Best Rear Awning (Review & Buyers Guide)

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The primary job of a rear awning is to cover the back of the vehicle. If you love long rides with your loved ones, you will love the ability to carry a portable tent along with your baggage.

Australian summer nights can get quite hot, so we suggest you have a rear awning that provides excellent ventilation for sound sleep. Rear awnings are much easier to install and are more affordable when compared with 270 and side awnings. 

Budget option
Kings Rear Awning
170GSM Fabric
Dual Pole Channel
Best Coverage
Darche Rear Awning
Easy Setup
2-Year Warranty
Best Value
XTM Rear Awning
170GSM Fabric
Heavy Duty Construction

Whether you are traveling in a campervan, motorhome, or 4-wheel drive, you will feel like you are sleeping in a tent when you deploy your rear awning.

You can also utilize the space to build your portable kitchen to enjoy barbeque on the go. The only concern with a rear awning is that you cannot use it in the rain.

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Kings Rear Awning

4WD Supacentres are popular in the Australian market and sell products at an affordable price range. The Kings 1.4m x 2m rear awning is one such product and is made from 170 GSM ripstop cotton. You can also find a similar fabric in XTM and Avanta awnings.

The Adventure Kings awning is made from the highest quality materials to ensure that you will be able to use the awning with your vehicle for years to come.

Kings Rear Awning
  • Heavy Duty Alloy Knuckles
  • 170GSM Fabric
  • Double Pole Channel
  • Can Get Water Logged

With a rear awning from Kings Adventure behind you, the only thing you need to worry about is how long your trip will last.

It is spacious enough to accommodate a family of four. The awning is 1.4 m long and 2 m wide when you roll it out from the roof. It is also easy to install. 

Why is it Better than Others?

If the only reason you plan to purchase a side awning or 270 awning is that they are inexpensive, you have never heard the term rear awning.

Adventure Kings rear awning is affordable, durable, trusted, and tested under extreme Australian conditions. If you are planning to buy a rear awning, then you must look into this product. 

Darche Eclipse 180-Degree Rear Awning

If you want me to define Darche Eclipse awnings in one term, I would like to use ‘innovation’ as they have always been on the path to creating something unique and durable.

The Darche Eclipse 180 degrees rear awning is made from 320 GSM ripstop fabric, which no other fabric can compete with. If you like to go on a family tour, this awning has 4 square meters of coverage, and it is UPF50+ safe.

Best Warranty
Darche Eclipse Rear Awning
  • 320GSM Ripstop Fabric
  • Heavy Duty Alloy Construction
  • Smart Single-Person Setup
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Not As Easy To Pack Up

The Darche Eclipse 180 degrees is also made from heavy-duty alloy construction. The overall rear awning is a great choice, and most importantly, it is quite affordable. 

Why is it Better than Others?

There is no doubt that 320 GSM ripstop cotton and heavy-duty poles make this awning better than the rest. It is a great option available in the Australian market, which you must invest in if you are a value shopper. 

XTM Rear Awning

If you ever feel that living outdoors is inconvenient, you have never used an XTM rear awning. The 1.4 m x 2 m rear awning is made from 170 GSM ripstop polycotton. Similar to any other awning from XTM, this awning also offers UPF50+ UV protection.

XTM Rear Awning
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • UPF50+ UV Protection
  • 170GSM Material
  • Plastic Joints

The rear awning is also made from high-quality aluminum poles to withstand extreme weather conditions. You also get mounting accessories, guy ropes, and pegs which can be essential during your adventure ride.

The XTM rear awning is also easy to install and pack, making it a first-choice option in the market. 

Why is it Better than Others?

If we compare the XTM rear awning with the Darche eclipse 180 degrees, there is no doubt that you will love the Darche Eclipse because of its 320 GSM.

Apart from considering the fabric, you must also look into an aluminum structure that you don’t get in Kings and Darche awnings.

If you are looking for affordable rear awnings, then there is no doubt you must consider going with this beast.