Where Can I Buy A Secondhand Joolca Hottap?

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Where Can I Buy A Secondhand Joolca Hottap?

If you are in the market for a Joolca Hottap, it makes sense that you might try and find one secondhand, to save a few dollars. Many people are drawn to the Hottap as a great camping shower, and for its other surprising Hottap use cases, so it is quite rare to find many secondhand Hottap’s available.

We Are No Longer Recommending This Product…..

Due to a variety of feedback received we are no longer recommending the Joolca Hottap products. If you are looking for a portable hot water system we recommend you consider the Smarttek Black.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Though you might not be able to get one secondhand as you hoped, it is a good sign that those who have them, hold onto them and don’t want to get rid of them. That attests to the quality of the product. But of course, the bad thing is that you will probably need to pay full retail price, but I’ll explain later why I think that is probably a good thing as well.

Though it is hard to find a Hottap secondhand they do come up occasionally, in a couple of places around the internet. Here are our recommended places to try:


eBay has become a bit more commercial these days, and more of a place for people to sell brand new things, at times people still do list great camping gear, including Joolca Hottap’s, hoping that the auction format boosts their sale price. I did a quick search when writing this article and only found brand new listings available.

Where Can I Buy A Secondhand Joolca Hottap?


One of the best chances you will have to find one secondhand is Gumtree. Gumtree often has lots of camping gear advertised, but it is still hit-and-miss. If you have time to wait and see, and if you live in a populated area, you might get lucky, but there is no guarantee.

It;’s more likely you will find a compare trailer or caravan with a Hottap installed, and it will display in your search results because it is listed in the description. But at times you will find a Hottap, on its own, listed secondhand.

Where Can I Buy A Secondhand Joolca Hottap?


In my opinion, the Facebook marketplace is going to be your most likely source of a secondhand Joolca Hottap. Whereas Gumtree at one point bumped eBay as the preferred place to find second-hand goods, it seems Facebook Marketplace has now bumped Gumtree as the easiest and most convenient way to buy and sell second-hand goods.

Though at the time of writing there was nothing available on Facebook, if you keep your eye on Marketplace, as well as other special interest groups about camping gear, they will come up from time to time.

Why You Should Buy A New Joolca Hottap

I can definitely understand why you’d want to try and save a couple of hundred bucks on your Joolca Hottap, and try and get one-second hand, but in my opinion, it is worth spending the extra money to getting one new for a variety of reasons.

Firstly you might not save as much as you hope. People are really fond of their Hottap’s and don’t let them go cheaply, so though you might save some money going secondhand, you will still end up paying a decent amount of money, but you’ll have no knowledge of how much work it has or hasn’t done, how well it’s been treated, and have no warranty coverage with the manufacturer.

Secondly, you get such good aftersales support and service from Hottap, for 24 months, which is worth an extra little bit of money at the start.

If you end up having issues with your Hottap, the company will pay all required fees to pick it up from you and get it to their repair station and back to you, and all parts and labor are covered during that period. If you have a fault with a second one, all those costs are on you.

If, after reading all that you still do want to try and find one secondhand, try the above sites, and prepare to be patient. One might come up eventually, but maybe not when you need it.