Three Surprising Things You Can Do With A Joolca Hottap

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Jay Elliott

Chief Camping Officer

The Joolca Hottap has made a name for itself as the premier portable hot water system on the Australian market.

The Hottaps around Australia provide hot showers and warm water to thousands of campers every day. But the Hottap is much more than that.

There are many other ways the Joolca Hottap can add value to your life, even when you are home, and in this post, we’ll look at three of those ways.

We Are No Longer Recommending This Product…..

Due to a variety of feedback received we are no longer recommending the Joolca Hottap products. If you are looking for a portable hot water system we recommend you consider the Smarttek Black.

Washing Your Dog

Three Surprising Things You Can Do With A Joolca Hottap

My dogs hate bath time, and a huge reason why is because the water is so cold. Though they don’t mind jumping in a lake or a creek at no notice in the middle of winter, if it comes to getting clean, they can’t stand the cold.

They are so dirty, and always malting that we are going to bring them inside to the bathroom, so we have to do something. The Joolca Hottap provides a phenomenal way to give my dogs a nice warm shower, that they actually enjoy, outdoors where I don’t mind the mess. Win-Win.

Renovation Backup

Three Surprising Things You Can Do With A Joolca Hottap

If your bathroom is in need of a facelift, you might put the job off longer than you should because you can’t live without a shower, right? Yes, you can visit relatives and friends, but everyone will get sick of that. And yes, you could hire a portable one, but that will get expensive.

But with either a shower tent, or a cheap areas DIY effort, you could create a temporary shower space at home, and deck it out with your Joolca Hottap for instant hot water as long as you need. You could even add one of Joolca’s ensuite shower tents to really make it fancy.

Outdoor Bliss

Three Surprising Things You Can Do With A Joolca Hottap

Maybe you have dreamt of a hot outdoor bath, but it would cost too much to get the pipes laid to all the right places? With a Joolca Hottap, you can place a tub anywhere you want, and fill it with gorgeous hot water, whenever you want, no expensive plumbing required.

Then you can move it and do it somewhere else. Why wait…

If you don’t have a Joolca Hottap yet, what are you waiting for? Read more about the Hottap with our detailed Joolca Hottap review here and get one into your life. If you don’t want to buy new, you might be able to find a secondhand Joolca Hottap, but they are pretty hard to find.