Top 10 Joolca Hottap Accessories

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Top 10 Joolca Hottap Accessories

This article reviews some of the best accessories currently available for the Joolca Hottap portable hot water heater.

We Are No Longer Recommending This Product…..

Due to a variety of feedback received we are no longer recommending the Joolca Hottap products. If you are looking for a portable hot water system we recommend you consider the Smarttek Black.

These accessories extend the functionality and convenience of your Hottap to crazy levels, and though they aren’t all ‘needed’ they all add value in some way.

Top 10 Joolca Hottap Accessories

Shower Ensuite Tent

Joolca manufactures two different shower ensuite designs, a single and a double. 

The single ensuite is priced at $185 and is a single room stand up tent, that you can fit your Joolca hot tap ensuite shower head too, for a comfortable and clean shower.

The single ensuite includes window (with zipping!), drainage, ventilation, toiletries hanger, a dry place for towels, and a laundry section for dirty clothes.

It has a sturdy frame that can be assembled in seconds ready for your showering needs.

The double ensuite ($235) adds an extra dressing/drying room on top of all the features included with the single ensuite.

The separate ‘dry’ room gives you a lot more space and comfort for drying and dressing outside of the ’wet’ shower room. It also includes a removable hamper and towel racks both inside and outside the tent.

Ensuite Awning Kit

Price: $89

On top of the double ensuite Joolca also sell an Ensuite Awning kit. This adds an extra additional undercover area, that connects to your ensuite, with a fly wall for protection from the weather.

This could double as a washing and drying area, or even an open-air kitchen. Putting your kitchen under this awning would mean your two main hot water needs (shower and kitchen) are close together and it will be easy for the Hottap to service both of them.

Top 10 Joolca Hottap Accessories

Quick Release Mounting Bracket

Price: $89

This bracket can be fixed anywhere on your car or trailer, or anywhere and allow you to rapidly set the Joolca Hottap up, and pack it down again instantly.

Save time and hassle trying to hang on something, or mount on a tripod, and grab this bracket for instant setup. They sell quickly so so pre-order to ensure you get one of the next batches.

Off Grid Plumbing

Price: $199

The Hottap V2 kits do not come with a water pump included, so if you are going to be utilizing a natural, unpressurized water source (creek, stream, dam) then you will need a pump.

This Off Grid Plumbing kit is everything you need to get natural water into your unit. This pump runs on 12V power and pumps water up to 6 liters per minute.

It is powerful to push water up a 30-meter slope, and includes a weighted two stage filter to stop gunk and sediment into your Hottap. 

Micromate Travel Towel

Price: $35

This towel is 5x more absorbent than a regular towel and packs away in tiny spaces, so you can take this with you anywhere.

Cheaper than a decent bathroom towel but super effective for drying off after a bush shower, must-have in any backpack. Great gift idea as well.

Hottap Bag

Price: $79

If you do want a carry bag for your Hottap, but don’t think the Storage Tub is a good fit for you, there is also a soft carry bag that holds the Hottap and its components (hoses, shower head, etc). 

It’s fully padded all around so can handle some heavy treatment, whether you’re sitting inside a caravan, or throwing it on the back of a ute, the carry bag can handle it all. 

Faucet Plumbing

Price: $79

If you plan to use your Hottop in a kitchen typesetting, then you may want to consider the Faucet plumbing kit.

The additional hose and faucet spout makes it easy to get hot water on demand in your camp kitchen. 

Ensuite Plumbing

Price: $69

Designed for use in the Ensuite tents, these shower heads attach quickly and simply to the tent for ease of use. 

Reach Extension Hose

Price: $39

Grab this 5m extension hose if you want some distance between your shower head/faucet and the Hottap unit. This gives you more freedom in where you set up your Hottap and its position in relation to your shower.

Given that the water is switched on/off by the shower head/faucet, you do not have to close to the Hottap to control the water flow. 

Gasknect Couple Set

Price: $39

If you want to make it quicker and easier to connect your gas to your Hottap, the Gasknect Couple set will do it.

Not only is it quick, but it creates a tight seal that will not leak gas.