This caravan is 2.65 m wide and 2.40 m high. It has easy-to-access zippers on the sides so that you can enter the caravan even when it is covered.

To find out if it fits your caravan, you need to measure the total length of your caravan from its longest point. Make sure that you include the bumper and the wheel while considering the longest point of the caravan. You can adjust the sides to fit your caravan perfectly.

Outback Explorer Caravan Cover

The Outback Explorer caravan cover is the best caravan cover specially made for Australian weather. This caravan cover can withstand harsh weather conditions and is perfect for your caravan. The top part of the cover is made with four-layer synthetic material and is water-repellant.

It protects from UV rays and prevents mold and mildew from forming. It ensures your caravan is protected from all elements.

Outback Explorer Caravan Cover
  • Four Layer Top
  • Designed For Australian Conditions
  • Zip Side Access
  • Not As Long Lasting

The cover has Velcro straps and an anti-wind strap. It fits a caravan perfectly and holds tightly in windy weather as well. You can tighten the cover with Velcro straps for more protection.

It comes with a 2-year warranty. So in case of any issue with the product, you can get it replaced in the allotted time.

It has three zippers on the sides and two zippers on the front, making it easy to access the caravan quickly. The covers come with a storage bag to store the cover quickly when you are not using it.

The cover is 680 cm long, 230 cm wide, and 220 cm high. It comes with two 7.6 m pp ropes.

Explore Caravan Cover

This premium explore caravan cover comes with a 160 GSM triple roof layer of breathable, UV-coated, and water-resistant fabric. It has a single layer of polypropylene side panels that consist of non-woven, breathable, and waterproof material. It protects your caravan from rot and mildew.

It is made of high-quality, durable fabric and is reasonably priced. It comes in different sizes and is suitable for most caravans. This cover comes with a repair kit, so in case of any wear or tear, you can repair it quickly and with ease.

Explore Caravan Cover
  • Triple Layer Breathable Top
  • Protects From Mould and Mildew
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Water Can Seep In

These covers have a very stylish design that protects your investment and can withstand any Australian weather. The multiple zippers on the sides make it easy to access the caravan door.

The reinforced stitching and the elasticized corners make the cover durable and long-lasting. It protects the corners from any damage. This elasticized stitching on the corners makes it fit perfectly with your caravan.

It has high-quality underbelly straps that can fit the caravan. The front and rear tie-down adjustable straps help hold the caravan tightly in windy weather and prevent it from tearing.

It comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. So in case of any wear or tear, you can get it replaced.

This caravan cover comes with a carry bag with a drawstring closure to store the cover when not in use. This cover fits perfectly into a 22 to 24-ft caravan. It has an elasticized hem with reinforced seams.

VanGuard Caravan Cover

VanGuard is known for its excellent quality and has ISO quality assurance. The VanGuard caravan cover is affordable and protects the caravan from acid rain, tree sap, UV rays, and other elements.

The top layer of the caravan cover is waterproof and protects from any damage. The side panels are breathable and long-lasting. 

VanGuard Caravan Cover
  • Budget Friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • 3 Month Warranty

The cover by VanGuard is available in different sizes, so it fits perfectly with most caravans. One other great feature of this caravan cover is its elasticized hem covered around the cover. This hem helps protect the caravan and RV from sharp objects.

It fits perfectly in 20 to 22 ft caravans. Make sure to measure your caravan accurately from all sides before buying the caravan cover so that you buy the correct size.

The cover comes with a storage bag. You can store the cover safely when not in use. It comes with just a three-month warranty period, so in case of any issue, you can get it replaced in that time.


  • The top layer of the cover is waterproof and has a breathable side. This top layer protects the caravan from rain and harsh weather.
  • This cover perfectly fits any caravan that is 20 to 22ft.
  • VanGuard is known for its excellent quality covers and reasonable prices.


  • It comes with just a three-month warranty.

Caravan Cover Buyers Guide

The Right Size

Before looking for a caravan cover, you need to choose the right size for your caravan. It may be a daunting task for you to measure your caravan, but it is very simple.

Most caravan covers have a standard RV height and width. So you only need to measure the length of your caravan for the cover to fit perfectly.

To get the perfect measurements, you need to measure the caravan body parallel to the ground. Make sure to measure from the rear to the foremost point of the caravan.

Avoid measuring the A-frame or any toolboxes or rear bumps as the cover may tear and shorten durability.

Different types of caravan covers are useful for campers, pop-tops, and caravans, and each vehicle’s covers are in a different style.

Each caravan cover comes in a different length, from 8 ft to 20 ft. It is better to buy one size larger than you need instead of purchasing a size that doesn’t fit.


Getting the tight and perfect fit is essential to the effectiveness of the cover. A cover that fits loosely on the caravan can tear due to heavy winds.

The regular flapping of the cover can damage the body of the caravan as well. Before buying the caravan cover, makes sure it fits and protects your caravan.

Ease of Access

Before buying the caravan cover, ensure it is easy to set the caravan in such a way that still allows you to access your caravan. A caravan cover with adjustable straps and zips makes it easy to access your caravan and fits the caravan cover perfectly over the door.

You can check a video tutorial and look at how to set the cover properly. Also, see if the cover has openings for windows and doors for easy accessibility and ventilation without removing the cover.


The caravan cover’s material is essential to consider before buying the caravan cover. A premium quality cover consists of multiple layers that protect from a variety of elements.

Look for a waterproof and breathable outer covering and make sure the inner fabric is soft and prevents any damage and scratches.

Looking at the fabric’s breathability is essential to consider as it prevents a build-up of moisture in the caravan.

Make sure to look at the material to be certain it can keep the moisture out.

Protection from Elements

Caravan covers protect the caravan from dirt and damage. Tree sap, bird droppings, and mold damage the paintwork of the caravan.

Choosing a high-quality cover with various protections helps prevent the caravan from being damaged. It keeps the caravan neat and clean all the time.

Protection from UV rays

UV rays are very harmful rays for people and vehicles alike and will damage your caravan. These rays can even damage the doors and windows of the caravan. The paint of your caravan may even crack if exposed to the sun for an extended period.

So it is essential to look at a caravan cover that is lightweight and protects your caravan from harmful UV rays.


You need to know the type of cover that is beneficial for your caravan. If you park your caravan or RV where it may be exposed to dirt, bird droppings, or tree sap, you must look for a caravan cover with a storage bag. Make sure the cover is also waterproof and breathable to avoid lingering moisture.

If your caravan is on the road most of the time, it may get dirty. Buying a towing cover will be the best option for you.

Velcro Straps 

Having a Velcro strap or zipper is essential to consider when buying a caravan cover. It is easy to tighten and fit the cover perfectly to the caravan.

This makes it easy to access the caravan without removing the cover. These Velcro straps are mostly durable and easy to use.


Before looking for a caravan cover, look at its warranty period. A caravan cover with at least one year of warranty indicates it is a good quality cover.

A good quality caravan cover is made of water and UV-resistant material that helps prevent water and dirt from getting inside the caravan.

Always look for a piece of lightweight, high-quality fabric. This kind of cover will be easy for you to put on and remove quickly.

Cost of the Cover

Deciding on the cost of the cover you want to invest in is essential to consider. Caravan covers are worth the investment as it helps protect your caravan from damage and improves your caravan’s lifespan.

A high-quality cover may be somewhat expensive but will be worth the investment. It will fit better and will be easy to set up. You can choose the size you need as per the measurements of your caravan.

Best Caravan Cover – Conclusion

We took a detailed look at six of the most popular caravan covers in Australia, and in our opinion, the ADCO Crvcac22 caravan cover is the best caravan cover currently available. It offers a blend of premium features and durability that can’t be beaten.

If you need something a bit cheaper, then the Oztrail caravan cover was the cheapest caravan cover we reviewed, and it is still a high-quality cover. We felt the Camec caravan cover presented the best overall value for money.

Happy touring!

Caravan Cover FAQs

How do I know what caravan cover size I need?

A cover that is loose or does not fit properly to the caravan needs to be pinned to protect the vehicle. Most people choose the measurement set by the caravan manufacturers, which is not always correct.

This is because most of the caravan measurements may be of the internal floor plan and not the external dimensions. This can cause you to buy the wrong size cover for your caravan.

Caravan covers are available in different sizes and suit different vehicles. To get a perfectly sized cover, you need to measure the front and rear of your vehicle. Don’t forget to measure the length to choose the correct cover size for your caravan.

Most caravans have a standard height and width and only differ in length. This makes it easy to choose the perfect size cover for your caravan.

Are Caravan Covers waterproof?

No. Most caravan covers are not waterproof, but the top roof panel of most covers are water-resistant and protect your caravan from water. Most caravan covers are designed to be breathable and have good ventilation to prevent any mold or mildew from forming.

Different brands and caravan covers have a certain degree of waterproofing done. Usually, if the description specifies that the cover is waterproof, it is just the top panel that is waterproof. The seams and the corners may not be waterproof, which will help prevent moisture and steam, making them breathable.

Can I get a cover for my pop-top?

Yes, you can get a cover for your pop-top. The Camec premium RV cover is specially designed to be used for pop-tops. It protects the caravan and RV from harsh weather conditions. The Camec cover is primarily made with two materials: the top roof panel has a waterproof fabric, and the side panels are made of breathable material.

Both panels are of good quality. The Camec cover’s reinforced skirt with a heavy elasticized hem protects the pop-top from damage. The nylon adjustable Velcro straps make it easy to fit on the caravan. Most caravan covers are designed for pop-tops in particular and provide excellent protection from dust, tree sap, bird droppings, or rain.

Can you get camper trailer covers?

Yes. The Camec premium RV covers are also designed for camper trailers. The Camec cover protects the caravan from harmful UV rays when you are not using it. It is made of waterproof roof panels that provide maximum protection, and the side panels are breathable and can withstand any weather condition.

It prevents the formation of mold and mildew and provides excellent protection against tree sap, acid rain, bird droppings, and dust. These are specially designed for Australian weather conditions and great to use for camper trailers. Most of the camper trailer covers are easy to fit using the Velcro straps.

Do caravan covers damage my caravan?

If the caravan cover does not fit properly on the caravan, your caravan may be prone to scratches. If the cover is on loosely, it may flap in the wind and damage the caravan. You need to look at the quality of the cover before buying the caravan cover.

If the cover is cheap and of poor quality, it may even cause water to penetrate inside the cover and cause damage to the caravan. 

If you look for a reputable brand with a premium quality cover that includes waterproofing and other beneficial features, it won’t cause any damage to your caravan. Choosing the perfect fit is also essential.

What are caravan covers made of?

Most caravan covers are made of multilayer fabrics. The material that is primarily used to make caravan covers is polypropylene. Polypropylene is a strong and durable fabric. Caravan covers made of multilayer fabric provide better protection than those made of a single layer of fabric.

Caravan covers are mostly 3 ply or 4 ply material. You should always make sure that your caravan cover material is durable, lightweight, easy to fold and store away, and capable of keeping your caravan dry in the wettest of conditions. It should also be breathable, especially for hot summer days.