KMart Foldable Beach Trolley Review

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Jay Elliott

Chief Camping Officer

KMart Foldable Beach Trolley Review

The Kmart Foldable Beach Trolley has become our camping savior!

What makes Kmart Foldable Beach Trolley the best?

We use this thing constantly. When bush camping, it’s handy for lugging gear from the car to the campsite or collecting wood, while still having room to hold a kid or two.

When camping in caravan parks, we use it to take the kids to the bathrooms at shower time, playgrounds.

If we are cooking in the camp kitchen, we can load everything up and take everything over from the caravan easily.

Of course, it’s also fabulous for its main purpose of taking all those piles of towels and beach toys down to the beach. We also just use it for day trips out and about. Our pram doesn’t fit in easily in our 2nd car.

The bonus of the trolley is that it folds down flat so it can be thrown in a boot easily. We can easily fit 2 kids plus bags and jackets. We have even squeezed 3 kids in on occasion.

We have been stopped constantly since we started using it, with people enquiring where we got it from. It really is so handy. This style is also extremely affordable!

You can get one here.