Camping At Purnong

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Camping At Purnong

Located just past Mannum and about 150kms from Adelaide, Purnong offers free camping on the Murray River with great facilities and an amazing view.

If you need a place to quickly camp for the night on your way through, or hang out for a weekend on the bank of the Murray, then Purnong Landing is a ‘must visit’ location.

Though it is a pretty quiet place throughout most of the year it is well known for its Trash’n’Treasure held in the Purnong District Hall on the Easter and October long weekends.

Fun Fact: Purnong is actually the narrowest crossing on the Murray River.

Getting To Purnong Landing

If you are coming from the Adelaide/Mannum side of the river then drive through Mannum onto Purnong road and just keep following it until you reach the ferry.

You’ll see the grounds and camping area on the left hand side, you do not need to cross the ferry. Just before you arrive at the Purnong you will come through Caurnamont which is a small group of shacks lining the river, opposite the amazing Limestone cliffs.

If you are on the northern side of the river you’ll need to turn off Hunter Road onto Purnong road, and come across the ferry and you’ll see the camping area on the right hand side as you come across and you can turn right immediately after coming off of the ferry.

Camping At Purnong

Purnong Camp Sites

Camping At Purnong

There are no set sites at Purnong, and you can choose your location based on a ‘first in’ basis. There is space up and down the riverbank, and also in the car park area near the grass and toilets.

If you are hoping for a river view, there is only a small section that has a direct river view and access as there are large trees along much of the river bank. But there is a section up closer to the Caurnamont shacks with river views.

Otherwise, if you set up closer to the ferry across from the reserve there is heaps of space and great river views, but it isn’t directly on the riverfront.

Camping At Purnong

Purnong Landing Facilities

Purnong has some great free camping facilities that reduce the amount of stuff you need to bring with you.

Purnong Landing offers:

  • Toilets (male/female)
  • Bins
  • Undercover Picnic Table with Bench Seats
  • BBQ
  • Large grassy area to congregate and relax

The facilities are clean and well looked after, and the brand new picnic area shows the local council is still investing in these locations and keen for people to enjoy them.

Camping At Purnong
Camping At Purnong

Overall Recommendation

Purnong is a beautiful spot of the Murray that you must check out at some point. Camping at Purnong tends to be a bit quieter than some other stretches of river with a few speed boats and jet skis, but it is close to the ferry which does run 24/7.

It might not be somewhere you stay for a week, but a great place to stop for a night or two, with some great well-maintained facilities.