OzTrail Delux Camp Kitchen Review

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OzTrail Delux Camp Kitchen Review

The Oztrail Delux Camp Kitchen (with sink), is the most feature-packed option from the current Oztrail range of Kitchen & Storage gear.

The unit comes in a zip-up bag for easy transport and storage, and weighing in at around 11kg, it is quite easy for one person to carry around and set up.

OzTrail Delux Camp Kitchen

With its sturdy steel frame and oxford polyester skin, the unit comes with a lot of useful features that make food storage, preparation, and clean up, a lot more organized.

It has four separate shelves, separated into two different sections with separate zips, and the unit also includes sold shelf inserts that you place on the floor of the shelf for stability.

We find these really useful for placing our canvas bags with food, straight onto the shelf for easy setup. Then at night, or when we head off for a walk, we can just zip up each side and know that the food is safe from little creatures.

On the right-hand side, there is a pull-out ‘drawer’ you could use in many different ways. Given its proximity to the cooking area, it may be intended for light and bulky utensils, but we tend to use it for bags and covers that aren’t in use.

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The shielded area is slightly too narrow for our double butane burner gas stove, but it is a very wide unit, so I would anticipate that the majority of other gas burners would fit inside there nicely.

The bench is a great length and leaves plenty of room for both an active work area, as well as a sitting place for your water and condiments and cups, etc.

The left-hand side of the bench is removable, so you can access the hidden sink underneath.

We found this to be a great design as so often, the sink is wasted space for the majority of your time. But this way, you can use the full bench for most of the day, and just detach the relevant section once or twice when you need to do some dishes.

OzTrail Delux Camp Kitchen Review

Before using this, we usually just brought a long foldable table along and had food underneath in plastic tubs, and that worked ok.

But after a couple of outings with this, we have quickly appreciated how much more effectively it organizes that space and is so compact and easy to set up. It’s definitely worth considering for anyone exploring camp kitchen solutions.

Product specifications

Product: OzTrail Camp Kitchen Delux (with Sink)


Weight: 11kg

Price: RRP $260 (but usually sold cheaper)

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