Joolca Hottap Vs Smarttek Black

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Jay Elliott

Chief Camping Officer

In this article we compare the Joolca Hottap V2 and the Smarttek Black portable hot water system.

Overall, we recommend the Smarttek Black is the portable hot water system we prefer. The reasons for this are outlined below.

ProductJoolca Hottap V2Smarttek Black
Water FLowUp to 6L/per minuteUp to 6L/per minute
Maximum Temperature50°C Maximum55°C Maximum
Heating Capacity40°C Above Ambient42°C Above Ambient
Dimensions (cm)45H x 29W x 17D44H x 30W x 15D
Pump IncludedNoYes
Weight4.3 Kg5.5 Kg
Warranty2 Year Parts and Labour1 Year Parts and Labour + 2 Years Parts
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In this article, I compare two of the best-selling portable hot water systems in Australia. The Joolca Hottap, and the Smarttek Black. These units are the best camp shower units you can currently get in Australia.

I will look at the similarities and differences across a range of measures and provide some concluding thoughts for your consideration.

The table above highlights the two units across a range of metrics and then these differences are expanded on in the sections below.

Value For Money

If your making your decision on dollars alone, then the Smarttek Black is the clear winner.

Not only is it cheaper, but it can raise the water temperature higher, includes a water pump, and has an additional year of warranty coverage.

Water Pump

There is no arguing that getting the Joolca Hottap to work with a natural water source (dam/creek/river) is going to cost nearly $200 more and that alone could well make up many people’s minds.

The pump is an additional accessory you need to buy from Joolca, whereas Smarttek includes a pump in its core kit.


The Joolca Hottap pack includes legs that you affix to the bottom to hold it up.

Though the Smarrtek has a handle to hang it with on top of the unit, if you want an actual stand for it, these need to be purchased as a separate accessory. However, the handle gives you a very versatile way to set up your Smarttek in many different situations.


Overall, the Smarttek Black is the more cost-effective portable hot water system. Not only is it cheaper, but the gas lasts slightly longer, the warranty period is longer, and it includes a water pump.

Though both units are very popular, it is hard to justify the significant extra cost for the water pump that is included with the Smarttek Black.