Camping in the Rain

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Is It Fun Camping In The Rain?

Camping in the rain is surely a fun experience if you don’t mind getting wet. If you enjoy this kind of unexpected weather, it can be an amazing trip for you. Otherwise, it may give you a harder time. 

Camping in the rain can be just as fun as camping with the sun out. You can still explore the beauty of nature; the rain can even add zest to your adventures. Make sure to camp with your favorite people to make this adventure more memorable.

To make the most out of your camping experience, don’t forget to bring these essentials that will surely make your lives easier.

What To Bring To Keep Dry If It Rains While Camping?

It is best to be prepared for any weather events that you might encounter before you set foot outside. This will not only make you more comfortable but will also prevent you from acquiring illnesses. Take note of these camping essentials you need to be prepared for unexpected rain. 

Raincoats or rain jackets

This will keep you warm and dry when the rain pours, and when you want to enjoy exploring the outdoors. There are lightweights and fashionable raincoats and rain jackets in the market that are perfect for camping while keeping you in style to capture that Instagram-worthy moment.

Waterproof boots

Good shoes will definitely give you the best adventures. Since camping mostly involves walking around, make sure to bring waterproof boots to protect your feet from getting wet with the rain and mud. Choose comfortable boots that will not give you blisters.  

Extra tarps

Tarps will help you keep dry, and they are lightweight enough that you can bring as many as you want during camping. You can use it to protect the bottom of your tent or block any rain. Tarps can also be used as shelter from the rain while you are doing other activities outside your tent such as cooking.


Bringing umbrellas is a no-brainer. It’s cheap and is the most useful. Even under the sun, umbrellas can still be used to shield you from harmful UV rays so make sure to bring one during your trip. 

Plastic or waterproof storage 

Whether it’s raining or not, waterproof storage is useful to keep your food and other things dry. Plastic for your wet clothes and shoes to protect the dry ones when you put them in your bag.

Tips For Camping While Raining​

If your camping date is scheduled and the weather didn’t go along with your plan, worry no more because here are some tips to still make your camping adventures memorable even if it’s raining. Camping in the rain is not for everyone so make sure that you are ready for this before leaving your house because it’s hard when you feel uncomfortable camping while you’re far away from your home.

Tent location 

When camping in the rain, it’s important to pitch your tent away from bodies of water like ponds, lakes, and puddles because the water may arise anytime and can cost you your safety and comfort.

Waterproof tent

Tents are a great investment especially if you make camping a hobby. This will be your home while camping so make sure that it will keep you dry and warm. There’s a lot of tents in the market that are great for any weather; just make sure to choose the best one. 

Plastic bags

Keep your plastic bags ready and put them inside your gears to keep them from getting wet. You can use this as storage for your wet clothes and shoes.


Always use a groundsheet to keep your tent bottom clean. You can choose from the solid-tarp style or the mesh one. Consider the pros and cons for each before you make a decision. This is really important during camping, especially in the rain because it will keep your tent warm and clean. The right groundsheet can also help with proper condensation so you won’t feel cold at night.

Quick Dry towels

To reduce the drying time of your wet gears, you can use quick-dry towels as it also absorbs water fast, and as the name implies, they also dry fast. You can roll your wet clothes in the towel and squeeze them so they will be absorbed by the water. But of course, quick-dry towels are not only for your clothes and gear, it’s for you as well. After having fun in the rain, you would need a towel to dry you, so opt for microfiber ones.


Camping in the rain is a fun and memorable experience. Take the time to enjoy your trip to its fullest potential. While it’s important to be cautious and safe, you should still remember to have fun.

How To Dry Gears Properly While Camping?

Camping in rain can be messy and will double your work as most of your items will become wet and muddy. Here is a list of how to help you dry your gears properly. Check it out and see which one will work best for you.


If you don’t have any drying equipment with you, there’s always a natural option. You can dry your gears by hanging them under the sun, but be careful not to expose them too long as it may damage the material. 

Portable dryer

Some campers bring a portable washing machine or dryer, which you can use to wash and dry your gears fast. There are portable dryers available in the market that work with a hand crank so you can use them without a power source.


Towels will absorb the moisture on your gears, helping them to dry faster. Always bring a cotton-poly blend or microfiber towel because they are more absorbent.


You can hang your clothes outside and throw a tarp over it until the sun comes out. Tarps can really come in handy while camping in the rain. Make sure your tarp has a lot of tension so water won’t pool on it.


Your shoes can be wet because of the rain. You can insert newspapers inside them so they can absorb the water; therefore drying your shoes.