How Often Do You Need To Change Drone Propellers?

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Jay Elliott

Chief Camping Officer

Without propellers, drones and flying crafts, in general, will not work. This is why it is vital that you pay close attention to the functionality of your drone’s propellers at all times. If they fail for any reason, the drone will crash and burn.

To prevent crashes and a loss of investment, experts recommend that users change their drone propellers from time to time, and there are several reasons why changing the propellers is so important.  You should change your drone propellers if

  • You notice it making a strange noise
  • The drone landed heavily 
  • The propeller blades came in contact with a structure in mid-air

During flights, if your drone came in contact with overhanging tree branches, you should consider changing the propellers as soon as possible, even if the drone appears to be working perfectly.

How often do you need to change your propellers?

Even if the drone didn’t collide with any structure or no mishap occurred while in flight, you still need to change the propeller to be safe. Ideally, propellers should be changed after the completion of 300-500 flying hours. Regular propeller replacements are the best way to protect your drone from future crashes.

Do you need a professional to change the propellers?

Drone technology may be quite complex, but their technology isn’t. You can change the propellers on your own by following the instruction manual included in the drone package. If you don’t have one, you can search for installation guides and videos online to guide you.

Fortunately for you, most drone propellers are inexpensive, and they come with installation guides too. Just make sure that the propeller you buy is of the right specification. To be sure, consult your drone manual for the propeller sizes.