What Is The Difference Between The Smarttek Black and Smarttek Lite?

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ProductSmarttek BlackSmarttek Lite
Water FLowUp to 6L/per minuteUp to 6L/per minute
Maximum Temperature55°C Maximum55°C Maximum
Heating Capacity42°C Above Ambient35°C Above Ambient
Dimensions (cm)44H x 30W x 15D37H x 30W x 15D
Weight5.5 Kg4.5 Kg
Warranty1 Year Parts and Labour + 2 Years Parts1 Year Parts an Labour
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The Smarttek Black and Smarttek Lite are two of the best camping showers in Australia and have many things in common, but also some important differences.

The Differences Between Smarttek Black and Smarttek Lite

There is a reasonable difference in price, and this article will clearly outline the critical things you need to take into account in considering one of the Smarttek portable hot water systems.

Some of these differences can be offset by adding additional Smarttek accessories, whereas some are limitations with the design of the different products.

This article outlines the key differences across a range of areas.

Water Temperature and Flow

As you can see in this table, the Smarttek Black and Smarttek Lite have the same maximum temperature and water flow capacity.

Given water flow is controlled by an external pump, if you wish to upgrade to a better pump, then the Lite can handle just as much water like the Black.

However, any savings you were hoping to the bank by buying the Smarttek Lite would be immediately used up (and then some more) to purchase the bigger pump if you chose to upgrade.

Weight and Dimensions

The Smarttek Lite advertised itself as a ‘sleek’ and compact alternative to the Smarttek Black, and this is reflected in the dimensions and weight.

The Lite model is 7cm shorter than the Black and weighs about 800 grams less. This is not a dramatic difference, but the size and weight definitely do add up when packing in small spaces.

Warranty and Heating Capacity

The core differences you need to be aware of, and consider as you make your decision are the differences in heating capacity and warranty.

The Smartek Black has the ability to heat water, seven degrees more than the Smarttek Lite.

If you usually camp in warmer months or live in the northern parts of Australia, then this may not be an issue.

However, if you are intending to use this unit in extreme cold, then that seven-degree difference could be significant and something you should incorporate into your decision making.

In terms of warranty, Black provides a three-year manufacturing warranty, where one year of that covers parts and labor and the next two years covering parts only.

Whereas Lite only gives you one year of parts and labor with the opportunity to purchase an additional two years warranty cover.


In my opinion, the savings you make with the Smarttek Lite do not offset what you give up in terms of heating power and the warranty that come with the Smarttek Black.

I’m not sure how much the extended warranty actually costs, but I’d happily pay $49 for that, considering the potential savings.

There might be a practical reason to choose the Smarttek Lite, from its reduced weight to its smaller size.

But if budget is your only concern, I really can’t see how you are saving much, and I recommend purchasing the Smarttek Black.

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