Best Icebox In Australia (Review & Buyers Guide)

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In the article, we are going to discuss the best icebox available on the Australian market and make some comparisons around their comparative strengths and weaknesses across a variety of different characteristics, in an effort to find the best icebox available. 

We look at six of the most popular icebox options and tried to find models that were as close to 60L in size so that we could get a reasonable price comparison across the different models.

best performance
Techni Ice Signature
Best Performance
Thickest Insulation
Budget icebox
Wanderer Poly
Durable Outer
High-Density Foam
Premium icebox
yeti tundra ice box
Yeti Tundra
Permafrost Insulation
5-Year Warranty

The Dometic Cool Ice and the Yeti Tundra referenced in the below table are 70L iceboxes, but we can still draw some conclusions about value for money, regardless of the variance in icebox size.

If you want to learn more about iceboxes and what you should consider when purchasing one, we have also created an Icebox Buyers Guide, that discusses that exact issue.

Icebox Overview

All of the boxes discussed below are constructed with food-safe material and are corrosion-free, so those features have not been discussed at the individual level.

In-depth reviews have been written for each model, just click on the link in the table to read more about any particular icebox that you want to learn more about.

Summary: Whether you are wanting to save money, or spend more on a premium product, the Techni Ice range comes out with clear winners both in quality performance and value for money.

With either the Classic or Signature Series models, you can’t find a better-performing, more affordable icebox than the two offerings from Techni Ice.

Best Icebox – In-Depth Reviews

Dometic Cool Ice Icebox

The Dometic Cool Ice is one of the more affordable ice boxes on the market, currently priced at $239 for a 70-liter box. Constructed using a roto mold process, using tough polyethylene plastic, the Cool Ice can preserve ice for up to 10 days in optimum conditions.

Cool Ice Features

Dometic Cool Ice Icebox has a large range of accessories
Dometic Cool Ice Icebox
  • In-Built Polyethylen Feet
  • Large Carry Handles
  • Accessory Range
  • Singel Seal

Dometic Cool Ice Sizes

The Dometic Cool Ice product comes in various sizes to suit your needs. It can be purchased in 13, 22, 33, 42, 55, 70, 85, and 110-liter sizes.

Evakool IceKool Icebox

The Evakool Icekool Icebox is the cheaper of the two Iceboxes on offer from Evakool.

Designed in Australia, specifically for the tough northern Australian conditions, the Icekool has a tough polypropylene outer shell with refrigeration-quality foam insulation.

Evakool IceKool
  • Smooth Walls
  • Large Drainage Bung
  • Light But Sturdy
  • Walls Not As Thick

Ice can last up to 6 days in the 60L box, and longer in the bigger models in the range.

Evakool Infinity Icebox

The Evakool Infinity Icebox is the premium and original offering from Evakool, which put them on the map in Australia.

Its White High Gloss Fibreglass provides maximum thermal efficiency and outperforms many polypropylene alternatives.

Evakool Infinity
  • Tie Down Points
  • Strong Handles
  • Up To 10 Day Ice Period
  • Fibreglass Outer Can Scratch

Some of the bigger Fibreglass boxes can preserve ice for up to 15 days, but this smaller unit would not achieve that level. But you should expect it to achieve 5-10 days in many situations.

The Fibreglass shell is not only thermally efficient but easy to clean and hygienic for all foodstuffs.

Evakool Infinity Features

  • High gloss Fibreglass outer shell
  • Drainage Bung
  • Strong Carry handles
  • Tie-down points
  • Feet
  • Accessories Available

Wanderer Poly Icebox

The Wanderer Poly Icebox is one of the cheaper iceboxes currently available. Though you won’t get your ice to last for days, especially if you are opening it frequently, it could serve you well for 24-48 hours, depending on your use case.

Wanderer Poly Icebox
  • H/D Polyethylene Outer
  • Rugged Side Handles
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Doesn’t last as long as some

The wanderer includes the ingredients of a good icebox, with the polyethylene outer and high-density foam insulation. A product at this price differs from a more expensive product in the number of seals, type of latches, and general insulation thickness.

If ice preservation is critical to you, then you are likely to be disappointed, but

Techni Ice Classic Icebox

The Techni Ice Classic is the cheaper of the two Techni Ice iceboxes they sell. With a strong polypropylene shell and high-density PU foam, it is a popular unit around the world, and is used in many commercial, corporate and domestic situations.

Techni Ice Classic Icebox
  • Dual Latch System
  • Fully Moulded Hinges
  • Padlockable
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Rope Handles

The Classic has a range of features not seen on other similar priced boxes, including dual latch types (elastic/stainless steel), and the double airlock seal to name just a few.

The Techni Ice Classic is a leader in the range, and also happens to be the cheapest, so you cannot go wrong with a Techni Ice product.

Techni Ice Signature Icebox

The Techni Ice Signature Series Icebox currently lays claim to being the best icebox in Australia based on multiple tests and videos that have been done comparing ice retention across multiple iceboxes.

Using the same Polypropylene Shell and high-density foam as the Techni Ice Classic, the extra thick walls and superior seal, take the performance of the Techni Ice Signature to the next level.

Techni Ice Signature Icebox
  • Dual Airlock System
  • Dual Padlock Points
  • Dry Good Basket Included
  • Fully Recessed Latches and Handles
  • 50mm Insulated Bung
  • None – It’s Amazing!

It has been proven to preserve ice for over 10 days. The Signature Series is able to exceed the performance of fiberglass models, while still utilizing the more durable polypropylene outer, thanks to its thick walls and quality insulation.

Yeti Tundra Icebox

The Yeti Tundra is perhaps the most notorious Icebox thanks to its iconic worldwide reputation.

But when stacked up against numerous Australian alternatives, we can’t find a way to justify its price, at nearly double the other comparable iceboxes.

yeti tundra ice box
Yeti Tundra Icebox
  • Rugged Exterior
  • Very Useful Accessories
  • Can Be Used As Seat
  • Bear Proof
  • Very Expensive Brand

The Yeti prides itself on being extra tough and can be used as a seat, and even a standing aid when out hunting and fishing, etc., and though that may be true, its ice retention performance is decent but by no means a standout.

It has an accompanying range of accessories and extras that are really handy, but there is nothing that sets the Yeti Tundra apart from the Techni Ice models, let alone something that justifies the massive price jump.

Yeti Tundra Features:

  • Dual Padlock Points (bear proof)
  • Extra thick walls
  • Dry Goods Basket Included
  • Large Range of Accessories

Best Ice Box For Camping

All the iceboxes mentioned above could serve you well while camping. If you are going to be away for a long period of time, then you might want to opt for the Techni Ice, given its superior performance.

But if you want something super tough, with a good double padlock and a wide range of accessories, then the Yeti range is worth considering.

Though they are the most expensive, they offer a range of accessories not found with the other brands, including cushions (to sit on top), great fishing rod holders that attach to the side, dividers, security locks, and traction pads.

If money is not an issue, then you can really deck yourself out with fantastic, usable, and practical Yeti gear.

Best Icebox – Summary

In summary, in terms of performance, that is not another icebox on the planet that currently outperforms the Techni Ice Signature Series, in terms of ice retention.

It achieves this with its superior dual seal technology and very thick walls. This extra thickness and quality do come at an increased price. However, it is still much cheaper than the Yeti Tundra, or Evakool Fibreglass Icebox.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, then the Techni Ice Classic model would be our next recommendation as it provides many of the same benefits of the signature, with a slight decrease in performance, but at a very reasonable price.

The Techni Ice lifetime guarantee, value for money, plus proven performance make them a clear standout in the icebox market at both the cheaper, and premium ends of the market.

Icebox FAQs

Is an Esky, Cooler, and Icebox the same thing?

Eskies and coolers and ice box all perform the same function (provides you with a container to keep things cool), but are not necessarily the same thing. Esky is actually a brand name, not a product type, but it is so well known it has become known as a product of its own.

At the same time, icebox and coolers are a type of equipment. Coolers tend to be cheaper to buy, and smaller than iceboxes and are better used for periods of up to a day or two at max, whereas iceboxes are designed to hold ice in its state and keep things cool for multiple days and even over a week.