Dometic CoolPower RAPS 44ah Vs Companion Portable Power Pack 44ah

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Dometic CoolPower RAPS 44ah Vs Companion Portable Power Pack 44ah

The Dometic CoolPower RAPS 44Ah and Companion Portable Power Pack 44Ah are two entry-level all-in-one portable battery options currently on the market.

They are similar and battery size and many other features but there are also some significant differences. These will be discussed and unpacked throughout this article.

The CoolPower is designed and marketed specifically as a ‘fridge battery’ and as such is simple in its designed features, whereas the Dometic Portable Power Pack 44Ah is meant to be a more multi-purpose unit which shows in its design.

We have also written dedicated reviews posts about both the Dometic CoolPower RAPS 44ah and the Companion Portable Power Pack 44Ah if you would like further information on either model.

Dometic CoolPower
Companion Portable
Power Pack 44Ah
Dimensions23 x 22 x 24 cm30 x 26 x 22 cm
Battery Capacity44Ah44Ah
Battery Type2 x 22Ah AGM2 x 22Ah AGM
DisplayLCD Voltage IndicatorLCD Voltage Indicator
LCD Amperage Indicator
LED low voltage Indicator
Outputs1 x Cigarette Socket
1 x Hella Socket
1 x Cigarette Socket
1 x Merit Socket
1 x USB Socket
Connect Multiple
MaterialPlasticABS Plastic
Replaceable BatteryNoNo
Charger Type2 Pin port to
12V Cigarette Plug
Regulated Solar
240 AC Adapter
12V DC Adapter
Regulated Solar
Warranty12 Months12 Months


The Dometic CoolPower RAPS 44Ah and Companion Portable Power Pack 44Ah are similar in the outputs on board, but the Companion Power Pack has a more versatile configuration.

Though the CoolPower 44 provides two 12v connection options (Cigarette and Hella), the Dometic Portable Power Pack includes two 12v connections (Cigarette and Merit) plus an additional USB output.

This advantage of the Companion model is further compounded by the design in that they have separately wired and fused the two 12v outputs.

You can manually switch them on and off as required, and if one output senses overload the fuse can be triggered and switch it off, leaving the other output running.

The additional USB out is also an advantage of the Companion Power Pack, and though you could achieve this using a 12v adapter on the CoolPower 44Ah, it is a big plus to have a dedicated fused USB outlet.


The Dometic RAPS CoolPower 44Ah is equipped with a simple LCD voltage indictor, that appears when you push down on the display button. Otherwise, this voltage reading is hidden to save power and the longevity of the LCD screen.

The Companion Portable Power Pack includes an LCD voltage indicator, as well as an LCD Amperage indicator, in addition, to further LED’s that indicate when the battery is charging, fully charged, or flat.

The amperage indicator gives a reading of how much power your appliances are drawing from the unit at any point in time, which can be very useful information when you are trying to forecast your battery longevity.


Both units are similar in that both contain 2 x 22Ah AGM (absorbent glass matting) batteries.

In both cases, this provides up to 22Ah of usable battery storage as you should make efforts not to drain the batteries below 50% of their charge level to maximize longevity.

Both the Dometic RAPS CoolPower 44Ah and Dometic Portable Power Pack 44Ah are sealed units meaning the batteries inside cannot be replaced. If something happens to the batteries and they cease functioning, then the units are no longer usable.


Though in theory, both units are able to be charged by solar, 12v or 240v power. This is easier in practice with the Companion Portable Power Pack.

The CoolPower is designed to be fully charged at home, and then topped up while driving using their included 12v cigarette lead adapter.

But when charging at home, or with a solar panel, you need alligator clips (found on automotive battery chargers and solar regulators, that connect to two metal posts sticking out of the unit.

Whereas the Companion Power Pack has included a 240v AC adaptor and 12v car adaptor which plugs into an Anderson plug on the unit, where you can also plug in your solar panel directly.

These fittings are much easier to work with rather than having to use alligator clips that attach to the posts, as with the CoolPower.

Connecting Multiple Batteries

The CoolPower 44Ah is designed to allow connecting to another unit and increasing battery storage, but this is not possible with the Companion Power Pack.

There is a specific cord that is needed, that screws into a dedicated port, but this cord can be hard to find in the shops, so if joining these batteries up is a key reason for choosing the CoolPower, then you might want to ensure that you can find this cord, before making the purchase.


Both units come with a standard 12-month warranty, so if you have any issues within the first 12 months then return your unit to the place of purchase, with your proof of purchase to initiate a support claim.


In summary, though the Dometic RAPS CoolPower 44Ah was designed as a fridge battery, it can be a very affordable source of off-grid power on your next camping trip.

Its simple feature set will keep your appliances running for a few days whilst stationary at a campsite and you can top up with solar power if you have the right gear.

But if you can afford a few extra dollars, I personally think the Companion Portable Power Pack will serve you better.

From the additional USB port to the separate circuitry with dedicated fuses and switches, to the additional 240v AC charger, it will be much easier to use and set up and meet your portable power needs with less hassle and more convenience.