Best Generator For Camping (Review & Buyers Guide)

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With so many options available, it can be hard to choose the best generator for camping.

To help out, we’ve done the legwork for you and took a look at 22 different portable generators for camping. Of those 22, we narrowed down our list to the best six.

Modern camping generators are more portable and affordable than ever. They not only offer added safety and security for your vehicle but can also be used to power your electric appliances.

Most affordable
Adventure Kings
Inverter Generator
Budget Friendly
Dual Output
Best overall
Yamaha 2200W
Inverter Generator
Easy Start
Super Reliable
quietest Generator
Engel 2000W
Inverter Generator

You can use a generator to power your camping fridge, your portable stovetop, or even the AC or heating devices for your tent!

Best Generator For Camping – In-Depth Reviews

Read on for a detailed look at each of the generators for camping we looked at as well as a handy buyer’s guide, which includes some things you should consider when buying a generator for camping before you make your final choice.

Adventure Kings 2KVA Inverter Generator (Cheapest Generator For Camping)

The Adventure Kings 2.0KVA Inverter Generator is the best generator for camping on a budget. It comes with a 2.0 kW continuous power rating and can handle a 2.2 kW peak power rating.

This generator starts up very quickly and is very powerful and well-built. Adventure Kings has designed this generator specifically for camping.

Adventure Kings 2KVA Inverter Generator
  • 4 Stroke 114CC Engine
  • Dual Output
  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Best For Occasional Use

You can use this generator to run all your equipment like small air conditioners, kettles, coffee machines, and microwaves.

The 114cc four-stroke air-cooled motor is ultra-powerful. It comes with a choke that you can adjust. This adjustable choke makes it easy to start.

So if you go camping often and want to use small electric equipment, this inverter generator by Adventure Kings and a 240 V battery charger is a must-have.

You can keep these batteries fully charged before camping. If the weather is too cloudy to use the solar panel, you can still run this inverter generator.

These inverter generators are quiet and fuel-efficient, so you can run them for a longer period. These inverter generators are better to use than traditional generators.

You don’t have to worry about any equipment damage. This generator runs on sine wave power, is safe to use, and utilizes clean power.

You can run two types of equipment or devices at the same time. If the power load is too great, you will see a warning sign, and a light will blink. One good thing about this inverter is that it stops working automatically to prevent damage to the equipment from overloading.

This inverter generator by Adventure Kings has a fuel capacity of 4.1 L. It has an inbuilt automatic switch mode. This switch adjusts the motor speed when you run any electric equipment, saves fuel, and reduces noise.

It is effortless to get this generator serviced in any car parts store. You can change the air filter and oil easily. This inverter generator is 525 mm long, 282 mm wide, and 525 mm high.

It weighs just 19 kg, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. This generator comes with a two-year warranty. You can get the generator replaced if you find any defects or have any issues.

Honda 2.2KVA Inverter Generator

If you want a portable inverter generator for camping and money is not a concern, then the Honda 2.2KVA inverter generator is a good inverter generator for you.

With 2000W power, this inverter generator is excellent for camping, job sites, or home backup.

Honda 2.2KVA Generator
  • Top Quality
  • Great Reputation
  • Reliable
  • Very Expensive

You can use your hairdryers, microwaves, toasters, and charge your smartphones or laptops using this inverter generator with ease. This inverter generator works quietly.

All the Honda models come with a four-year warranty for domestic use and a one-year warranty if used for commercial purposes.

It has a built-in eco-throttle which means it saves a lot of fuel. The oil filler has a large diameter. This filter improves the draining and catching of oil.

This inverter generator by Honda is excellent to use for the person who likes camping in comfort and style.

It has a four-stroke GXR120 power engine, which is much larger than the previous Honda models and it boasts a maximum output of 2200 W.

You can use it for 8 hours continuously on eco-throttle and it works great. The tank has a fuel capacity of 4 L. It is easy to start this generator with just one pull.

This inverter generator includes a 12 V charging point, an instructions manual, and a tool kit. 

Most people use this inverter generator to power their caravan air conditioners. It is safe to use this inverter generator with any of your electric and computer accessories.

This inverter generator is 511 mm long, 290 mm wide, and 425 mm high. It weighs 21.2 kg. This compact generator is easy to carry to the campsite.

You can regulate the voltage through the PWM system, and it cools down quickly because of the forced air. It has a dual-type air cleaner.

Engel 2000W Inverter Generator

The Engel 2000W Inverter Generator is the best generator for camping at an affordable price. The Engel inverter generators are known for providing world-class quality at a very reasonable price.

It has almost all the features you would want to have in an inverter generator.  

Engel 2000W Inverter Generator
  • Well Built
  • Reliable
  • Ultra Quiet
  • No Auto Choke

It has a 4.8 L fuel capacity and can operate for seven continuous hours at 50% capacity. This inverter generator is perfect for camping, and you can also use it for home backup, mobile businesses, and market stalls.

This generator comes with a four-year warranty. So if you find any defect or issue with this generator, you can get it replaced.

It has overload protection. With overload protection, the generator will automatically stop working if you are operating multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously if there is an overload. This feature prevents your equipment from damage.

This inverter generator is 100% pure sine wave. It is a modern single-cylinder air-cooled four-stroke generator. This generator is easily started in a single pull, and it weighs 22 kg.

This compact and lightweight generator are easy to carry. It has a power rating of 1.8KVA. The oil capacity of this generator is 0.38 L.

The fuel tank and air cleaner are large enough. It operates at a very low volume of up to 68 dBA.

This inverter generator is 498 mm long, 312 mm wide, and 467 mm high. It has one 15 amp outlet. The generator has a robust casing and comes with a four-year warranty, so you can get it quickly replaced for any defect or issue.

The built-in eco-throttle saves a lot of fuel and runs for a long time. The power output of this generator is rated at 1.8KVA and has a maximum power output of 1.9KVA.  

Yamaha 2200W Inverter Generator

The Yamaha 2200W Inverter Generator is one of the best generators for camping.

It provides a perfect balance of power and portability. This inverter is much better than the older model.

It is much lighter and compact, making it easy to carry along anywhere.

Yamaha 2200W Inverter Generator
  • Extremely Reliable
  • Easy To Start
  • Proven Track Record
  • Not The Quietest

It takes up very little space, and yet this generator is powerful enough to use for all your electric equipment and devices. It comes with a 12 V DC outlet.

It has a 3a mp output which makes it easy to charge all your devices. It has a built-in USB port.

You can use this port not just for a USB cable but also to power gear like your portable coolers, air pumps, and other such equipment. It can run for a maximum of 10.5 hours at full load.

It has an instant restart option. So if there is any overload, you don’t need to restart this generator.

Its multi-functional LED indicator makes it easy to view the generator’s status. It illuminates the control buttons in the dark.

If you want to use some more power, you can click on the boost feature.

The tri-handle design of this generator makes it easy to carry and move around comfortably.

This generator is suitable for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. You can also use it in caravans or as a home backup. This inverter generator comes with a cover and security cable.

It comes with a four-year warranty, so if you need any assistance, you can contact the manufacturer and get your issue resolved. 

These inverter generators are well-built and maintain a high standard by offering outstanding performance and quality.

The recoil starter and other control buttons are flush with the body of the generator, preventing any scratches or damage to furniture or any other surface on which you keep the generator.

This inverter generator is 555 mm long, 300 mm wide, and 470 mm high. It weighs 25 kg and has a fuel capacity of 4.7L.

This generator by Yamaha prevents any leak as it has a fuel drain switch. It helps you drain out all the fuel before storing the generator. This feature does not allow the generator to burn off excess fuel.

Hyundai HY2000Si Inverter Generator

This inverter generator by Hyundai is simple to operate. It has a maximum output of 2000 W. It operates quietly at a maximum volume of 58 dB.

You can be confident that this generator is clean, quiet, and reliable. You can use it in a caravan, for camping, or as a home backup. You can use it in an emergency at home during any power outages.

Hyundai HY2000Si Inverter Generator
  • Compact
  • Rugged Exterior
  • Moderate Noise
  • Not As Reliable As Yamaha

This generator is started using a recoil starter and has a small displacement engine.

It comes with a 13A – 16A caravan hook-up lead and a 12 V charging cable. This generator is 280 mm long, 455 mm wide, and 510 mm high. It weighs 21 kg and is portable.

The lightweight and compact design have a large carry handle, making it easy to carry and store.

It comes with a one-year warranty. You can get it replaced easily in the event of any damaged parts. This inverter generator comes with a 3-pin socket, which works in any standard Australian 3-pin plug.

The exterior is tough and solid, and it protects from any scratches no matter where you take this generator.

It produces pure sine wave output. You can use it to power your refrigerator and lighting, or for other sensitive equipment, such as your laptops, TV, tablets, or smartphones.

It has built-in digital overload protection. It shuts down automatically if it has low oil, thus preventing any engine failure.

You don’t have to worry about any equipment getting damaged as the generator automatically shuts off in the event of an overload. 

The LED display makes it easy to read the generator’s status. It shows all the metrics of performance monitoring.

It has a fuel capacity of 3.8 L. This generator works efficiently with the 80cc Hyundai 4-stroke engine. It operates easily for up to 8 hours.

With the eco-mode setting, you can save engine revolutions and save fuel. This mode extends the generator’s life. You don’t need to put in both oil and fuel; you can just add petrol, and you are good to go.

Maxwatt 2000W Yamaha Inverter Generator

This inverter generator by Yamaha offers clean and stable power output. It operates on pure sinewave power, and you can use it for sensitive electric equipment.

It is safe to use on all your electric equipment, including your laptop, computer, TV, and smartphone. It is perfect to use this generator for camping or as an office or home backup.

Maxwatt 2000W Yamaha Inverter Generator
  • Suitable On All Devices
  • Connect Multiple Units Together
  • Good Fuel Capacity
  • Not Super Durable

The Maxwatt Yamaha is a must-have generator for people who go on many adventures and camping trips.

It has a powerful 79cc 4-stroke air-cooled engine. With this digital inverter technology, THD <3% is excellent for all power tools and domestic appliances. It offers great efficiency and has a stable voltage.

This inverter generator produces 2000 W peak power and has a 1600 W continuous power rating. It operates at a very low volume of up to 59dB. The engine control system helps reduce the engine speed, depending on the load size and fuel efficiency.

One great thing about this generator is the ability to connect two Maxwatt inverter generators at the same time without any other purchase, as it comes with a connection cable and parallel functionality.

It has a fuel capacity of 4 L and operates for up to 6.5 hours at a 50% load. This generator runs for 4 hours at 100% load. With the easy-to-start recoil, it is simple to operate and easy to carry.

It comes with a two-year warranty. This Maxwatt inverter generator is well-designed, and the company provides great customer service for any assistance regarding the product.

It has 5 V 2.1 amp USB charging. This generator pack includes a spark plug, air filter, fuel tank filter, and fuel pipe. It is 460 mm long, 250 mm wide, and 500 mm high, and weighs 21 kg.

Generator For Camping Buying Guide


When you look at any generator, always look for its build quality. It’s always better to choose a sturdy, well-built generator.

It will provide great performance and protect the motor while running for long periods of time.

Yamaha, Honda, and Engel are the most popular and reputed brands of generator engines in Australia. So it is always better to look for a brand that has a well-built engine.

It may be a bit expensive, but it will be durable and long-lasting.


Nowadays, it has become easy to use inverter generators. Before buying, always look up the model’s installation procedure.

You can have a look at the reviews and ratings of the brand. This process will help you know if there is any difficulty in setting the generator.

You can have a look at the user manual guide, which should make it easy to understand how to set up the generator.

Safety Features

It is essential to look at the safety features before buying a generator for camping. If you are using sensitive electronic devices, make sure the generator has clean power and is reliable.

Check to see if the generator has safety protection from overloading and if it can automatically shut off when it has limited fuel.

It is essential to look at the safety features to prevent any damage to your equipment.


How much noise the generator produces is important to consider. The power source and the wattage determine the noise level of any generator.

You can determine the volume level by a metric called running decibels (dB).

The inverter generator that runs on diesel makes a lot more noise than those that run on other fuel types. Most portable generators have built-in special mufflers that help absorb noise.

The inverter generators should be as quiet as possible.

Some generators have special features that keep the noise down. This includes noise level suppression, enclosed casing, rubber isolation feet, and the build quality.

If you do not like the generator producing a lot of noise, look for a generator that runs quietly and will not disturb anyone. Look for an inverter generator that works on less than 60dB.

Parallel Capability

If you want to connect two generators, you need to look at the parallel connectivity. Most generators have a parallel connection, and you can set up two generators to produce more power and use more electronic equipment.

You can also buy the connection cable separately if the generator does not come with one.

If you are going camping with friends and using the same generator, you can run both generators together. This will give you more power capability than running separately.

Output Quality

When you are looking for a generator for camping, you need to look up the output quality. All of us use some type of sensitive electric equipment like smartphones or laptops.

To use these devices on the campsite, ensure you have clean power. Most generators have a pure sine wave engine.

You can use inverter generators with clean power for sensitive electronic equipment. This type of generator easily converts the AC output to DC and also converts back to pure sinewave output.

You can measure the output quality by looking at the THD. If the THD is less than 5%, that is ideal.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Most inverter generators have efficient fuel capacity. To know how efficient the generator is, you can look at the total number of hours it can operate continuously.

You can choose the best generator by looking at the number of hours it can run continuously.

Fuel Type

It is essential to look at the fuel used when buying a generator for camping. You need first to decide the type of fuel available for you. Only then should you choose the generator.

Size and Weight

Always look for the size and weight of the inverter generator. Usually, an inverter generator weighs between 20 – 25 kg.

Generators with this weight range are usually compact, making them easy to carry to camping sites or any adventure tours.

One good thing about inverter generators is that you can place them further from your campsite to manage the generator noise.


It is better to look at the warranty period of any inverter generator before buying. Most generators have a long-term warranty and great customer service.

A generator that has more than a two-year warranty period is reliable and long-lasting.

Maximum Power Rating and Continuous Power Rating

Almost all generators have a maximum power rating written in their description. You should always look at the continuous power rating to know how much power the load requires.

The maximum rating is related to the short peak loads. This rating is important to consider when you want to use any motorized appliance.

Best Generator For Camping – Conclusion

We took a detailed look at 6 of the most popular generators for camping. In our opinion, the Honda 2KVA inverter generator is the best generator for camping currently available.

But if you need something a bit cheaper, then the adventure kings 2KVA inverter generator was the cheapest generator for camping we reviewed.

We felt the Engel 2000W sinewave inverter generator presented the best overall value.

Happy camping!

Camping Generator FAQs

What size generator do I need for camping?

The size of the generator needed for camping depends on how you are planning to use it. If you just need to use the generator to charge your smartphone, your needs will be different.

Some people also want to power their mini-fridge and laptops.

Look at power used for different devices and equipment:

Mobile phones use around 6 W
A laptop uses 30 W
LCD TV uses 50 – 100 W
A portable AC unit requires around 600 running W
A mini-fridge requires 700 running W and 2200 starting W
To use a toaster, you need 1150 W
A hairdryer requires 1000 W
A coffee maker requires 900 W

So the size of the generator you need mostly depends on your requirements. It would help if you noted down approximately how much power you need before buying a generator for camping.

Most of the large appliances need more power output. If you want to power mini-fridges and laptops, look for a generator with 1000 W output.

If you only wish to charge your smartphone or any small device, a 100 – 500 W inverter generator will be enough.

So when you want to power multiple devices and equipment, at minimum, your generator should have an output of 2000 W – 3000 W.

What could you run on a 2000-watt generator?

Each electronic device and equipment is different and requires different amounts of power.
2000 W portable generators have become the most popular generators because of their compact size, portability, and convenient power outlets.

There are lots of portable generators offering 2000 W output at a very reasonable price. They are much lighter and efficient than most traditional generators.

A 2000 W portable generator provides 16 amp for 120 V. It provides 8 amps in case of 240 V. Let’s look at the rough estimate of some commonly used equipment and devices.

Any portable light source requires approximately 500 W
A microwave oven and toaster require 1000 W
A laptop requires 50 W
A television requires 200 W
A phone charger needs a minimum of 5 W
A mini freezer requires 700 W
A small AC unit needs a minimum of 1200 W
Any small power tools will need at least 800 W
So if you would like to use electricity for cooking when you go camping, consider that you may also want to charge other types of equipment. 

To light up your campsite, you may even want to turn on electric lamps.

So if you are using two lamps, you will need 100 W for each lamp. If you want to add some other string lights, add 50 W more to your power budget. In this example, you will need 250 W to light up your campsite.

You may want to use portable generators to power your laptops to watch movies and charge your phones. For this, you will need 200 W.

If you carry a coffee maker along, you need 800 W of power, and to use an electric stove, 1500 W is required. 
So in this example, you would be able to use a 2000 W generator for all of these pieces of electrical equipment (although not simultaneously).

What is the quietest generator for camping?

Generators produce power when you are camping, and that often makes a lot of noise. Some campsites have a specific limit on how noisy the generator can be. If your generator is loud enough to cross that limit, you may have to turn it off.

You can lower the noise of the generator by placing it a bit further from the campsite.

You can even reduce the vibration noise of the generator by putting rubber feet on it. If you place the generator on any metal or wooden surface, it will produce more noise.

It is essential to look at the generator volume level before buying. The generators that have a noise range less than 50dB are the quietest.

The Yamaha inverter generator is the lightest inverter generator used for camping; it produces very low noise, operating quietly. It is excellent for caravanning and any adventure trips.