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In this article, we explore and review the different Ninja Shark Snorkel Masks currently available. Using a mix of analysis, personal experience and crowd feedback, we will explore each of the Ninja Shark Snorkel Masks (for both adults and kids) and also include a comprehensive snorkel mask buyers guide, to help you make an informed purchase decision.

About Ninja Shark

Ninja Shark was founded by Andrew and Alizee Porter out of their own passion to help people share in their love for exploration and diving. What started out as a passion soon turned into a business, and Ninja Shark has thrived in recent years due to the popularity of its snorkel masks. Through years of iteration and customer feedback the snorkel masks have continued to evolve becoming even easier to use, and more popular every single year. The range of products on offer has not grown to include sleeping bags and other adventure gear, but snorkel masks are where it all began for Ninja Shark.

Ninja Shark Kids Snorkel Mask Review

Ninja Shark currently has two different snorkel masks available for children. These will be review in turn, and the pros and cons discussed.

Ninja Shark Air Kids Snorkel Mask

The Air Kids snorkel mask is a lightweight full-face snorkel, ideal for kids between 5-11 years old. The cheaper of the two kids’ snorkel masks, it is equally safe as the Longer Foldable Tube model, but requires a bit more skill and experience to use effectively. Its snorkel tube is slightly narrower than the Longer Foldable Tube model, and is fully detachable. It has a single inhaling channel, and two exhaling channels out the side of the mask. This breathing out process maoe bubbles which many kids enjoy.

It is designed for surface level snorkelling and is fitted with a flat lens and dry leak tube.

Kids can attach a camera to the mask to record their under water adventures and fit it easily using the provided elastic straps.

The main difference between the Air Kids mask and its more expensive counter part is the unique breathing mechanism. The Air Kids mask makes use of less complex technologies, which provide the ability to offer you this device for such a great price, without comprimisnig quality or safety.

If your kids would like to add some personality to their snorkel, you can purchas can purchase an optional Seo Lion adapter ‘skin’ for the mask, to give it some fun and unique personlity.

Ninja Shark reviews from users are super positive, and kids find them very easy to use. The main problem parents have is convincing kids to take the masks off at the end of the day.

Ninja Kids Longer Foldable Tube Snorkel Mask

The more expensive kid snorkle mask offering from Ninja Shark is the Longer Foldable Tube model. Though they have many things in common the Longer Foldable Tube snorkel mask is suitbale for 3-11 year olds, provides an easy breathing experience (due to the wider tube width and single exhalation channel), and can handle softer breathing in general. It has the same anti-alergic properties, dry leak tube, camera attachment and flat lens.

Oringially released in the 2018 as the original Ninja Kids Snorkel Mask, an updated model was released in 2020 with the foldable tube.

A lot of Ninja Shark Mask reviews (including my own kids) find them to be superbly made, super easy to use, leak proof, and often end up using them in the bath, in between snorkelling trips.

Ninja Shark Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

Ninja Shark manufacture three different adult snorkel masks. The Air Adults, Equaliser PRO, and the Electra. These will be explored, from cheapest to most expensive and we will also quickly look at the Diving Dry Snorkel Set, including Go Pro mount.

Air Adults – Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Air Adults Full Face Snorkel Mask is the base model Ninja Shark snorkel mask model. Similar to the Air Kids, already discussed, but of course bigger and sized for adults.

It is available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

It has basic features include a detachable tube, hard nose aream elastic straps and sideways drainage. There is a single inhaling channels, and double exhale channel. It is designed for surface level activity and not suitbale for underwater dives. It incporates the same anti-fogging and anti-allergic technologies as all the other adult mode;s, so you wont miss out on those features just because of the low price. Given the simpler breathing mechanism, some experience is recomended before usage, compared the more expensive models that have an easier breathing flow.

Camera’s can be attached if you are wanting to record your adventures, with attachment screw included.

The Air Adults Snorkel Mask is an evergreen model, following it’s release in 2019, it has been a consistent and popular product with the snorkelling community due to its reasonable price and eas of use.

Equaliser PRO – Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Qualiser PRO Full Face Snorkel Mask is one of the most popular Ninja Shark Snorkel Products.

it is also available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

It is equipped with some advacned features to improve you snorkelling experience and open up many more snorkelling possibilities.

Originally released in 2018, a masive upgrade was released in 2020 which included a foldable tube, nose and temple support improvements and multiple sizing options.

It has everything that the Air Adults Full Face Snorkel Mask Includes (anti-allergic, anti-fogging, dry leak tube, camera attachment, elastic straps), and more.

The 2020 upgrade model included a fildable tube, of increased – so not only can you store and pack it more easily, but you have increased depth options given the increased length.

The new model also includes a flexible silcone nose socket, to be more accomodating or different nose shapes and sizes. This extra comfort has not reduced functionality and you can still pinch your nose for effective equalisation. In addition to the greater nose area the temple area has also been increased making sure the Equaliser PRO covers your whole face, including temple.

Although the equalisation technology built in to the mask should prevent water seeping in, if some water does get in then the automitic drainage technology will make sure that water does not become a problem. This way, any water than gets in to your mask, pool through a drain system to the bottom which then exits when you surface or tilt your mask.

One of the biggest battles when snorkelling is the fog that can develop on your lenses. With this model, there is an additional air chamber, creating twice the ventillation of other masks, leading to a lot less fog.

The last memorable feature we will mention, is the extra viewability. Many mask style snorklet give approximatley 160 degress of visibility, the Equialiser PRO takes this to the next level to a full 180 degress. No other mask has quite this much visibility.

Electra – Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Electra Full Face Snorkel Mask is the newset and most sphoisticated for the Ninja Shark Snorkel Mask range. The Electra Full Face Snorkel Mask is an innovative design that’s equipped with an electric ventilator. It has a unique shape and comes in multiple colors to fit your preference. The mask is designed for both kids and adults, making it one of the most popular on the market today.

Like the other models it is available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

The Electra Full Face Snorkel Mask has a revolutionary smart air cirulation system that allows oxygen to enter the mask 5x quicker than other masks, and also allowing replace CO2 build up at the same rate.

It has a battery operated vent fan, which you active by pressing a button top of the tube head. This is waterproof and includes a rechargable battery that should support between 3-3.5 hours snorkelling time.

The unit has an automatic drainage system that lets the water escape without you needing to remove your mask.

Though the Equaliser PRO has great anti-fog properties, the Electra takes things to the next level with seperated breathing chambers that create airflow away from your main visor, giving you constant HD vision.

If you can afford it, this unit is definately worth the money.

There are not many other Ninja Shark Snorkel Reviews for the model given how new it is, but the few that have experienced it, rate it highly.

Diving Dry Snorkel Set

If you are into scuba as well, or like diving deep, then you may need to consider an alternative to the full face snorkel masks. Ninja Shark Australia understand this an offers the Diving Dry Snorkel Set for this exact purpose.

It can still have an action camera affixed to the top, but also provides the anti-fog, multi face shape fitting properties that we have come to expect from all Ninja Shark snorkelling mask products.

This is acompanied by a massive 180 degree view and food grade silicone mouthpiece, so you can forget about your gear, and focus on your diving experience.

Ninja Shark Snorkelling Accessories

The Ninja Shark Snorkel Gear range are accompanied by an equally high quality and well designed rang of accessoires.

Underwater Action Camera Explorer 4K Ultra HD

Similar to Go Pro and other portable camera brands, tne Underwater Action Camera Explorer is a great way to record the magic of the oceans whether snorkelling, diving or surfing. It could also be used for other sportks like running and hiking, but is wel designed for water exposure, thanks to its 98ft waterproof ranking.

4k vision and ability to connec using iether wifi or HDMI makes this a great way to easily connect your footage and share with family and friends, or connect to you editing studio for more advanced processing.

Waterproof Dry Bag & Back Pack

Keep your towel and valuables dry forever more with this waterproof dry bag and back pack.

Nont onyl does it keep your stuff dry and weathproof while you dive and play in the water – once you bring your wet gear home you can place it inside the bag to stop everything else getting wet from it, it transit.

Snorkelling & Diving Fins

Improve the speed and ease in which you get around in the water. The Ninja Shark fins come in kids or adults sizing, and made with high quality materials.

The soft foot pocket, and adjustable strap makes them painless to wear, and their speedy design will help you keep up with those tropical fish.

Universal Waterproof Phone Dry Pouch

Your valuables (keys, phone, passport) are vulnerable when you dive, if you are not there to watch them, but you can’t take them with you as they will get wet.

Until now…

The Ninja Shark Universal Waterproof Phone Dry Pouch is just big enough to hold your phone, keys and passport, and keeps them 100% dry at up to 10 metres of depth.

Using a triple sealed design, you can now keep your stuff safe and dry, and enjoy your diving and snorkelling without stress.

This is one the newer ninja shark products they are starting to bring to market to support other aspect of you snorkelling eperience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Ninja Shark over other Full Face Snorkel Masks?

Ninja Sharl have been setting the standard in full face snorkel masks in Australia, in both quality and design, since their inception. There reputation and populartiy is second to none, given their amazing quality products.

As an Australian company, all profits stay in Australia and support our country.

What is the best full face snorkel?

The best full face snorkel mask currently for sale in Australia is the Electra Full Face Snorkel Masks. It revolutionary rechargable battery assisted operation gives the easiest most pleasant snorkelling experience you can currently access.

Where can I buy a full face snorkel mask?

Full face snorkely masks can be found at the Ninja Shark website (

How do you assemble a full face snorkel?

Most full face snorkels are ‘single piece’ meaning there is no assembly required. However some may have a removable tube that needs to be clicked into place. But this is very simple.