How to Make Your Generator Quiet as a Cricket

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Jay Elliott

Chief Camping Officer

Your generator is an important tool, providing a reliable source of electricity on the go. There is just
one problem. These can be very loud devices. Nothing will disturb the tranquility of a camping trip
more than the motor of a generator. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are
some of the ways that you can cut down the generator noise.

Change the Generator Position

One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of noise that your generator is making is by changing
the position. Move it further away. If you are going camping, you can use your surroundings to your
advantage. For example, you might be able to put the generator behind a rock. This will make it
harder for the sound to reach you.

You should also make sure that the exhaust is pointing away from you. While this won’t always be
possible, it is a good place to start.

Use a Soundproof Mat

Often, the noise will be produced because the generator is vibrating. This is what can cause the
buzzing noise. A soundproof mat will allow you to absorb these vibrations. This should go a long way
to reducing the volume. Another way that you can do this is by adding rubber feet to your generator.

Change the Muffler

Another common reason why the generator is making so much noise is because of the exhaust. You
might want to look at adding a new one. This article tells you how you can measure the right size for
your exhaust
. It’s best to get a professional to help you install it, as you don’t want to accidentally
damage the generator. This will help reduce the vibration. Often, you will be able to hear this
improvement instantly. As a bonus, it will help the generator run more efficiently, saving you money.
Sometimes, you might even way to use a silencer. Though more costly, it will significantly reduce the
amount of noise that your generator is making.

Buying and installing a new muffler can be an expensive task. The good news is that there is a more
economical option. You can connect a hose to the exhaust. Then, put the pipe into a bucket of
water. This will dampen the vibrations, though not to the same extent as a silencer.

Use Sound Deflectors

This is a fast way of reducing the noise. In this case, the aim isn’t to lower the volume of the noise.
Instead, you will be trying to make sure that it isn’t getting to you. This is done by building a barrier
in front of the generator. For example, you might want to use some plywood board or add some
foliage. This might make a small dent in the noise and can be good for a camping trip. But it won’t be
a long-term solution.

Building a Baffle Box

Sometimes, you might be better off using a baffle box. This is a soundproof box, which can
substantially reduce the noise that the generator is making. In some cases, it might be able to lower
the volume by 50 percent. You can purchase this yourself. However, if you are handy with the tools,
you will be able to build them yourself. Here are the steps that you will need to follow.

Buy a Quieter Generator

While these are good solutions, there is only so much to do. If you are still struggling with the noise
of the generator, you might need to replace it. The good news is that some generators have been

specifically designed to be quiet. This list of quiet power generators will give you a better idea of
what you should be looking for.


Your generator can make a lot of noise. This can disrupt the calmness of a camping trip or annoy the
members of your home. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case. With a few little
tricks, you should be able to greatly cut down on the noise. Many of these can be implemented
within a few minutes. Hopefully, these tips will help you use your generator without being annoyed
by the rattling.