What Size Caravan Cover Do I Need?

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Jay Elliott

Chief Camping Officer

With a caravan cover, you can protect your caravan for extended periods, especially if you plan to leave it out in the open for weeks or months.

However, one dilemma many face is knowing how to get the right cover size for their caravan. If you buy one that is too small for your caravan, the aim of having one in the first place is defeated. In this short article, we show you how to get your sizing requirement right.

Steps to take

Before you concern yourself with the cover measurement, decide whether you want a Pop-Up, Monochrome, or Camper Trailer Cover. Understand the differences between these covers before you make a final purchase decision that will work for you. Then, with that already decided, do the following.

  • Measure the external length of your caravan and go for a cover that will cover the entire body based on your measurements. The average caravan size is about 26ft long, but yours may be shorter or longer. Just make sure you get your measurements correct. 
  • Note that the adjustable straps shorten the cover by as much as 2ft to fit tightly. However, make sure the cover you buy is a few inches longer than the length of your caravan. Also, most cover manufacturers will specify the length of the cover either in ft or inches so ensure that you get the inch to ft conversion right if the cover you are looking to buy is measured in inches
  • Lastly, you need to pay close attention to the fabric. Some covers are made with stretchy materials but avoid going for those. If you must, do not go for a cover lower than your caravan size simply because it can be extended to cover the total caravan length. Also, pay close attention to the straps, buckles, and any other fastener used to hold the cover in place. Note that these fasteners should be measured as part of the general cover length and not in isolation, so you don’t end up with overlapping layers on the side of the caravan after the cover has been fastened.