Pioneer Cast Iron Camp Oven Review

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Pioneer Cast Iron Camp Oven Review

In addition to a BBQ Plate, a Pioneer Cast Iron Camp Oven is a must for your camp cooking inventory.

Pioneer 4.5 Quart Camp Oven

We recently picked up a Pioneer 4.5 Quart Camp Oven, which is one of the smaller sizes, but enough for us to start trying some things out, and see how much we used it, and whether we felt a bigger one was justified.


The 4.5 Quart is a great size for a couple, or a person on their own with a large appetite. If you are looking to feed a family, then it would be wise to look at a larger size.


The Pioneer Cast Iron Camp Oven comes out of the box ready to use and has been designed thoughtfully designed.


Like with many canvas goods, cast iron also needs to be seasoned before being used for cooking.

Many people do this by applying a coating of sesame oil to the metal. However, this is not required with the Pioneer, as it comes pre-seasoned, ready to cook.

Flange Lid

The flanged lid makes it easy to sit hot coals on top of the lid, so your dish can be exposed to heat from the top and the bottom.

Sprial Carry Handle

The spiral carry handle makes it much easier to move around and reduces the risk of bun considerably.

Thick Metal

This Pioneer has a deep base and thick metal walls to ensure an even spread of heat throughout the oven.

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What can you cook in it?

Though a cast iron camp oven can be used to cook almost anything, they really come to life for things such as damper, stews, soups, and dessert puddings. But your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with these things.

Camp Oven Accessories

There are many possible add ons to your basic camp oven, including:

  • Gloves (must have for handling hot metal)
  • Carry Bag
  • Trivet
  • Steamer Rack

Product Specifications

Getting Support and Inspiration

If you have a camp oven and want some inspiration and advice, or are thinking about getting one to get started, get onto Facebook, and there are literally tens of thousands of people in groups talking about camp oven cooking and sharing recipes and tips.

So if you are ever want to connect with others who are doing it, there are heaps of opportunities to do so.

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