How To Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

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How To Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

Tent camping is one of the most fulfilling experiences, but it does not always guarantee a comfortable one. Spending a few nights in the great outdoors means having to deal with bugs, dirt, and other inconveniences.

However, this doesn’t make the experience less enjoyable. There are many ways to make the most out of a tent camping trip; it is possible to make camping more comfortable, and it only requires a small amount of effort.

Cheap ways to make tent camping comfortable 

The best thing about camping is that people can still enjoy the experience without spending too much money on it. It’s the simplicity that it offers that makes it rewarding. With this, there are many ways to cut costs on a camping trip without compromising the enjoyment and comfort it brings. 

First, buying and renting equipment makes a big difference in the budget. The cost of a tent, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and chairs may add up quickly. Renting or borrowing is one of the best ways to reduce cost, especially if a camping trip is only planned every once in a while.

Several stores offer rental services for camping gear and equipment, so it is helpful to consider this possibility. Another option is to buy secondhand items rather than new ones to cut down on costs.

Another way to save money on camping is to make use of the things at home. There is no need to spend a lot of money on new camping gear to have a good time.

Every camper can use their own bed blankets or buy ones from a thrift store if they prefer to. It is essential to check the weather forecast before embarking on the trip to ensure the number of blankets or beddings to bring as this can widely influence the trip.

Cooking over a campfire is also one of the most cost-effective methods. Some people prefer to cook their food with firewood and tin foil instead of buying an expensive camp stove and propane.

Besides, the primitive ways of camping add to its overall fulfilling experience. It is also ideal to use home kitchenware, albeit this does not always mean nonstick pans or enamel-coated pots. In addition to this, preparing a meal plan ahead of time is essential for those on a budget. 

Expensive ways to make tent camping comfortable

As much as there are ways to save money on a camping trip, glamping has also become widely popular. It is possible to bring and enjoy the simple pleasures of home into a tent and make the experience luxurious. 

High Quality Tent

The first step into a glamping experience is to invest in a high-quality tent that offers plenty of space to move around, including enough room for the gears. Once a suitable tent has been chosen, the camping trip is already a comfortable one.         


The use of an inflatable mattress can make sleeping more comfortable. Unlike an actual mattress, this costs only a fraction of the price.

It is recommended to invest in a double-thick type of air mattress as this has more of a genuine feel similar to a bed, and it remains inflated for a longer amount of time than the average one.

However, the air inside the mattress will get cooler overnight, so it is also essential to consider an extra layer of insulation such as pillows, thermal blankets, thermal toppers, etc. 


A cooler is also a must-have piece of camping equipment. A well-built cooling container can keep ice cold for several days, which means that there won’t be a need to conduct regular ice trips or settle with heated meals and beverages. Otherwise, tent camping, especially in the thick of summer, can turn into a negative experience. 

Solar Lights

Another great way to make camping luxurious is to add ambient lighting using solar-powered string lights and scented candles. There is no doubt that these things can make camping more comfortable as it adds to a homey feeling.

In choosing a solar-powered light, it is important to hang them out throughout the day so that they can charge from the sun’s rays.

However, many of these solar-powered lights will not shut off at night, making it difficult for those who prefer to sleep in complete darkness, which is why most campers like to buy these lights with an On/Off switch. 

Chairs and Hammocks

Bringing in comfy blowup or wicker chairs, side tables, as well as hammocks help to maximize comfort during camping. One issue of camping is that, while there are many things to be carried for functionality, there is rarely enough room to sit.

Most times, if a campsite does not provide picnic tables and chairs, campers would have to sit on the ground. This can be a difficult task, especially for grownups. Besides that, it is much better to delight in a view while sitting in a comfortable chair with a table nearby rather than sitting on hard ground. 


Depending on the weather, campers can use electric or propane heaters during cold weather to provide warmth, and fans or portable air conditioners during warmer seasons. These aid in temperature control and enhance comfort to any camping trip.

Lastly, entertainment and fun are a must in every camping experience. Hence, bringing in board games, binoculars, fishing gear, portable speakers, cameras, and other similar things can make the trip worthwhile. 

Additional things to remember

Whether the concept is simple camping or glamping, it is crucial not to forget the basic essentials such as sunscreen, bug sprays, snacks, water, and an additional set of clothing, among other things, as this can affect the outcome of the trip.

Having the right set of gears and other necessities determines the difference between a fun adventure or a terrible experience.

Aside from that, the camping destination also plays a massive role in determining the comfort level the trip can provide and when the best time to camp is since the weather is also a critical factor to consider in every camping trip.