Greenways Reserve – Greenways Landing Free Camping

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Greenways Reserve - Greenways Landing Free Camping

If you are looking for a nice quiet free camping location on the Murray River (in SA), then Greenways landing is a must-see.

Located about one hour drive from Murray Bridge, nestled in between Swan Reach and the Nildote General Store, Greenways Landing has a variety of great camping sites and facilities that combine to make a great free camping location.

Getting to Greenways Landing

Hunter Road runs parallel for a long stretch of the Murray River, and Greenways Landing Road comes off of Hunter Road, taking you down to Greenways Shack Road, where the campsites and facilities are located.

There are a variety of different ways to get to Greenways Landing. If you are coming from the Adelaide side of the Murray river then you will need to cross the river via a bridge (at Murray Bridge), or via the ferry at Mannum or Walkers Flat.

Once you cross the river you need to head west until you get to Nildotte, and Greenways landing is not much further.

But you can also come to the other direction, commonly from Swan Reach. Hunter road will still be the route, just from the other direction.

Greenways Reserve - Greenways Landing Free Camping

There are a handful of shacks on Greenways Shack road, some of them for rent, and the campsites are distributed up and down the river on Greenways Shack road, each side of the shacks.

Camping Sites

Greenways Shack road stretches for a couple of kilometers and camping sites are litter all the way along. The first two big camping areas you come across are very flat and level, with great river access.

The only downside with these sites is that they are so big and so close to the entrance that you are likely to have others set up camp nearby.

Greenways Reserve - Greenways Landing Free Camping
Greenways Reserve - Greenways Landing Free Camping
Greenways Reserve Camp Sites

If you drive past these sites, and past the shacks, there a heap of other places to camp further down. These are likely to be more private, however, they are on a steeper bank so the river is not as accessible if you want to be in and out of the water, and fishing, etc.

There would be more than 10 sites available (at a rough guess) so it’s unlikely they will all be used on any given night, except maybe or the really busy weekends like easter.

Given it is free camping, there is no need to book, and sites are taken on a first-in basis.

Greenways Reserve Facilities

Greenways Reserve has some great facilities that make it a really attractive destination.


Near the above-pictured sites, and adjacent to the shacks, there is a well maintained and clean toilet block. It includes a toilet and running water for handwashing, and a fold-down baby change table.

Boat Ramp

Greenways Reserve - Greenways Landing Free Camping

At the very start of Greenways Shack Road, just as you come down from Greenways Landing Road, is a boat ramp to get your boat in and out of the water with ease.

There is an accompanying car park and pebble beach area where camping is not allowed so it is also a great place for a day trip to swim or fish or lets the dogs have a run.

Nildotte General Store

Greenways Reserve - Greenways Landing Free Camping
Greenways Reserve - Greenways Landing Free Camping

A few kilometers up Hunter Road, you can find Nildott General Store. This has all your basics, and more so if you find yourself short of a few supplies, you can take a quick drive and et what you need. They have your basic groceries, alcohol, take away and even coffee!

Overall Recomendation

The amazing facilities and great access to the river make Greenways Landing a great free camping location. What’s more, with the Nildotte General Store nearby, you can get what you need quickly and get back to your campsite and relax.

A highly recommended location.