Top 10 Smarttek Accessories

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Smarttek Accessories

Smartek is an Australian company that manufactures portable hot water systems and provides amazing camping shower experiences for off grid campers. They offer two different models (Smarttek Black and Smarttek Lite), as well as a comprehensive range of accessories.

Their two main products, the Smarttek Black and Smarttek Lite, can be used perfectly out of the box and include everything you need.

Smarttek are an alternative to the Joolca Hottap, in the camping shower market, and we discuss their differences in another article if you want to read more about the similarities and differences of the different units.

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But Smartek offers a range of additional accessories that can further enhance your camping experience.

In no particular order, this article looks at the Top 10 Smartek Accessories that any Smartek owner should consider adding to their collection.

Smarttek Double Ensuite Shower Tent

The Smarttek Double Ensuite Shower Tent is a two room tent designed to give you a private, and clean shower, with the ability to easily dry off and get dressed, in comfort and privacy,  before heading back to camp.

With a two room shower tent, one of the rooms is the ‘wet’ room where your shower is set up, and the other room is for drying and dressing.

The polyester has a special coating so that silhouettes are not visible through the material, so you can feel secure inside the tent.

The design also includes a toiletries holder and towel rack, for managing all your shower gear. 

These tents come in a convenient carry bag and can be assembled and packed up within about 30 seconds. 

Smarttek Carry Bag

The Smarttek Carry Bag is made from high-quality 600D Oxford, and makes transport and storage of your Smarttek unit much easier.

Including heavy-duty zippers and a shoulder strap, you can carry it around with ease. 

The bag Includes space for the Smarttek unit as well as the hoses and accessories, and they make separate bags for each model, to ensure goodness of fit. 

Smartek Draw Bar Mount

If you can taking a trailer or caravan with you, and need a stand for your Smarttek then you may find the Draw Bar Mount option is a good fit for your needs.

Designed to easily bolt on and off, this is a convenient and quick way to hold your Smarttek safely and securely for use around your site. 

Smartrek T-Piece

There will be times when you want hot water for a shower and other times when you want it for washing dishes and kitchen use.

Usually, you will need to disconnect and reposition your shower hose, each time you want to alter the use for it. But this t-piece gives you the chance to divert the water in two different directions. 

It is recommended that you only use one hose at a time, as the unit cannot sufficiently pressurize a shower and other use (e.g., kitchen) simultaneously. 

Smarttek Tripod Stand

An alternative stand solution to the above discussed drawbar mount, the Smarttek Tripod, gives you flexibility and mobility in where you wish to set up your Smarttek.

The tripod will keep it safe and off the ground, giving ease of access to the controls and hose connections. 

Smarttek Multi Cable Pack

By default, the Smarttek Water Pump is fitted with alligator clips that you can connect to your car or heavy-duty battery.

If this is either not possible, or desirable, they also provide an optional cable pack for purchase.

This pack provides alternative wiring connections to power your pump, including a 12v cigarette lighter, Anderson plug connection, and 2.5m extensions cable. 

Smarttek Cover

If you are at an established camp, there’s a good chance you will experience some adverse weather conditions (wind, rain, dust) that may not have a positive impact on your Smarttek unit.

You could unpack your unit and put it in your car or tent when this happens, or you could grab a Smarttek Cover to quickly and easily protect from the elements (expected and unexpected) when not in use. 

Smarttek Water Filter

If you are going to be sourcing your water from a natural water source (river, creek, dam), then there is a good chance you will suck more than just water.

If you do suck in any sediment or other bits and pieces it is likely to cause significant damage to your unit, which will not be covered under warranty.

So make sure you grab a filter to prevent internal damage to your unit.

Smarttek Gas Quick Connects

As the name suggests, the Gas Quick Connects are optional fittings you can attach to your unit to make the gas connection quicker to set up.

Including a male and female attachment for each end of the connection, this will save time screwing things together manually every time you set up. 

Smarttek 6L Per Minute Water Pump

If you purchased a Smarttek Black or Smarttek Lite with the default 4.3l/pm pump, then do yourself a favor and upgrade your pump.

The extra water flow will improve your shower experience and make it more effective for your other purposes as well. 


You could find a way to work your Smarttek Black and Smarttek Lite quite effectively without most of the above listed accessories.

For the most part, they are just making things a bit nicer, and more convenient. The only accessory you might want to consider as essential is the water pump.

You don’t want to ruin your unit from an accident with dirty water, that you could have prevented with a $39 filter. 

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