Thumper Redback Hybrid Batteries

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Thumper Redback Hybrid Batteries

Thumper Redback Hybrid Batteries are built by Blue Apple, an Australian company based in South Australia. The batteries are very high quality and designed in a way that provides superior charging times and battery performance. 

Thumper Redback Batteries

The Thumper Reback batteries are built for 12v applications and used inside the popular Thumper battery packs, but can also be purchased separately to use however you need. 

There are four models available ranging from 33Ah in size, up to 120 Ah.

And please don’t confuse the Thumper Redback Hybrid battery we are talking about here, with the Thumper Redback Extreme Cycle battery. That is discussed in a separate article. 

A major advantage of Thumper  Redback batteries is that they are considered ‘hybrid’ batteries.

Traditionally heavy duty batteries are designed to be used as crank batteries, to start a vehicle engine, or as deep cycle batteries to give a slow constant flow of power to a campsite. 

Cranking batteries need to give the starter motor a quick burst of very high energy to turn over a combustion engine until the combustion process kicks.

This typically requires a different battery design than deep cycle batteries you might want to use for long-term slow release power to a range of camping appliances. 

When people are considering buying a portable battery pack, one of the common questions is whether it can be used to jump start a car if the battery goes flat.

The ability to jump start your car from an auxiliary battery is a very handy insurance policy to have up your sleeve, in case your primary starter battery goes flat.

But I have yet to find one of these portable battery packs that has the capacity to double as a starter battery. They all include wiring and fuses that prevent the required surge of power to start a combustion engine. 

The fact that the Thumper Redback can serve as both a cranking battery, and long release deep cycle battery is a huge plus. 

Thumper Redback batteries are built with AGM technology (absorbent glass matting) where the chemicals are contained within a matt-like material, and not in liquid form moving around inside the battery.

Because of this, AGM batteries are fully sealed which makes them safer and has shock and vibration resistance. These are significant advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries. 

An additional strength of the Thumper Redback Hybrid is that low internal resistance.

Low internal resistance means the electricity can flow into the battery much quicker, and you can charge a thumper redback within 2-3 hours, approximately five times quicker than a normal wet cell lead-acid battery. 

This low internal resistance also improves the standby ‘decay’, and how vast the voltage drops when not in use.

Wet cell batteries typically discharge about 2-3% per week when not in use, but a Thumper Redback battery only discharges at 5% per year, when not in use, which is a massive bonus.

If you are in the market for a second battery to power your dual battery system, or something for your battery box, the Thumper Redback Hybrid battery should be high on your list.

It’s not the cheapest out there, but for a high-quality Australian-made product, the Thumper Redback Hybrid battery is a stand out.