Best Camping Mesh Flooring

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Camping mesh flooring is a great way to protect your camping gear, protect the ground underneath and keep your site cleaner in general.

Of all the different types of camping floor mats, the mesh flooring type is increasingly popular due to its lightweight and ability to let water and dirt through while minimizing the amount of dirt and sand that comes up from the ground.

In this article, I will look at some of the different types of mesh floor mats, and some specific products you may want to consider.

Many places you can camp only let you use mesh camping flooring these days, so it is a must-have for your basic site setup.

Best Value
Kings Camping Mesh Flooring
Value For Money
Oztrail Ultramesh Tarp
Corrosion Resistant Eyelets
Huge Variety of Sizes
Best quality
CGear multimat camping mesh flooring
CGear Multimat
Industrial Quality
Dual Layer

Best Camping Mesh Flooring – In-Depth Reviews

Adventure Kings Camp Mesh Flooring

The mesh flooring sold by Adventure Kings is an example of synthetic camping floor mesh, similar in nature to shade cloth. It comes with eyelets spaced around the edges so you can peg it down.

Best Value
Kings Camping Mesh Flooring
  • Budget Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Limited Size Options

We personally have one of these and have used it in a variety of locations and it has been very useful. It is the simplest, entry-level type of mesh flooring with just a single layer, and quite affordable, but a solid basic product.

Oztrail Ultramesh Tarp

The OzTrail Ultramesh Tarp is a really good value all-rounder camping mesh floor option for placing under tents or being the floor for your main gathering area or being used on the beach.

Range of Sizes Available
Oztrail Ultramesh Tarp
  • Affordable
  • Corrosion Resistant Eyelets
  • Many Sizes To Choose From
  • Single Layer

It’s similar to the Kings Mesh Flooring in that it is a one-layer fabric, made from polyethylene, with polypropylene sides for stability and strength, and also corrosion-resistant eyelets to peg it down.

It comes in a variety of different sizes so you can configure them around your campsite however you need.

You can be confident, and see video evidence, of them successfully allowing sand to filter through from the top layer to the bottom layer and minimizing it coming back up.

They don’t perform quite as well as some of the more expensive multilayer options, but still, do a good job for the price.

They come in a huge range of sizes and even include their own carry bag, so if you are needing a good affordable all-rounder, then the OzTrail Ultramesh could be a great fit for you.

CGear Multimat

The market-leading camping mesh floor mat would have to be the CGear Multimat. They are premium products and as a result, are at the higher end of the pricing spectrum, but their performance is unparalleled.

If you are looking for the best camping mesh flooring, then the CGear Multimat is the clear winner. 

They are made with a multi-woven, dual synthetic layer design which allows dirt and sand to fall straight through, without it coming back up through the mat.

Ultimate Quality and Impact
CGear Multimat
  • Insanely High Quality
  • Extremely Effective
  • Dual Layer Technology
  • Sand Falls Straight Through
  • Premium Pricing

They are the preferred camping mesh floor mat for most caravan parks as they still allow the grass underneath to breathe, so you don’t leave any dead patches of grass in your wake. 

Other features of the CGear multi mat include eyelets around the edges to peg down, is fully water and mold-proof, can be easily hosed down, and can also be used as a 90% shade sail or windbreak. 

Watch this video to see the CGear in action.


There is no doubt that the CGear Multimat is the best camping mesh flooring product currently available, and nothing else out there will perform like the multi mat.

This quality and performance come at a price though, so if you are looking for a cheaper all-rounder then the OzTrail Multimesh or Kings Mesh Flooring would be a great way to start.

Types of Mesh Flooring Products For Camping

Synthetic Camping Mesh Flooring

Probably the most popular type of mesh flooring, and a type growing in popularity is synthetic mesh flooring. Synthetic mesh flooring is made from layers of plastic weaving.

This makes them durable and allows sand, and water to fall through while stopping sand and dirt from coming up from the ground.

It is very similar to shade cloth you might use in your garden or outdoor area, and in fact, some people actually use shade cloth as camping mesh flooring as a cheaper DIY solution.

Synthetic mesh flooring is light, super easy to hose down and clean, and really helps protect your gear and keep your site cleaner. 

The main downside of the synthetic mesh tent floor mat is that it can let sticks and prickles come up through the surface, due to the holes in the mat (as designed…), and it is also prone to tearing if it comes up against a really sharp object (rock, etc.).

A side benefit of this type of mesh is that you can use it for a variety of other purposes if the situation presents itself.

You can use it as both an emergency shade, or windbreak if you need it, and this versatility is always handy when camping.  

PVC Foam Mesh Floor

PVC foam mesh flooring is a flexible rubber-style mat that is manufactured with a mesh pattern that lets dirt and sand, and water through. It is really popular for use as a caravan annex matting.

PVC Foam mat is a bit heavier and tends to sit in place pretty well on the ground without being pegged down. 

The main downside is that it is quite heavy, so can impact your overall load rating, and they are not as effective at stopping sand and dirt from coming back up from the ground.

However, they are quite easy to sweep and keep clean if you stay on top of it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does camping and caravan matting have to be used under a shelter?

No. Mesh flooring and matting can be used outside of the shelter as well.

Though the direct sun is likely to lead to faster deterioration, they are absolutely intended to be exposed to directed sunlight and there is no need to avoid this.

Do you need flooring for your campsite?

You don’t have to use flooring but there are multiple benefits.

It protects your gear from the ground, helps keep things cleaner, and keeps mildew and moisture from rising up throughout the night that requires drying off the next day.

Are the Kings the same as shade cloth?

The material used in the Kings mesh flooring is very similar to shade cloth but has been manufactured in a specific way to make it more usable and with eyelets to peg down.

You could buy shade cloth and use it for the same purpose, the Kings mech camping flooring is quite affordable so you won’t save much money, if any.