What is a Beach Tent?

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Jay Elliott

Chief Camping Officer

Beach tent is a term used to describe a range of products primarily designed to provide a source of shade at the beach. 

There are different types of beach tent, with different designs, and some include a floor to protect from sand, and walls/sides to protect from the wind, but a structure that provides shade is the primary characteristic of a beach tent. A few different types of beach tent will be discussed further below.

Coleman Deluxe Event Shade

Certain products can be used as beach tents but also more generally as gazebos or outdoor shelters in general. A good example of this is the Coleman Deluxe Event Shade. They have a unique shaped that is very effective about blocking out the sun and deflecting the wind with optional walls you can attach for wind and further shade protection.

These are a modern take of a traditional ‘gazebo’ and a bit more weather proof and less likely to be picked up by a big gust of wind, and more robust. 

Pop Up Beach Tent

Pop up beach tents, similar to pop up tents, are ‘all-in-one’ single piece units that neatly fold and unfold with a combination of material and flexible supports that hold it up. In most cases they will include a roof and walls and a floor, as they need these components to support the structure of the tent.

Really great items for quick set up for a small number of people 

 Simple Shade Shelter

There are numerous examples of other sun shelters that have no floor and on walls, and are just designed to provide shade, these often require a bit more setup and usage of guy ropes, and pegging in, but can provide effective shade for a larger number of people. 

Shelters With Tent Poles

There are a broad range of beach shelters, that all vary in their specific shade and size, but are similar to dome tents in that you need to assemble some tent poles and then attach the tent ‘skin’ to those poles to create the structure. In some ways they are like a dome tent chopped in half. There are sides and a roof and a floor, but an open front.

In this article we discuss which is these beach tents are best, and dig more into specific products and explore their strengths and weaknesses.