OZtrail Outback Comforter – Queen Size Sleeping Bag

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OZtrail Outback Comforter

This post will review the OZtrail Outback Comforter Queen Size Sleeping Bag. We were looking for a sleeping bag to go inside of our swag, and the Comforter was on special at the time.

There was deliberation on whether to get two singles that we could zip together to make a queen, or to get a proper queen size, but we ended up opting for a queen for ease of use.

OZtrail Outback Comforter

One of the big attractions of this sleeping bag was the fitted valance pockets on each end of the bag, which you put over the end of the mattress, and it keeps the sleeping bag in place.

This is great for anyone who has ever had frustration with your sleeping bag slipping around and getting tangled up through the night.

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  • Flannel polycotton lining which is warm and comfortable
  • Durable 100% cotton outer shell.
  • Eziguide zip guards (helps the zips operate without getting
  • Valance Pockets
  • Carry Bag (as picutured)


The Comforter is insulated with 2 x 150 gsm Exotherm Xr synthetic hollow fibers. These hollow fibers trap the insulating air and spread them out for even heat between the two layers.


The Queen Comforter measures just over 2 meters long, and 1.5 meters wide, making it very spacious for two people. We leave ours tucked in the swag, and it’s definitely not a small/thin bag, but

Temperature Rating

Sleeping bag temperature ratings need to be interpreted with caution, but this bag is rated as suitable down to -5 degrees Celcius.

If I knew it was going to be that cold, then I would take some additional blankets. But always beware of these temperature ratings as it varies based on the ground you are on, the type of mattress you have, and how many people are in the bag.


Product: OZtrail Outback Comforter Queen Sleeping Bag

Model Number: FBI-OBC-A

Colour: Blue

Dimensions: 152 x 200cm

Price: RRP $209.99 (but often ‘on sale’ cheaper than that)

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The OZtrail Outback Comforter is really comfy (as the name suggests), warm and durable, so should be one you consider when looking for a Queen sleeping back. But in my opinion, the Valance pockets, that keep it in place on the mattress and prevent it from sliding around.